Recap June 26, 2020

They double checked the coordinates and the compared them to the maps that they and Flynrich had. They found that the coordinates matched with an area in the Small Teeth a small mountain range far to the south of Waterdeep. The coordinates pointed to Kossuth’s Eyes, two long dormant volcanoes. Location is in the Small Teeth a small mountain range that made up the border between Amn to the north and Muranndin to the south. Historically, the Teeth were home to hill giants. But now the Sythillisian Empire, ruled by two ogre magi and their vast army of goblinoids, ogres, kobolds, and remaining hill giants controls portions of the Small Teeth. A dragon or two had made the area their home from time to time but none had been seen in the area in many years.

The group decided to use the Screen to travel just outside of Shepherdston. They would travel along the road to until they came in line with Kossuth’s Eyes. They could see both of them. One looked as if it was looking directly at them while the other looked as if he was staring up into the sky. They decided to go to the Eye that as looking directly at them. They flew up to the entrance. There was a large cave that had passageway in the back that turned to the right. It went around 60ft and ended at a set of stairs leading down. The stairs went down and down further into the mountain. The stairs were old and not in the best shape. Several of them slipped but were able to catch themselves. Nameless tripped and started to fall but he expanded his wings and flew back on the stairs.

The stairs went down more until they came into a cavern. In the southern section of the cavern was a double door made of brass. It was pristine and shiny as if it had been made recently. There were no sigils or symbols or writing of any kind on it. Susan checked it for traps. The door did not seem to be locked but Mason could not open it. Schmugal pushed it and it did not budge. Gilbee took out Nezznar’s dimensional key and the doors opened but just a bit. Schmugal pushed on the doors again and this time they swung open slamming into the walls on either side. The doors had smashed two ghouls that had been on the other side of the door. They could see the entire 1st area of this complex was full of ghouls. Mason used Channel Divinity to try and Destroy these undead. It shook them but did not damage them nor did they run away from him. He then cast Spirit Guardians and let that do the work. The others attacked with their weapons or their magic and soon they had all been defeated.

They moved down into a large circular room. In the middle of the room was an octogonal room with four sets up steps leading up into the room. Susan’s Weapon of Warning let her know there was something in the octogonal room. She investigated and a drow vampire spawn attacked. Schmugal moved up to attack with Mason behind him. Gilbee and Susan moved to assist. Gilbee used his Wang of Wonder and ended up blinding himself. Roots and vines erupted from the floor restraining Gilbee (and one other I cannot remember). 3 more vampires appeared with two of them attacking Mason and Schmugal. The third one has come around to attack the helpless Gilbee. Susan moved to help Gilbee. That vampire fell first. The others took a little longer but soon they were defeated as well.

They saw that inside the octogonal room was a spiral staircase leading down. They decided to finish exploring the main floor before heading down to see what as below.

There was a door to the west and one to the east. They decided to go east, which was the closet door to them. Opening it up they saw several ghasts approaching them to attack. Mason’s spirit guardians cut through these like butter. The group soon had defeated all the ghasts. They moved to the door in the southwest corner. The opened it and found a passageway going west for 5ft and then turning south. It ran 35ft before turning east and up a set of stairs. It then turned north and up another set of stairs before turning east and ending at another door. Opening it they saw an ogre zombie waiting for them. Gilbee used his Wand of Wonder and summoned an elephant in the middle of the ogre zombie right in front of them and the one across the room in front of another door. They focused on the ogre zombie in front of them and the Schmugal ran across the room to attack the other ogre zombie. Gilbee and Mason felt an evil presence. Then they heard a voice a deep voice dripping with evil. Nameless recognized it but could not place who it was. Schmugal heard the voice as well, very clear as he was in the same room as whatever was speaking. He looked to the south and saw a large skeletal dragon with green glowing eyes. Schmugal swore that the creature was smiling.

“Well, what do we have here? Another morsel for a meal. Another soon to be minion. Ah, I welcome you all.” spoke the dracolich.