Recap July 24, 2020

Nameless and Stumbleduck went to check out the columns but Schmugle went straight for the wooden door. He tackled it open and saw:

A square room with perfectly smooth walls. In the center of each wall was a metal door with a knocker in the shape of a beast’s head. To the left, a bronze door with a goat’s head. Across, a silver door with a dragon’s head. To the right, a gold door with a lion’s head. The doors have no handles, keyholes, or other means of opening.

Aside from the doors, the room is empty and completely unlit.

Gilbee went to the door with the goat’s head on it. He looked for a way to open it. Finding none, he used the goat head knocker to knock on the door. The goat head animated, looked around the room a few times and them looked Gilbee straight in the eye and said

“Who’s there?”

Gilbee said “It is I, Gilbee.”

The goat glared angrily, opened it’s mouth, and blasted Gilbee with a beam of ice and cold.

Nameless went to the door with the dragon’s head on it. He used the dragon head knocker to knock on the door. The dragon head animated, looked around the room a few times and them looked Nameless straight in the eye and said

“Who’s there?”

Nameless said “Nezznar”

The dragon glared angrily, opened it’s mouth, and blasted Nameless with a burst of fire and heat.

Mason went to the door with the lion’s head on it. He used the lion head knocker to knock on the door. The lion head animated, looked around the room a few times and them looked Mason straight in the eye and said

“Who’s there?”

Mason said “The Black Spider.”

The lion glared angrily, opened it’s mouth, and blasted Mason with a bolt of lightning.

They decided to all knock on each door at the same time and run back into the room with the snake columns. They were all blasted before they could get out of the room.

They thought some more on things. It hit Gilbee. The doors wanted a Knock Knock joke. He told one, not the funniest, but the goat head laughed and the door opened. Inside the room he saw:

A large, dark room. Broken furniture and miscellaneous junk is strewn across the floor, giving the impression that this was once a sort of lounge or common room. One wall contains the mouth of a wide natural tunnel, blocked off by a rusty iron gate which is chained shut. In the opposite corner, tables and chairs are arranged in an ineffectual barricade.

The group heard a bloodcurdling scream of anguish from the corner within the barricades. From a distance, the source of the screams appeared to be a writhing mass of tentacles. Upon closer inspection, they could see a number of creatures swarming around a small humanoid, attacking it.

Gilbee determined that the creatures were chokers. He used his Bolts of the Grave attack to take out one of the chokers. Nameless followed with the Fire Bolt taking out another. Mason cast Spirit Guardians and the rest soon fell.

The small humanoid emerged from behind the barricade. It was a gnome and he was steadily thanking them for rescuing him. He was sure he would’ve been a goner if they had not come along. He introduced himself as Garsden. He only had 24gp to offer them in thanks. They do not take the money. He said I will remember this kindness forever. He said he came here with five friends, looking for treasure. They were in over their heads. Two died to strange spider things in a huge cavern. The survivors tried to rest in this room, but they were attacked and Garsden did not escape with the rest of them. Looking shaken, he wished the party well and asked what was the best to way to leave? Nameless escorted Garsden beyond the waterfall and told him to follow that corridor until you see daylight. Watch out for goblins flying on the back of giant bats.

They went back to the room with the three doors. They chose the door with the dragon head and after telling a knock knock joke, they went through and found a spiral staircase going down. They went down the stairs which ended at a wooden door. The door opened easily and they saw:

This long, low-ceilinged room is apparently empty, with a door at the another door at the opposite end. They could see odd areas on the floor and immediately thought it could be a trap. Gilbee preceded and sure enough there was a trap. As Gilbee made his way across the room, pillars of bone burst from the floor and slammed into the ceiling. One of them caught Gilbee and took him toward the ceiling but he was able to jump off the rising bone column. He made his way across the room setting off a few more bone pillars. Nameless and Mason now had a path and were able to get across with only triggering 1 more pillar.

They opened the door in front of them and saw:

a path going about 40ft west, with a staircase leading down and to the south about 20ft down the main path. They went south and at the bottom of the steps was another door.

They opened the door and saw:

This room opens onto a ledge over a chasm The chasm is about 25 feet across at this point. On the far side are two smaller ledges. One is 10 feet above the near ledge, one is 15 feet below. Large spider webs span from the near ledge to the far upper ledge.

A Choldrith emerged from the darkness and perched on the far upper ledge. Three Chitine crawled onto the near ledge, and attacked.

Mason cast Spirit Guardians again and was able to take out the chitine and heavily damage the choldrith. A few more fire bolts from Nameless and a few more Bolts of the Grave from Gilbee and the choldrith was defeated as well.

They did not see anything across the chasm so they returned to the main corridor and went west. This room opened up into a ledge along an enormous chasm. It extended downward into darkness. The chasm is about 30 feet across at this point. A precarious rope bridge connects the ledge with one on the other side of the chasm. Reptilian shrieks and skittering sounds echo throughout the chasm. Two Kruthik Hive Lords climb down from the wall behind the near ledge, and a Greater Kruthik emerged from the chasm below onto the far ledge.

Again the combination of spirit guardians, spells and attacks were more than enough to defeat the Hive Lords. But the Greater Kruthik did a number on Mason who once the fight was over, cast Cure Mass Wounds to get everyone back to full health.

They followed the ledge to the north and entered a room where a cliff separated this room with a 60-foot drop. On the lower half was a pedestal of red stone.

The room was empty until Nameless stepped onto the floor with the pedestal of red stone. A hole opened in the ceiling and a Ogre dropped onto the pedestal and attacked. He was followed by two intellect devourer who stealthily emerged and focused their attacks on Nameless. This was not an ordinary ogre. It was doing psychic damage as well as damage from its greatclub. Gilbee and Mason ran into the room to assist Nameless who was overcome by one of the intellect devourers. He suddenly had a glassed over look in his eyes and Gilbee and Mason knew that Nameless was close to having is brain replace by the intellect devourer. They focused on that one, taking it out before taking care of the ogre and the other intellect devourer.