Recap January 31, 2020

They moved over to the closest door to the closet room. Opening the door:

In the center of this otherwise bare room is a 10 foot deep sunken pit filled with liquid. A thin glass sphere floats in the middle of the pit. Inside the sphere can be seen a large silver key.

Schmoogle wanted to dive into the pit and get the glass sphere and the key inside. Stumbleduck held him back and then threw a rock on the pit. The liquid was acid and quickly burned the rock. Thalaniel used Mage Hand and scooped the glass ball out of the pit. He turned it over to see if he could open it. The glass was fragile and broke easily, sending the key falling toward the middle of the acid pit. Several of the group reached for it and the key did not fall into the pit. They put it with the three other keys that they had and moved onto the next room.

A pentagram surrounded by a circle has been painted in white paint on the floor in the middle of this room. An amber colored candle burns at each point of the pentagram. A hunting horn of amber hangs from a peg on one wall. There is movement in the darkness in the center of the pentagram and you see standing there a 10’ tall humanoid covered with a dull gray scaly skin. Its gaunt body is hairless. Ivory fangs protrude from its mouth and its fingers end in metallic talons. Its eyes glow like smoldering coals and two huge bat-like wings grow out of its back.

The demon smiled and said “Well, what do we have here?”

We are looking for keys. Do you have any?

No, I do not have any keys but if you would be so kind and let me out of here I would so kindly help you search for these keys you seek

Kriv was all for it. Let us help him and he could help us. No one else was going for that. They talked a little while longer and learned some things:

It, a death demon, and others of its kind – were summoned by Nezznar to kill Flynrich and take Flynrich’s body to a tomb.

Nezzner was a powerful wizard but he is now a lich and while powerful, he is not as powerful as his Flynrich.

Flynrich was conducting a magical ritual when they attacked. They caught him by surprise.

Flynrich destroyed many Death Demons before they were able to overpower him. All of us death demons are very impressed.

The death demon made fun of one of the Gamgee family who was most disturbed by Flynrich’s death. It explained, death demons can bring people back from the land of the dead, resurrecting them – but it has refused to do that because of the way it has been treated by them. It found this very funny.

Thalaniel asked about the horn. The demon said it was one of many trinkets the Gamgees kept around. It was here when I got here.

They thanked him and left. The death demon would speak to them as they continued investigating the rooms in this area.

They decided to go clockwise around the area. They opened the next door and found:

In the middle of the room is a 10’ wide pit. The pit is guarded by a hideous, beast-like human. It is holding a spear.

They entered the room and the beast said “Who are you. What is your business?” They explained about looking for keys and asked if there were any keys in the pit that it was guarding. It said not that he knew of. The pit leads to a large land that who knows could have a key or keys. But, it could not let them through. Nameless asked what this land was called, think it would say Anadia. Instead the creature said The Land of the Ghouls. Nameless remembered hearing of this land from Flynrich. This land is the dark mirror of Anadia, inhabited by civilized undead. Ghouls are a true race here and are created by breeding naturally.

The ghoul then said If we have no more business, it is best you move along. They mentioned looking for Flynrich and the ghoul replied It is too bad he is dead now isn’t it. Now, move along.

Set into the south wall is a 10’ x 10’ silver gate with three large keyholes. In front of the gate is a giant lion made of amber. They could not tell if it was alive or a statue. They moved slowly into the room after Kriv had wanted to throw rocks at the lion. Thalaniel used True-Sight to look inside the lion. He saw that it was made up of small pieces of amber and in the center of the statue was a scroll. He could not read what was on it. The lion did not move but as they got closer they found that they would have to move it order to get to the Gate of the Silver Keys. They tried to push it. It would not move. Schmoogle and then Stumbleduck tried to lift it and it still would not move. Stumbleduck and Namless each summoned a earth elemental and that did the trick. They lifted the lion and put it over in one of the corners. As they set it down, the statue crumbled into 50 pieces of amber, worth close to 5,000gp. Kriv picked up the scroll and read it. It was another copy of the “To Those That Would be Free” document that they had found throughout the house.

Thalaniel used True-Sight to look at the gate. He could see a clearing beside a road in the midst of a dense forest. The road curved to the north. He could not see any further. They decided to look at the other rooms before going through the portal. They went to the next room

This room is outfitted as a dog kennel. The room spelled of fire and brimstone. They were certain this was a kennel for hell hounds.

