Recap August 28, 2020

The group would head back to Flynrich’s with the newest arcane residual with hopes that this time they would find Nezznar and his headquarters and defeat him once and for all.

While Nameless and Mason worked with Flynrich to get the new coordinates in the search for Nezznar, Gilbee had tea with Mattwise. The others relaxed and talked what kinds of battle strategy they could use against a lich and its minions. They just were not sure the exact approach. They did have surprise on their side, at least they thought they did. They needed to move quick but they also needed to be careful in their planning.

After awhile, Flynrich said I think that is it. I want to do the process again as I want to be sure we have the correct place.

It came out the same as before. Flynrich sighed and said “He is located in Myth Drannor.”

Stumbleduck took a breath and then began to tell the group about Myth Drannor.

At its height, it represented the peak of elven civilization and craftsmanship.

It fell to demons during the Weeping War and was in ruins, a dangerous place full of monsters and forgotten treasures

The Weeping War was a battle that culminated on 15 Flamerule, 714 DR, in which the Akh’Velahr (the army of Cormanthor) were defeated by the invading demonic forces named the Army of Darkness, leading to the fall of the elven city of Myth Drannor, the greatest and most powerful bastion of civilization by far at the time.

The Weeping War led to the Fey’ri Wars that Thoravil was involved with.

Demons still were found there to this day. It is a ruined city full of dangers that even seasoned adventurers such as themselves should not take lightly. Evil spellcasters had been known to journey there in search if magic items, spell components, artifacts and forgotten knowledge and spells. Few people who went there were ever seen again.

Once they knew where they would be going they began to prep for the journey and the fight against Nezznar. Nameless started on a list of potions, scrolls and other items. Mason focused on healing potions and scrolls. Stumbleduck talked with Nameless about what spell he should add to his Ring of Spell Storing. (was that ever determined?) The others made sure their gear was in order and waited for the signal to move out.

Nameless we are going to need an army. Not quite like against the dragon cult but I think we need more than what we have hear. Let us put out a call to all of those who have adventured with us over the years. We know them and we all work well together. This will increase our chances against Nezznar.

The other agreed and Mason sat down to write a message. Flynrich would get the message out to everyone. While they waited to hear back from their friends, they decided to teleport to the small town of Ashbenford about 80 miles from Myth Drannor to the west. There they bought horses to make the final ride. It would take a day and a half if they maintained a steady gallop with only a few rests for the horses. They rode through the night.

They found the path to the northeast marked by really old stones. One of theme had something written in common…”This way…” and the rest of the message was covered by ivy and thorn bushes. Nameless brushed the plants aside and saw the rest of the message “…to you death.”

They looked at one another and went down the path to Myth Drannor.

They could see the ancient city. Many of the buildings were destroyed but others still stood but looked weary and old. They would see shadows moving from time to time but nothing ever materialized.

As they approached the formal entrance, the portable location device they had received from Flynrich went dark and the entire city was covered in a fog. Mason determined it was an arcane fog of some kind but otherwise it was harmless. They would need to find Nezznar’s residence using old fashioned tracking skill. And no small amount of luck.

The air felt heavy as they moved into the city and started to follow what looked to be a main road. They wanted to go east to get to the middle of the city. Nameless and Mason led the way. After while they were going to the north too much so they shifted to walk more south. They could tell they were getting deeper into the city. They came to another crossroads and out of the shadows leaps a death demon, one of the creatures that had helped Nezznar kill Flynrich.

The beast hit hard mostly attacking Mason with its bite and claws. It also just would not fall. Finally, they struck the final blow and as it was dissapating back to its home plane they heard it say “Thank you for the release.”

They were not sure what to make of that statement. Had Nezznar forced it to fight for him? Or would the demon be back soon. They did not wait around and continued their march.

Nameless had been using Detect Magic and as they were coming down a path he had a hit on arcane residual that contained Nezznar’s signature. He motioned for everyone to stop at a set of stair going down into the ground. Above there had been a large structure but there were only ruins left of it now. They walked down the stairs and and found a single rusty iron door. It was locked. Gilbee took care of it quick and then Mason opened it. They were in a 20ft by 20ft corridor that had another single door at the other end. This door was not locked. As they touched the door they saw the citadel. It was inverted with its towers burying into the ground instead of reaching into the sky. They saw 4 octogonal towers but could tell there were probably more.

Opening the door they saw: The first chamber after the main entryway into the citadel. It is located at the “nave” of the structure. About 8 feet in diameter at the center of this octagonal chamber sat an ornate marble fountain with a child angel at the top. Instead of water, the fountain runs in blood. A mess of dried blood streaks the floor surrounding it.

They would investigate the fountain.