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Summary: *Silhouette Systems - Das Regelwerk* * [[Würfel|Action und Würfel]] ** Silhouette is a realistic, simulationist system that defines . . .



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Silhouette Systems - Das Regelwerk

Action und Würfel Silhouette is a realistic, simulationist system that defines characters in terms of 10 base attributes (agility, knowledge, etc.), 5 derived attributes (health, etc.), and a variety of skills. Skill rolls make up the backbone of the system, which focuses on effect-based speed of play over grainy detail. The core mechanic involves rolling a number of 6-sided dice, taking the highest result and comparing it to a set threshold number. If the result is higher than the threshold the test is a success; if it is lower the test is a failure. The margin by which the test succeeded (Margin of Success, MoS) or failed (Margin of Failure, MoF) helps to determine the final outcome. Combat is handled by the same system, with characters taking penalty-inflicting wounds rather than depleting a set number of health points. As a result, the system can be lethal, especially on inexperienced characters. (siehe Wiki)

Charakter-Generierung Die Charakter-Generierung verläuft in 11 Schritten. Das Bestimmen der Werte, die für die Spielmechanik wichtig sind, nimmt hier eine Nebenrolle ein. Schwerpunkt ist einerseits die Spielfigur in all ihren Facetten, andererseits die Gruppe, in der die Spieler unterwegs sein werden. Die Gruppe ist eine Cell, die kleinste Einheit in der Welt von Tribe 8, die zusammen die Abenteuer und Gefahren der Kampagne erleben wird. Bei der Charakter-Erstellung wird grosser Wert auf die Stimmigkeit der Gruppe gelegt. Es ist daher sinnvoll, den Charakter für das Spiel erst zusammen bei der ersten Spielsitzung auszuarbeiten. Vorüberlegungen anhand der hier dargelegten Informationen sind natürlich immer sinnvoll.

Synthesis When they appeared, the Fatimas brought with them the Goddess’ greatest gift: Synthesis. Under their tutelage humans learned to tap into the River of Dream (a spirit realm humans access by sleep or rituals) and accomplish great feats. Even the lowliest tribal has natural aptitudes that reflect her Fatima’s nature and participates in great rituals that shape the world around her. The priests and elders of the tribes, close to the Fatimas, wield far greater power. They are able to cloud minds and transform souls. When the priests lead the tribe in grand rituals, legendary feats are possible.

The Fallen have a natural affinity for Synthesis, maintain some of the power of their old tribe and gaining new abilities based on their own outlook. Some say that this is proof positive that the Goddess is with the Fallen. Some others claim it’s a sign that Joshua watches over them. Either way, they are the Fallen and they will be free.