Yunus – Celebes (T1, E-3, R0) “suh-LEE-beez”


The planet of Celebes itself, the only sizable rocks in the system were destroyed following an incident some three thousand years ago when Celebean cosmonauts and technarchs were trying to manufacture a slipstream point. The inner planets, the only large jovian planet, and the sun collapsed into a black hole. Two subjovian planet, a K2 companion star, and a shoal of dim M stars and brown astrestressimals survived.

Now, only a few thousand beings navigate the wreckage of the system, many in ships or habs far in advance of all other vessels throughout the cluster… until something needs to be replaced. The inhabitants, most having lived on a chiliad scale of years due to longevity treatments, are in varying states of… shall we say, Celebeans claim fewer restrictions as to which and what number of worlds they live in.

Cybernetic gear distributes one personality across a body and robot drones, or collect fragments of separate beings in one time-shared body. Very few Celebs are still humanly enough to interact with mortals from other systems; not after the post-human equivalent of 3000 years of World of Warcraft or invocation of Enochian spirits inside virtual spaces…

There is a rumor that habitats in the black hole’s Lagrange points are home to Celebs not so senescent as the rest, with long-term goals for the remains of their crushed dreams.

Connections to Mantis, System 1, and two or more unexplored systems. The ancient Celebean dream was access to slipspace beyond the chokehold of this or that pair of petty stars.


Yunus: Celebesians are old, old, old. They have been tending their own gardens, real and virtual, since the incident that destroyed their world, their dreams, their future. Many old ships and space habitats were cannibalized in pursuit of projects none still understand. Those that remain are home to immortal child-men who speak gibberish, and that distractedly.



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