Recap February 21, 2020

It’s been awhile

Grundy and Mason rushed forward to engage while Nameless and Stumbleduck attacked from a distance with spells. Stumbleduck cast Cloud of Daggers and then focused on casting Guiding Bolt. Nameless cast Fire Bolt. Mason cast Spirit Guardians and then swung Mason’s Mace 2.0. The Beast would do an all out attack on Grundy then switch its attacks to Mason. It hit them hard but they hit it harder and soon the creature collapsed to the floor and transformed back into the Abbott. Beside the Abbot was the Ring of Eibon that Lamorac Wanderfoot had described. They needed the ring to get to Flynrich. They discussed how they would tell the people of Perigrin about what had happened. They decided to speak with Lamorac first and tell him. They were worried about having to use magic to defeat the Beast. Lamorac listened and then said “You are telling the truth. Take the ring. I no longer want it. I think the citizens of Perigrin, while secretly believing that poor Theo was indeed cursed into becoming the Beast, will publicly deny it to any who ask. You should go now. And do not return.

The group retrieved their horses and set out for Chimes. It was about 90 miles there and even with pushing the horses to their limits, they would not make it to Chimes in one day. To speed things up and to make sure they were not attacked by wandering werewolves, they used the Gamgee Rod of Security to make camp. They were able to keep the horses and ponies in with them while they rested. Nameless used the extra time to cast Wish to give the group one more resistance.

They entered Chimes and headed for the nearest tavern. Holding a platinum piece in his hand, Nameless approached the bartender and asked where he could find Bracegirdle. He slide the platinum piece to the bartender who took it. The bartender replied, he is a regular here. He comes in several times a week. He may even come in today but I am not sure. I may be able to find out. He returned and said that he is meeting some folks here later this afternoon. Nameless then bought them rooms for the night and they all got something to eat and drink.

Several hours later, the bartender brought over a breadbasket. Sitting it down he said. Bracegirdle has just arrived. He is at the door. He should be coming over to the bar to make his order. I can send him your way. They agreed. Ten minutes or so later, Bracegidle approached the table. He said, I understand you folks have been looking for me. What do you want.

Nameless got straight to the point. We are looking for a time travel potion he said in a hushed tone. Bracegridle leaned in. Can do it. But not here. Where will we meet? He scribbled an address down on a piece of paper. Come here and we can discuss. The address was to a cafe on the other side of town. He then left the table.

Later, when they asked someone for directions, they noticed that the directions that were given them appeared on the piece of paper with the address creating a makeshift map. They followed the directions and arrived at a small cafe. Entering they saw Bracegirdle and two other folks. Bracegirdle was near a door leading into a backroom. He motioned for them to come with him. There was a small table. They all sat down and Bracegirdle closed the door. As the door was closing Mason and Grundy noticed the glasses on the table gave a strange reflection unlike what other glasses did. Bracegirdle brought over a carafe of wine. He asked if anyone wanted a drink. Mason did but the others did not. Nameless noticed that the wine was magical and asked Bracegirdle about it. Bracegirdle seemed to be lying about what was in the carafe and wine glasses. Mason believed that the wine was actually the potion of time travel. Bracegirdle had said it would take a day to get the potion and that it would be 100 gold fro it to happen. Mason and Nameless put some of the wine into an empty potion bottle and left a bag of 100 gold on the table. They went back to their room at the tavern and inn. Nameless cast Identify and sure enough they had a potion of time travel.

They decided not to stay in Chimes. Instead they headed northeast towards where the ruins of Sylaire were supposed to be.