It is here, on the island of Vimary, that we have built our settlements with sweat and blood, from the rubble of the past.A bastion, some call it. I say it is our final stand against the Z´bri and their kind. This is a fallen nation, isolated from the darkness beyond by the waters of the Great River, cowering in fear of what the future may hold. But you know this already. Let me now tell you about the place we call home - about the island called Vimary.

Whatever city existed here in the times before the End, only fragments of it remain; most of the ancient buildings that once rose above the Great River are no longer standing, some only skeletal husks, silent and vacant. Raw, savage nature has replaced concrete and steel, and dark forests now engulf the island. Places like Duskfall in the west have cracked the foundations of ancient homes and filled the rooms with shrubs and other vegetation. Outside, the blackened roads lie broken and unused, lost under a canopy of green. To the east, beyond Bazaar, the Rust Wastes and their occasional dust storms stretch for leagues. Lost within this hellish place are enormous steel structures of pipes and huge drums, a graveyard for machines and structures now forgotten.

And yet, it is on this island, that we have made our home. It is the first step in reclaiming our place in the world around us - where once nothing stood but death and ruins, now stands the tribal homesteads. Under the shadow of the Great Hill, the Council Ruins and Bazaar can be seen for miles around, the center of tribal life. During the summer months, Bazaar bustles with activity, and even in the frigid winters can the tribes be seen scurrying for warmth and worshipping the Seven Deaths while horrors lurk in the shadows.

To the north, beyond the Great Hill, looms the Z´bri Ziggurat, its presence twisting the northern shore of the island into a labyrinth of death and fear. One thing is sure, of the city that once stood here, the homeland of our ancestors, only vague echoes remain, silent and still, slowly fading away forever.

Welcome to my home…

Deus, Fallen Poet

Despite being built on the ruins of a city that held over two million people, Vimary and the island surrounding it are home to less than 45.000. The majority of the residents, nearly 40.000, are members of the Seven tribes. The rest are split between the Fallen, Keepers and Squats. No one is quite sure how many Z´bri or Serfs reside on Vimary, nor do most people want to know.