Recap July 17, 2020

They finished their rest and took one more look around the lich’s final resting place. They then walked out the entrance and back up the long staircase. They came out of the left “eye” and several shadows above and around them. A number of giant bats with goblin riders were swooping down to attack them. The bats had bottles of alchemical fire in their claws that they dropped on their targets. The goblins threw grenade type objects that did not explode immediately on impact. Both of these weapons did fire damage to the group. They seemed to be targeting Schmugle but they may have just been because Schmugle was not flying as they others were and made an easy target. An even larger bat with red eyes and a red tint made up the last flying enemy. The surprise attack was not effective. All of the giant bats and their goblin riders were defeated. They had decided to go to the other eye on the right.

There was a large cave that had passageway in the back that turned to the right. It went around 60ft and ended at a set of stairs leading down. The stairs went down and down further into the mountain. The stairs were old and not in the best shape. Several of them slipped but were able to catch themselves. The stairs went down more until they came into a cavern. In the southern section of the cavern was a double door made of brass that looked like the one they had seen in the left eye. This one they did not have a problem opening. Behind it was a another long corridor. It went around 150ft before a set of stairs led down into a large cavern. About 75ft down the corridor they could hear the sound of running water. Coming into the cavern they saw:

A narrow river plummets over a cliff’s edge into a small lake. Behind the waterfall, there is a low opening in the cliff face. A water-filled cave extends into the earth.

They moved forward.

The water-filled tunnel led into a round cavern room. A set of smooth stone stairs led out of the water to the room’s floor. Opposite the tunnel entrance was a simple wooden door. On either side of the door were two large columns made of shimmering gold, carved in a twisting, braided pattern.

Nameless and Stumbleduck went to check out the columns but Schmugle went straight for the wooden door. He opened it up aggressively and saw:

a square room with perfectly smooth walls. In the center of each wall was a metal door with a knocker in the shape of a beast’s head. To the left, a bronze door with a goat’s head. Across, a silver door with a dragon’s head. To the right, a gold door with a lion’s head. The doors have no handles, keyholes, or other means of opening.

Aside from the doors, the room is empty and completely unlit.