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Some call me The Lady of the Dance because of my predilection for playing

Other say that I lead the Dance of Life with tricks and double-dealing

To those I say For shame!

Is it my fault my tongue is golden?

That fools would gladly give me all that they have?

From the Word of Dahlia

The Tricksters Path

Dahlia led us, laughing and dancing, out of the horrors of the camps. She showed us hope in despair and light in darkness. Now we do the same for the rest of the tribes, playing games with their minds, bringing them hews of the world, and pointing out their own foolish ways. Our games make us friends; our lessons make us enemies.

It´s no wonder people don´t really know how to treat us. On one hand, they see us as a happy-go-lucky people, always jumping around, singing and dancing, telling our tales around a campfire and generally celebrating the gift of life. On the other hand, they also know us as shrewd traders, able to make a deal with the best of them. No wonder they have a saying: “to out-dahlia a Dahlian!”

They call us thieves and swindlers, but if we can talk you out of something, it´s simply because you didn´t really want it in the first place. If we want it more than you, we deserve it. Besides, to trick some feeb out of a trinket or some food is our way. When´s the last time you questioned the high and mighty attitude of some Terasheban? We do what we do because of who we are, right?

Other look to priests and leaders to interpret the ways of their Fatima. We all know Dahlia personally. She often comes to us, but always in a different guise. It´s so easy for Her to change. Her appearance is such that we can never be sure that it is not Her coming down the road or claiming to be another Fatima. Many times she´s come to us in disguise, only to teach us another valuable lesson. What She does to us, we do to others. So the next time we trick you, ask yourself what you´ve learned.

You think we don´s have any laws, right? That we just live to make ourselves happy, right? Well, you´ve almost got it down. Our laws are that we must be happy, all of us. Dahlia doesn´t like gloomy people and can´t stand it when we fight among ourselves. There are enough people out there who would see us dead or in chains. We have to remember that life is fun. Fortunately, there´s not many people who can´t remember that in our little tribe. Nope, at least when they become depressed or harassing, they just seem to leave in the middle of the night.

She is the Lady of the Dance and how I love to dance with Her. Dahlia is my Fatima and I will do anything for Her.

From the conversations of Fanny Glint, Dahlian trickster.