Recap August 14, 2020

They made their way to across the wooden foot bridge to check out the 4 doors in that area. Gilbee knocked on the first door. Getting no answer, he moved onto the next door. He knocked on it and receiving no answer, he moved on. Both of those doors were made of stone. The 3rd door was wooden and Gilbee ignored it as well. He returned to the group and said “Well, there is nothing here. “

Nameless and Mason went back to the first door. The two of them checked out the door. The door was locked but it was not trapped. Gilbee was asked to pick the lock and he did easily. Nameless went first and saw:

This is a stockroom filled with magical supplies. Parchment, wax, vials of all sizes, and various scientific instruments. Small glass containers full of bizarre spell components line the walls. A small wooden case held six Antitoxins and two Potions of heroism and one potion of longevity. An iron chest on the floor contained 5 bricks each of gold, silver, and copper (the copper went to Gilbee).

Two glass cases are mounted to the wall, each containing a scroll sealed with wax. They are labeled “For Emergencies Only”. The cases have no doors, so they need to be broken to retrieve the scrolls. One is a sealed with golden wax stamped with a feather. The other is sealed with black wax stamped with a skull.

Nameless broke the glass on each and took the scrolls to look them later. They looked around the room once more and then followed the corridor going to the right. Inside was:

This is a stockroom filled with various mundane supplies opes, chains, and shackles. Basic tools sit on a workbench, surrounded by broken chairs, doors, etc. A lantern, some locks, a bucket, cleaning supplies, and more.

Mason took some rope and they went back to the hallway. Nameless went to the end of the corridor and looked into a room:

In this room, there is a small ledge to stand on, with the rest of the room filled with murky water. Nameless entered the room to get a closer look at the water and a watertight door slides shut behind him cutting him off from the rest of the group. From one corner of the room, a steady rush of water comes through a metal grate in the ceiling. In the center of the ceiling is an orange metal valve. Despite the water flowing from the ceiling, the water level remains constant. Nameless flew up to the valve and grate on the ceiling. He turned the valve and the room began to fill with more water. He looked around but all he saw was dark, murky water. He cast Light on a piece of copper and threw it into the water. Below he saw a similar valve and grate as well as another sealed iron door. He dove into the water and turned the valve. The room emptied of water and the sealed door above opened allowing the group to be together once again.

They moved to the other sealed iron door on the bottom of the room. It was locked. Susan picked it quick. Inside was a corridor door about 20ft long that ended in another wooden door. It too was locked and Susan picked it as well.

Nameless grabbed the door and went to open it. It felt like the door was trying to pull away from him. Mason assisted him and Nameless opened the door and was swept into it and started fall to the right. He began to fly to stop himself from falling into the spikes on the right wall. He saw more spikes on the other walls as he adjusted to the altered gravity. Nameless saw 5 pedestals each with one button on each pedestal. Susan followed him into the room and immediately fell to the right. She adjusted herself and landed in an area clear of spikes. Her Slippers of Spider climb stuck to the wall/floor. She kept watch over the room as Nameless checked out the pedestals. Mason and Gilbee stayed outside the room and waited for instructions from Nameless and Susan.

Nameless looked at all of the pedestals:

The buttons are: Snake, Lion, Wolf, Elephant, and a Hawk.

Susan said the Snake is bad news. Do not press that button.

It ended up that that was the button that was needed to be pressed as the gravity went back to normal. Nameless flew up to the upside down door. Susan followed along the wall and then on the ceiling. Gilbee, Stumbleduck and Mason flew up to the door. The door was not locked. Opening it they saw:

A narrow, circular tunnel extending into darkness. The walls are rough rock, in a spiral pattern of striations.

As they stepped into the tunnel, they began to feel dizzy. It got worse the further they went down the tunnel. Gilbee was so dizzy he asked that they stop. He sat for a minute and then was feeling better enough for them to move on. The tunnel ended at another locked iron door. Susan picked and inside they saw a corridor to the left and to the right. Also to the right a corridor broke off to the north ending in a large iron double door. It was locked. Susan picked it and inside they saw:

An enormous cavern that has been transformed into a miniature savanna ecosystem. An artificial sun shines from a stalactite overhead. The Terrarium is divided into three levels by rocky escarpments. On the upper level, a stream flows out of a crack in the rock wall.

On the middle level, the stream bends lazily, tumbling to the lower level.

On the lower level a Chimera noticed the door had opened and immediately went into an attack pose. It began to move towards the group. Gilbee moved over towards a pond. He was attacked by the chimera’s gore, gite and claw attacks missing with it claws. It then spit poison on Gilbee. Nameless cast Fire Bolt, Mason attacked with his heavy crossbow, Susan applied purple worm poison on a crossbow bolt, Stumbleduck cast Eldritch blast. Gilbee attacked the chimera as it got closer to him. Susan attacked with her poisoned crossbow bolt and she hit it hard and did a lot of poison damage to the chimera and it died.

A strange goat like creature/demon had appeared on the ledge above the area with the pond. They did not attack at first but this goat thing started hitting them with fire attacks. The goat creature thing did not last as long as the chimera. An odd lion had also appeared but it stayed laying down on the savannah. Those with arcana could tell something was off about the lioness. Gilbee used the Wand of Wonder to cast Darkness. The lioness cast Counterspell and the spell dissipated. The liones cast a Thorn Spell on everyone but Nameless who had been flying. Gilbee flew out of the thorns taking more damage. But he was now able to attack it. The others attacked with spells and ranged attacks and soon the lioness was defeated as well.