An intercepted communication: While running routine counter-intel TK came across oddly encrypted communications. When decyphered, they had space coordinates and a list of oddly industrial components. The coordinates are in the Mantis system, near a cold jovian body, where an uncharted moon would be.

An old flame or romance rekindled: Endosian Hax and his old enemy, [[Greta_Von_Dundas?]], had a civil conversation over Whiskey. She gave him a business lead about Interface, an apparent Gaian/System 1 collaboration. This obvious trap has yet to be sprung.

Up in flames: After hacking [[Greta_Von_Dundas?|Greta's]] systems, all information gleaned from was provided to the Mantan media, courtesy of a mom and pa hacking collective. Chaos ensued.

Mystery bomb: Hax's people caused a hull breach for no apparent reason. What was it? Pangeran knows.

WANTED: Dead or Alive: Rather then being separated from their amazing machines, the party broke many Volcana treaties and The Captain narrowly escaped capture at the hands of the podunk interstellar guard, but was saved by Maxus Karne.



The question of limiting Military Grade skills by stunts. The referee is less convinced of his own support for the rules as written than in previous discussions. The idea that someone could go through basic training and, yes, specialize in becoming a pilot, but not get trained in basic (military) sidearm use, but be unrestricted in learning civilian sidearms, is… difficult to rationalize. I’m considering upping MG to a package of any 3 skills: Comms, Computing, and Slug Throwers, say, or Pilot, Gunnery, and Energy Weapons.

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