Mon Ki returned to his monastery to check on it. After getting a message from Thoravil, he decided to travel to Barrier Peaks and at the Floating Island that Thoravil had set up as an adventurer’s spa and training center, Mon Ki decided to set up the first of many monasteries in what would become a number of franchises around Faerun and the Forgotten Realms. He would go on to develop his own style of kung-fu focusing on the staff. When wanderlust hit him, he would convince Thoravil to venture into the caves and tunnels below the Barrier Peaks in search of Daoine Gloine but they have yet found the lost city that Kwalish spoke of in his journal. Mon Ki also designed his own deck of Talis cards. And many hands of poker were played while nursing ales and the constant retelling of their adventures.


Thoravil – Thoravil went back to running the spa and resort in the Barrier Peaks (cannot remember if the floating island was named) floating island. He welcomed all of his friends from time to time. But it was Mon Ki who also set up a monestary and ended up spending a lot of time with Thoravil. Thalaniel in is wanderings would show up for a few days. Gilbee and Mattwise would visit when they were not touring with their Dino Extravaganza. Mason was a regular.

In his free time and after years of study, Thoravil developed his own version of Planar Binding that he was able to cast as an Action instead of an Hour. Despite every effort to teach others the spell, he was the only one to ever be able to cast this version of Planar Binding.

Mason - Don’t worry about it. Mason traveled. A lot. He spent time at the Barrier Peaks with Thoravil and Mon Ki. He sometimes accompanied them in the search for Daoine Gloine but mostly they ate a lot and drank a lot and laughed a lot. When Gilbee and Mattwise were in Waterdeep with their Dino Extravaganze, if Mason was in town, he was always first to arrive at the shows and the last to leave the afterparty. He continued to gather items for his mausoleum until he felt like it was time to choose a place to build or renovate. He thought back on places he had been and one place kept coming back to him. The Sunless Citadel. It was now a museum and a former bank. That would be a good place to place the mausoleum. He couldn’t go alone. He needed someone that knew the citadel as well as he did. Eridanus. Now, to track him down and convince him to go.

Gilbee and Mattwise - After defeating Nezznar and Tharizdun, Gilbee sought after the only thing he’s ever wanted, a boat. He tracked down and relentlessly pestered Althea into buying him a previously promised boat. Knowing that without someone to watch over him, he would likely die (for real), he asked his good friend Mattwise to join him as his first mate. Sailing south taking any opportunity for a quest along the way until his ship crashed into Chult. Fearing they were stuck on an island, he entered survival mode. Out of the wreckage Gilbee and Mattwise built a decently sized shack where they raised dinosaurs. About a 4 months in, Mattwise realized they were only 5 miles away from port Nyanzaru but didn’t tell Gilbee until three months later. After selling the majority of their dinosaurs they bought another boat that only Mattwise is allowed to drive. They take what dinosaurs the have left and sail the world with their Dino crew. Gilbee’s book of Pool Lore remains unfinished and unpublished, which would have revolutionized the way the world relaxes after a hot day, but alas it was always secondary to Gilbee’s need to pursue the call to adventure.

Eridanus- As the group was putting an end to Nezznar’s plots, Eridanus was bringing home his firstborn child, Hymn, a baby girl. Realizing he had twice the reasons to live than he did before, rather than avoiding the possibility of death, he pledged himself to making the world a safer place for his daughter. Including working with the Emerald Enclave to ensure that civilization would not outgrow the wilderness so she could see all the world had to offer.

Grundy and the Sea Elf woman – Grundy had saved a Wish. He was waiting until Nezznar had been taken care of before he headed back to where the Tomb of Horrors used to be. Mattwise and Thoravil had used Earthquake to double destroy it. Yet, Grundy was anxious to go back there because of what had happened that last time – They had not defeated the Lich Acererak. Grundy had to go there so be close to where the Sea Elf woman was last seen. He would use his Wish to bring her back. He arrived and did not waste time. He used the Wish and instantly she was standing before him. It took awhile but she eventually believed what Grundy was telling her. She did not remember much from her time in the Tomb and Grundy thought that was for the best. They headed back to Waterdeep using a Teleportation scroll that Nameless had given him. They settled in the Docks of Waterdeep living on and off the water. She made fishing gear, nets, flippers and swimwear. Grundy became the unofficial enforcer of the Docks helping to keep gang activity to low levels. He became good friends with Xoblob and spent a lot of time at Xoblob’s shop when he was not patrolling.

Thalaniel continued to do what he did best. Going from place to place and finding things that needed taken care of. He would handle things his way. Sometimes what he did was not 100% appreciated by those he helped. But he did get the job done. As he traveled he picked up other followers of the Raven Queen and over time he had pulled together 13 followers to help him with his jobs and to spread the words of the Raven Queen. The Raven Queen was pleased and opened up abilities that other followers of the Raven Queen only had heard of in ancient texts. She set a special place for him once his time would finally come to an end.But that would be years from now. Thalaniel was last seen heading into the Underdark to search for his father.



Stumbleduck retired to some small village in the middle of nowhere. Thundertree. It had been destroyed when the volcano had erupted some 50 years before and was just now coming back to life. The only other person who lived there regularly was Reidoth who was a member of the Emerald Enclave and had fought against the Dragon Cultists with the group but that was in a different timeline. Reidoth and Stumbleduck kept to themselves unless Thundertree was threatened by dangerous animals or orcs.

Shortlock’s driving goal is to identify and defeat the man who killed Erstwhile Gint, his mentor. Unless that has happened, I imagine that’s what he’d be doing. In his study he was dedicated 70% to saving the world, 30% sorting through Erstwhile’s stuff for clues. It was in the documents and papers left behind in Nezznar’s study that Shortlock found the answer he long suspected - Nezznar was the one responsible for his mentor’s death. Feeling a freedom he had not felt since before Erstwhile had died, Shortlock wandered Faearun without purpose until he met Whetstone who convinced him that he could use his knowledge to aid the Harpers. Whetstone became his partner and the did investigative work for the Harper’s and freelance detective work out of his new home at 112A Baked Street, Waterdeep.


Nameless was not sure what to do next. He looked around at his friends once last time. He opened up a teleportation circle and was about to step in when Flynrich approached and said “Come. We have things to attend to.” They gave one last wave to their friends and stepped into the circle. In a flash of light, they were gone. Over the years, Nameless would appear out of nowhere and spend several days with his friends but he never stayed long. He would leave only saying that he had things to attend to.