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Summary: Bilder von Archetypen der Fatima-Anhänger eingefügt


> == Sheban Weltbild
> [[image/right/noborder/twenty:ShebanAdvocate]]


I am the word of your Goddess made flesh.

I am law born of tradition, of what has come before.

Through me, you have rebuilt.

With me, fairness you have found.

There is no compromise, only justice.

From the Word of Tera Sheba the Wise.



Truth is a potent force, but one that is ultimately elusive. Lies and deceptions often obscure even the most obvious truth. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Intimidate others with a glance.INF, opposed by WILThreshold 5 (minimum)
Control flames to illuminate a hidden place.PERThreshold 6
Inflict on the guilty the same pain that they inflicted on their victim.WILThreshold 9


Wisdom is the great strength of Terashebans. It allows them to access information and knowledge thought lost by the other tribes. It does require time and patience to evoke (no fast trance allowed). Possible conjunctional effects include:

Recall any memory or experience as if it had just happened.KNOThreshold 4 for self, 6 for others
Deduce the location of an object or person.PERThreshold 5
Guess an enemy´s next move.PSYThreshold 5, for an unfamiliar enemy 7

Sheban Weltbild