They then began to experiment with the keys. They realized they needed to insert three of the keys at the same time. They did it and nothing happened. They then turned the keys at the same time and the portal opened. They decided to wait before going through the portal.

They headed to the next room:

This room is outfitted as a dog kennel. There are four doghouses here. Inside one of the doghouses they found a human skull that was charred and had clearly been gnawed on. They moved to the next room.

You see a huge mound of treasure 10’ high by 10’ wide by 40’ long lying in the middle of the room. A great portion of the treasure appears to be copper and silver pieces. Nothing really stuck out but Kriv wanted to look through the treasure. He searched and found a single gold and copper candlestick worth 50 gp. Nothing else caught his eye so they moved on to the final room that was in the middle of the area.

The room is filled with dusty shelves. The shelves appear to be empty. There does not appear to be anything else in the room..

They did do a search and found another scroll of “To Those Who Would be Free.” They talked it over and decided to take a long rest before heading into the portal. Nameless wanted to read the Book of Exalted Deeds that was gifted him by Madeline Gamgee in the chapel library. He had read it for 24 hours but he needed 56 more to be able to tap into all the book would give him. They decided to use a combination of Thalaniel’s Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion which lasted for 24 hours and the Turtle Rod that could be used every 8 hours so speed up the reading of this book that they all felt. It took little less than 72 hours for him to complete the reading. He could read in chunks up to 16 hours at a time without levels of exhaustion and not loosing his spells. In the 8 hours left each day he cast Wish and added more resistances to the group members. When Nameless was done reading the Book of Exalted Deeds, a halo appeared over his head shedding light out for 10ft and dim light for another 10ft.

They rested for another 8 hours and then went back to the room with the Gate of the Silver Keys. Turning the keys they reopened the portal and began to walk through. Three massive stones form the archway. It appears as if the only way to get to the door is to pass beneath the dolmen arch. A steady patter of blood drips from the underside of the arch, and it looks extremely difficult to pass under the arch without becoming blood -spattered. Each of them were spattered but nothing else happened and when they were on the other side of the portal, the blood was gone. And so was the portal. Their trip had been one way.

They saw the main road that led to the north and to the south. When Thalaniel had looked through the portal he had seen the curve to the north so they decided to go that way. They walked about 100ft and saw a Inn on the left side of the road. A sign read The Inn of the Bonnie Holly. They saw a number of people, mostly halfling, going in and out of the front entrance. They would go there to see about the places and items that the document mentioned.

Once they had bought some food and dinner, the barkeeper opened up and answered their questions. They found out the following:

Sylaire was a ancient ruined chateau with an evil reputation about 30 miles to the east of the inn, across the river Isoile.

The Inn of the Bonnie Holly lies on the road to Vineshade and Chimes: Vineshade is to the north and Chimes is to the south. Vineshade has a large population of folks with the last name Oldbuck. They may find Gundoband Oldbuck there.

Lowhill is a village in the swamps to the south of Chimes.

Perigrin is the third major city in the area. It is located 30 or miles west from the Inn of the Bonnie Holly. But the forest has been having a werewolf problem and it is best to take the main road either to Vineshade or Chimes and then take the road to Perigrin.

Gerivald Bracegirdle is from Chimes but best be careful with him. He is an associate of Bishop Amalricus. Some say he is in league with evils but I think he is just a powerful man who can get things done.

Nameless asked if they could have rooms for several days and he handed the innkeeper 10 platinum. The innkeeper was very surprised and said of course. Give me 20 or 30 minutes to prepare the rooms and then another 10 minutes for your food to be brought out as they same folks that are cleaning the rooms are preparing the food. He went back into the kitchen area. They heard movement of a number of people. About 20 minutes later 8 grumpy folks came down from the second floor where the rooms were located. Several of them mumbled about how they would remember this and that they would not be stopping back at the inn for awhile if they could help it. It dawned on the group that the innkeeper had kicked out 8 of his patrons to make room for them. Nameless had hoped to not make noise and it seemed that in an offway he just had. They tried not to think too much on it. The food arrived and over the meal they decided to head to the east in search of Sylaire and the enchanted sword that was supposed to be there.