Recap January 24, 2020

They opened the trapdoor and made their way down the wooden ladder into the basement/dungeon. Opening a door they saw:

A large square grid has been painted on the floor in the middle of this room. The grid is five 10’ x 10 squares long and wide, a total of 25 squares. A huge capital letter has been painted in the middle of each square. There is a door on the other side of the room, but to reach it you must step on several of the painted squares.

Each of the letter squares marked with a circle has a translucent spirit hovering over it. The three closest to the PCs are:

Has the head of an owl and the body of a wolf.

Is humanoid, with a canine head and bird’s wings.

Has the head of a wolf and the body of an owl.

As they step closer, the third translucent spirit speaks: “We each guard a path. We each hold a gift to give.”

They were not sure what to do. They were hesitant to walk across the board but also knew they needed to get to the door on the other side of the room. Mason went in front of the spirit that spoke and tried to speak to it. Gilbee did as well but nothing happen. Mason walked two squares, and stopped on the H and made a move to his right to walk diagonally. He briefly caught a glimpse of a great mass of writhing tentacles that was spread across the squares and holding the spirits like puppets and then vision was gone. He did not walk diagonally. Instead he walked back to the floor where there was no letters painted on them.

Kregerath took the path 2nd to north of the room. He walked slowly across the letters. When he reached the other side, he felt odd and would remain feeling that way for awhile. (disadvantage on all saving throws: lasts until dispelled.) Mason walked behind him on the same path but nothing happened to Mason. He cast Remove Curse and Kregerath felt better.

Schmoogle took the center path. He crossed the floor easily but when he stepped foot on the walkway with Mason and Kregerath, he was instantly blind. Mason cast Remove Curse on him as well.

Namless took the path at the south end of the room. When he reached the other side of the room he felt really good. (His Charisma increased by 1)

Cerridwen took the top path. When she reached the other side of the room she felt really good also. (Her Wisdom increased by 3)

Gilbee and Stumbleduck took the 2nd to the bottom path. They did not feel anything but they would start acting weird just a room over.

They went through the door to the west. You see four dungeon cells. The back and side walls of each cell are made of stone. The front wall is a grid of iron bars. In one cell you see a long-haired man holding a paint brush and a bucket of paint. He is huddled in the corner of the room, staring rapturously at a highly realistic painting of the moon on the back wall of his cell. In another cell you see a large man with the head of a bull. The other two cells appear to be empty.

Gilbee and Stumbleduck walked over to the closed cell with the long-haired man sitting in it. They sat down beside him and stared at the shimmering moon painted on the back wall. Gilbee complimented the artist that had done the painting. The man nodded that he was the artist. Gilbee and Stumbleduck oooed and ahhed. The rest of the group could not get them to leave. They were afraid that they would have to fight the main with the paint brush in order to have them leave. They talked with him and he got more paranoid the more they talked. They noticed his left hand was slowly reaching for a dagger that was on his belt. They left the three sitting on the floor and checked out the other cells.

The bullheaded man paced in his cell. He grunted whenever someone talked to him. He shook the cell bars. Mason could tell that he was not agressive, more confused and resigned that he would never get out of the cell. Kregerath unlocked the lock and then opened the cell door. The minotaur never once tried to escape. Kregerath looked in the empty cell to the north of the minotaur. He did not see anything so he unlocked the door and went into explore. He looked around a bit and felt two attacks swoosh by him. Something invisible was attacking him. He tried to pull it out to the hallway. But the thing kept attacking everyone. A few of them hit something solid but they could never get a fix on what it was. They went to the room with the moon and picked up Stumbleduck and Gilbee and carried them out of the room. Kregerath opened the door to the south. Whatever it was stopped attacking them.

In the room to the south:

This room contains a number of large metal vats and cauldrons, some of which contain irridescent, frothy liquids. Magical symbols are engraved on each vat and cauldron. There are many tables and shelves holding flasks and vials of various liquids, solids or powders. Standing in a silent row against the east wall are four human-like beings. All are naked, though two hold short swords. As the room is entered, the four beings rush to attack.

They reminded the group of the golem like boxers from one of the first rooms in the Gamgee House. But these were more aggressive.

Nameless cast Chain Lightning and did a good amount of damage to all of them but one. That one seemed to not take damage from the lightning. Mason and Kregerath moved in to get attacks on the creatures. Mason cast Spirit Guardians and was able to get three of them in its range. One fell from it while another fell from Kregerath’s sneak attack. One of them cast Lightning Bolt hitting three of them but did not do much damage. Soon, all four creatures were destroyed. The group looked around the laboratory. They found pages of complex magical formulae but none of them could figure out what it was for. So, they took it all to study later. They found a large iron safe under one of the tables.Kregerath checked it for traps but he did not find any. He then went to check to see if it was locked. Suddenly a voice was heard by everyone in the room. “I would not do that. You are good at finding traps but the trap on this one has eluded you. I would hate for you to get what happened to the others that tried. The treasure just is not worth. Believe me, I know. I have seen it.” Kregerath used Insight to see if whoever this was was telling him the truth. As far as he could tell, it was. They searched the room. Gilbee thought that the voice may coming from the safe or maybe inside the safe. The safe kept giving dire warnings up until Kregerath picked the lock and open the safe door.

Inside was the following: 3 crystal vials of powdered platinum, worth 300 gp each A Cask of quicksilver, worth 500 gp 4 human-shaped .gurines: one carved from black onyx and inlaid with gold worth 500 gp, one carved from tiger eye and inlaid with silver worth 600 gp, one carved from malachite and inlaid with copper and electrum worth 750 gp, and one carved from opal and inlaid with platinum worth 2,000 gp.

The room contains a wide variety of ingredients and reagents, though many of them are poorly labelled. It took awhile but in all of these ingredients they also found 2 potions of healing, a potion of lightning resistance and a potion of mind reading.

They went over to the door to the northwest. They saw a hallway to the north. About halfway up the hallway there was a door to the west and a door to the east. Anoout 10ft to the north was another door. The door to the east went back to the cells. They tried to the door to the west.

This large room is outfitted as a complete alchemistry laboratory with long wooden tables and myriad wood shelves filled with strange flasks and glassware: alembics, calcinators, sublimators, athanors, retorts and distillation apparatus.

Everyone but Cerridwen and Schmoogle went inside the room. Suddenly the door shut and they could not open it. concealed vents will open and begin to fill the room with a black powdery cloud which moves as though it is alive. There are 20 vents spaced evenly throughout the room. Everyone started to cough but nothing else happened. Schmoogle swung at the door and the door opened and Schmoogle stumbled into the room. Nothing happened to him either. They all left the room and went to the door in the hallway to the north.

This long corridor is very chilly, as if the temperature is being magically manipulated to remain cool. The north and south walls are lined with many rows of small doors. There are six rows of six 3’ x 3’doors on each wall. Other than these features, the corridor is empty.

Examining the six doors, upon investigation, the party discovered that there are small painted markings on five of the small doors. The markings painted on the doors appear to be haphazard splashes of paint at first glance, but at a closer look they are incredibly intricate knotted designs that look like they were painted with a very tiny paintbrush and a great deal of skill and patience.

The doors easily open revealing a 3’x3’ niche extending into the wall for 6’. In the spaces behind the marked doors, however, are dead bodies under sheets, one body behind each marked door. 1 of them is a halfing, 2 are human and 2 are tabaxi. Each body is drained of blood and has had its brain neatly removed.

There was a door further down the corridor. It was on the southern wall. Gilbee opened it and saw:

This room is equipped somewhat like an alchemist’s laboratory, though most of the equipment looks unfamiliar. There are a number of knives, scissors and other surgical tools. A metal table stands in the middle of the room. On it is strapped a human male. Near the table stands a large, horrible, unearthly creature on six crab-like legs. It has a grotesque bloated body covered with an oily yellow-orange membrane, from which protrude masses of short tentacles, four yellow, bulging eyes and a repulsive tooth-filled mouth in the top. There are five large lumps on the upper part of its body, just above the baleful eyes.

Gilbee shut the door. He heard in his head, “You are going nowhere.” Suddenly he could no longer move. Nameless slipped on his Cloak of Invisibility and moved into the room. He did not know Mason was going to cast Fire Storm. Kregerath and Schmoogle attacked with their weapons while Cerridwen used spells to try to weaken the creature. Mason cast Fire Storm taking out the ghosts/spirits that had appeared in the corners of the lab. Nameless cast Fire Bolt, Stumbleduck cast Guiding Bolt. The creature dropped.

The halfling on the table is dead, his blood drained and his upper skull cut away. Mason examining the creature came to believe it was a brain collector and that the five large lumps on the upper part of its body were brains that it had collected from the bodies out in the hallway morgue and the halfling on the table. There was a bin that held a number of items. In it were:

120 sp

138 gp

9 pp

4 gems worth 100 gp each (2 x carnelian, 2 x onyx)

an ebony statuette of a griffon worth 250 gp

a silver ring set with garnets worth 250 gp



dagger that is cold to the touch

a belt pouch

There was also a great deal of esoteric equipment in this room. Much of it is alien in nature, but anyone skilled in medicine or trained with alchemist’s tools would and some of it useful. They would keep the items that they could use and sell the rest.

They went back to the room with the black dust/smoke. It did not effect them again. In about 15 minutes the dust cleared as the vents cleaned the room. They then searched the room.

Kregerath found 5 vials, each with strange liquid in it. He drank one of them. It was a truth serum. He drank another, it was drow poison. He drank a third, it too was drow poison. He gave one of the them to Gilbee who drank it. It was wyvern poison. He gave the remaining two vials to Schmoogle and Gilbee. Those were both truth serum.

They also found a potion of fire resistance a potion of climbing an unknown potion

A few spell book pages have been left here for convenience, scattered among disorganized piles of experimental notes. They contain the following wizard spells:

1st-level: brew, burning hands, comprehend languages, detect magic, identify, protection from good and evil, unseen servant

2nd-level: enlarge/reduce, gentle repose, locate object, magic weapon, pyrotechnics

Scroll - Enlarge/Reduce

Spellbook - This set of etched glass plates is contained in a leather case trimmed with sable fur. Many of its pages are marked with drops of blood.

1st level- Alarm, Color Spray, False Life, Feather Fall, Grease, Sleep, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Unseen Servant

2nd level- Blindness/Deafness, Magic Mouth, Shadow Blade, Shatter, Skywrite

The group went to the door to the north. They followed it until the corridor stopped and there was a ladder leading up to a metal trapdoor. They could not open the trapdoor. They went back to the dust/smoke room and went to the door to the northwest.

They opened it and saw seven separate smaller rooms each with at least one door. Some of them had two doors.