Recap January 10, 2020

The group left the Chapel Library with Charles still to navigate the animated robes. They went through the door leading west and found themselves in a storage area for typical clerical items. They did a quick search and finding nothing, they moved into another door to the west.

Ten chairs are arranged in a semi-circle around a desk and chair. Seated in each of the eleven chairs is a skeleton-like figure dressed in cowled amber monk’s robes.

As soon as they entered the room, all of the skeletons rose from their chairs but the one sitting behind the desk. Mason stepped forward and used his holy symbol to Destroy Undead. All of the standing skeletons turned to bone dust. The skeleton behind the desk stood up and revealed that it had 6 arms, each holding a scimitar. It advanced but it was no match to the power of the group and soon it too was laying crumpled on the floor.

Stumbleduck checked the desk and found an unlocked door. Inside the drawer was a silver key they looked very much like the one that they had found earlier. They took the amber robes even though they had been worn by skeletons for quite awhile. They searched the rest of the room and Mason found a secret door on the eastern wall. He flipped the switch and they found themselves in another room.

A man dressed in richly gilded plate mail and amber-colored robes, wearing a cross of carved amber around his neck, kneels praying at a golden altar. As soon as the door opens he turns and asks in a polite voice, “May I help you?”

Mason recognized the symbol as one for Brandobaris, the halfling god of trickery, thievery and adventure.

Nameless said that they were looking for the Gate of Silver Keys.

I do not know of search a thing. You may want to ask Flynrich. It sounds like something that he would know about.

Nameless replied. Flynrich is dead. We need to find the Gate to get to his tomb to retrieve him.

Please come have a seat at my table and we can discuss things. I am Seredoc Gamgee. I am brother of Flynrich. I am sorry to hear of his death. Do you know what happened? By the way, what are your names? Mason, Stumbleduck and Vulthuryol they all replied one by one.

Nameless gave the short version. Then he pulled out the Those Who Would be Free” document and shared it with Seredoc. Seredoc read over it and then said. Ah, so the gate will lead back to our family homeland, well planet. You do not want to go back there. None of the Gamgees want to go back there. It is not a nice place to people like us. He studied the paper some more. Those places are in our homeland. I am assuming these are people’s names. I do not recognize them.

Several of the group could tell using Insight that he was telling the truth.

Seredoc thought for a moment and then said “Come, let me lead you in prayer to Brandobaris and I will ask him for guidance in your endeavor. Let us hold hands.

They joined hands. Nameless and Mason listened to the prayer asking for guidance for these adventurers in their pursuit to help Flynrich and in connection, to help the Gamgee family.

Stumbleduck heard in Seredoc’s voice “I command you to find Flynrich’s tomb and to do your best to stifle those that would attempt to bring him back from the dead. Do this and report back to me.”

They released hands. Seredoc said You may want to go to the Chapel Library to check the books my brother Charles has there. He has many books on many subjects that may have information that could be useful to you.

Suddenly a 20ft sphere cloud of poison settled on Seredoc. It did not seem to effect him but it did the others. They coughed and took poison damage but its effects did not linger. They all stood up and began to attack back. Seredoc had sly smile as he cast spells. One or two failed to hit but most of them hit hard, Blight, Harm, Vampiric Touch. It did take too much longer and soon Seredoc was defeated. They searched and found an amulet of ivory and ebony worth 500gp. It was similar to the one that Charles wears but this one was more ornate. A potion of plant control, ring of protection, broom of flying and a staff of the python. They also found the following scrolls: Fog cloud, dancing lights and poison spray. They decided to take long rest but not sleep so Nameless could study the Book of Exalted Deeds as well as recover health from their fight with Seredoc. Once the rest was finished they went back to the Chapel Library. Charles was no longer there so they looked through the books but did not find anything that was helpful.

The group went down the main hall and out the west door leading into the main Chapel area. They discovered what had to have been Madeline’s tomb. They could see scratch marks where she had clawed herself out and then ran to where they had met her. They then went up the stairs to the choir loft.

Most of the choir loft is filled with statues whose mouths are gaping open. The statues do not have the Amber family resemblance. Along the south wall is the keyboard to an organ. You do not see any organ pipes.

Stumbleduck noticed that there were 88 statues and the organ had 88 keys. They discussed things for awhile and realized that they keys were connected to the statues. Then it hit Mason. These were not mere statues. They had been people that were one professional singers that had been turned into statues and then magically connected to the organ so that they could sing for the Gamgees. This disturbed everyone in the group.

They left the chapel and followed the path through the domed Indoor Forest. They came to single door. Finding it unlocked, they opened it and looked into a large room.

The walls of this room are covered with mosaics depicting courtly scenes. The floor is polished marble. Two thrones sit atop a raised dais. At the east end of the room a red velvet carpet runs from the double doors to the thrones. A skeletal figure sits on each throne. The skeletons are dressed in rotting velvet. One skeleton holds a jeweled mace. Twenty more skeletons stand on guard, ten each along the north and south walls. The skeletons wear rusted armor and carry halberds with rusted blades. Another dozen skeletons, wearing decayed court dress, stand in front of the thrones.