The horrors who destroyed the World Before, the Z’bri are the purest forms of evil in Tribe 8. Originally creatures of pure spirit, they went mad when they entered the physical world and now take part in perverse pleasures of the flesh. Able to mold and regenerate flesh and posses many bodies, they enjoy pain as much as pleasure. They wield a terrible power called Sundering that allows them to control souls and bodies and use it to subject humans to a wide variety of tortures.

The Z’bri are ruled by a relatively small number of Lords, immensely powerful monstrosities able to possess many different bodies. These Lords command numerous Vassals (lesser but still potent Z’bri stuck in one body), Chained (savage Z’bri who possess animals) and Serfs (lowly human slaves). The Z’bri live north of Vimary under a feudal system that divides them into four houses: