Recap July 10, 2020

“Well, what do we have here? Another morsel for a meal. Another soon to be minion. Ah, all are welcome.” spoke the dracolich.

The entire area was filled with the dracolich’s frightful presence. Schmugle was the only one affected so he turned to face the remaining ogre zombies. The ogre zombies fell really easy from Schmugle’s flame-tongue great-sword. The dracolich then unleashed his poison breath dealing damage to everyone on the room killing the elephant that Gilbee had summoned. Gilbee used his Wand of Wonder on the dracolich and covered it in a blanket of butterflies. He then moved to the northern part of the area hoping to be out of the range of the dracolich. Nameless pulled up his hood to be invisible and them move into the room so he could cast spells at the dracolich. Two wights moved in from the north startling Gilbee. Mason cast Spirit Guardians damaging all of the enemies in the room One of the wights hit Gilbee. Gilbee used Cunning Action to Disengage from the wight that had attacked him and then used his Bolts of the Grave ability to one-shot that wight. Susan moved into position to attack the dracolich from stealth as often as she could. As she moved into place another group of wights attacked from the west. She instead held off the wights. Nameless cast Chain lightning on the dracolich and had it arc over into the first wights on the left. Mason attacked the dracolich with his heavy crossbow while moving around to get the most enemies into its area of effect. Every so often the dracolich called forth the spirits of creatures that had died in its lair. These spirits would attack one of them but them seemed to target Mason and Nameless the most even though everyone was effected at least once during the combat.

Nameless spoke “Mason, I have a plan.” Nameless cast Spirit Guardians, so they had double spirit guardians moving about the room. Nameless was also casting all of his spells through the dragon amulet that doubled damage to monsters with the dragon type. The first time it was used the dracolich giggled. The second time, it sneezed. Each attack after that he only seemed to get angrier. The dracolich continued using his frightful presence, his poison breath weapon, attacking with claw, claw, bite that not only did piercing and slashing damage, it would infect targets it with filth fever. It also would get in a tail swipe from time to time on targets that presented themselves.

After dropping the ogre zombies, Schmugle attacked with his Golden Bow alternating between the dracolich which he could not get closer to and the wights that continued to appear from the north and the west. Gilbee would use his Wand of Wonder and then the combo of Cunning Action- Disengage into Bolts of the Grave, one-shoting more wights. Susan attacked more wights and then switched over to the dracolich once there were no more other targets. Mason moved as close as he could to the dracolich to maintain Spirit Guardians on it. He cast Guardian of Faith to do even more damage to both the dracolich and the wights.

They had hit the dracolich with all they had and it seemed like it would not fall. But it finally did. They finished off the final wights and then began to look for the dracolich’s phylactery. On the dracolich they found a ring of spell turning, an ioun stone of Leadership (+2 Charisma), and a necklace of fireballs (five beads). Mason told them that any item could be used as a phylactery for a lich or dracolich. They searched the room a few more times but did not find anything. They knew they had at least two more areas to look in, the one to the west and then the room down the stairs that were located in the circular room with the gazebo like structure where they had encountered the drow vampires. Nothing was in the room to the west so they moved to the gazebo like structure. They went down the stairs and found themselves in a room much like the one above but they one was filled with treasure of all types.

They found: 444,000 gp, 26,000 pp, Black opal, 2 x Blue sapphire, Opal, 2 x Star ruby, 5 x Yellow sapphire, +3 Ammunition (50 blowgun needles) (very rare, dmg 150), Potion of Cloud Giant Strength (very rare, dmg 187), Potion of Invisibility (very rare, dmg 188), Potion of Vitality (very rare, dmg 188) Spell Scroll (Delayed Blast Fireball) (very rare, dmg 200), Portable Hole (rare, dmg 185), Potion of Speed (very rare, dmg 188) an elegant white robe and a very nice sword in a scabbard complete with a jeweled belt.

Using Detect Magic on the items Nameless saw that all of the gems had a magical aura on them. He looked further and it was necromancy in nature. The black opal has a stronger aura. They decided to take the black opal up to the dracolich’s corpse and find a way to destroy it. Using Arcana and Religion they found out that some such items could be destroyed if they are soaked in Holy Water. Before they headed up to take care of the black opal, Nameless focused some more time on the robe and the sword. The sword ended up being a +3 Dragon Slayer long sword. The jeweled belt that housed the scabbard was a Belt of Fire Giant Strength. The robe was a white Robe of the Archmagi. Schmugle took the sword and belt and Nameless put on the Robe of the Archmagi.

They went to the dracolich’s corpse and Mason gave Nameless a flask of Holy Water. They gathered to watch what would happen to the opal and to the bones of the dracolich. Nameless poured the flask onto the opal. At first nothing happened. Then it began to smoke. Suddenly it cracked and turned orangish red and exploded like a fireball. Gilbee dropped but was immediately healed by Nameless. Mason healed everyone else. They looked at the dracolich corpse and it was in tiny pieces scattered around the room.

They decided to use the Gamgee Rod to get a long rest. They would then explore the other entrance. As they were preparing the rod, they saw more arcane residual like they had in the Black Cyst Room in the Black Temple. They gathered it up with the magic pail and shovel that Flynrich had given them. Perhaps they could use it to look for Nezznar again.

They rested for 8 hours and then contacted Flynrich to give him an update.