Recap June 5, 2020

They went down their list of components to create the 3 Rods of Reversal they would need to create a new chain to wrap around the Black Cyst:

The hair of a banshee collected from a silver comb – Susan looked and only found a silver mirror so they would need to find a silver comb. And a banshee. Nameless remembered a quest from his early days, where Sister Garaele from Phandalin had asked the group to do something with a banshee. He could not remember exactly what it was but they could return to her and find it. They headed to Phandalin and first to the Lionshield Caster to see about buying a silver comb.

Hanging above the front door of this modest trading post is a sign shaped like a wooden shield with a blue lion painted on it.

They went inside and were welcomed by a human woman in her mid-thirties. It was Linene Graywind who the group had done business with in the past. She welcomed Nameless and when asked she said that she might have a silver comb. If she did it would only be in one place. She went into the back and came out with a silver comb. It looked old and needed some polish but it was indeed silver. Nameless paid her 5gp and they went across the town square to find Sister Garaele.

They went to the Shrine of Luck first. Sister Garaele’s house was next door to the shrine and she was usually found in one of those two places. They found her in the Shrine. She did not recognize Nameless at first but soon she did. After catching up some they asked her about the banshee. She said, yes, I remember. I and my superiors were looking for a spellbook from the great wizard Bowgentle. I do not know if they are still looking for it but it cannot hurt if you are able to get any information about it. She said that she had gone to see Agatha about the spellbook and was not able to make contact. She decided that someone else would need to go and take a gift. She handed them a jeweled silver comb, much nicer than the one they had bought at Lionshield Caster’s. If they could find any information on the location of the spellbook that would be great. They briefly mentioned the ritual and having to get a hair from the banshee. Sister Garaele was not too sure they would be able to get hair from such a vain creature but she gave them the blessing of Tymora and wished them luck.

They followed the Triboar trail along the Neverwinter Woods until the found the path leading to Agatha’s cabin.

The forest grows dark and still as the trail winds deeper into the trees. Heavy vines and thick layers of moss drape the branches, and the air is noticeably colder. Rounding a bend in the trail, you see a screen made from the warped branches of trees standing close together, woven into a dome-like shelter in the shadows. A low doorway leads inside.

They went into the shelter:

A home of sorts is sheltered within the dome of woven branches. It is sparsely furnished with chests, shelves, a table, and a reclined couch, all of it old and of elven craft. No, it was eladrin craft and it was old.

Mason took out the jeweled comb and set it on the reclined couch.

Suddenly, the air grew cold, and a powerful feeling of dread gripped them. A cold, pale light flickers in the air, rapidly taking on the form of a female eladrin, her hair and robes waving in a spectral wind. She might have been beautiful once, but a hateful expression twists her features now.

“Foolish mortals,” she snarls. “What do you want here? Do you not know it is death to seek me out?”

Nameless talked to her and explained the situation. He said that they needed a hair from her and also to know the whereabouts of Bowgentle’s spellbook. He was able to persuade her to only do one of those. They decided to go with the hair. She said you are mighty bold to ask for such things. But, you asked for one and I will give you three.

She took the combs and motioned for them to leave. Schmugle was the last one to leave the hut and they heard her say “Iriaebor. I sold the book to a man from Iriaebor well over 100 years ago. “ They thanked her and left. They stopped by the Shrine of Luck to tell Garaele what they had learned. She thanked them and gave them 3 potions of healing each.

The essence of a creature that has been burned more than once - Yeemik the goblin has been burned many time. Flynrich has the body of Yeemik that has yet to be removed from the power armor. Flynrich would take care of removing some of his essence.

Scale(s) of an adult green dragon - Beauford was close with V who just happened to be a green dragon. She had given them daggers made from her claws so there was a chance she would share a scale with them. After some searching, they were able to connect with Beauford and Beauford convinced V to part with a few scales.

Dagger from a former solider – They reached out to Thoravil who brought a dagger of his for them to use.

A shield not wanted but bought just the same – Grundy was a little sad to hand over the shield from Skullport. But he knew it would be for a good cause. He could get another shield.

Tears from a traitor – Iarno, the Glasstaff was known to them as a traitor. He may not cooperate. So, Susan made contact with Three-Strings a bard that had a regular gig at the Yawning Portal. She found him beside one of the hearths in the Yawning Portal tuning his lute. They discussed what type of traitor to search for. Susan settled on one that had betrayed his/her brethren. Three-Strings said it may take awhile, at least a day but maybe longer. Most of these traitors were no longer alive. But he would see what he could do. He would be in touch. The rest of the group went to the map and bookstore where they knew Iarno worked. Iarno did not look up when they first arrived but when he did he sounded put out. He said “Look I told you all I know about the last time I saw him. I don’t know anything else.”

Nameless told him about the ritual they were working on and that they needed tears from a traitor. Iarno did not seem impressed so Nameless turned on the charm. After a few minutes Iarno shook his head and said sure now I just need be able to cry on cue. Nameless handed him a vial and the cast Command on him. After getting what they thought would be enough tears, they thanked him and went to Susan.

Later that evening Three-Strings contacted Susan and told her there was a vial of tears waiting for her at the Yawning Portal.

A small stone statue of a horse – It was always good to visit Droop and his family at Castle Cragmaw. They went to see Droop first. They opened the Screen and soon they were standing in front of the path leading up to Cragmaw Castle. More renovations had been done since the last time they had been there. As they approached Susan saw several traps all along the main path. She pointed them out so no one would accidentally set them off. As they approached the front of the castle:

A pair of large bronze doors stand as the main gate for the keep, the doors look to be quite old, however the lower part of the door shows signs that someone tried to polish them. The upper portion of the doors are corroded and blued from ages of weather. It looks like they would be a challenge to open to all but the strongest of people. A large brass ring is affixed to the right door, obviously some kind of knocker.

Gilbee went up and used the knocker. They heard some noise behind the door like someone was removing a bar and unlocking he massive door. The door opened and there was an ogre looking at them strangely. It as Barg, Droop’s friend. Barg scratched his head and said Do Barg know you? Can’t put finger on it.

Mason replied, yes and Nameless continued, we are friends of Droop. We helped with the bandits. Barg said Yeah….I can take you to Droop. Walk this way.

They followed Barg into a large room:

This room was probably a chapel at some point in its history. The walls have Angelic figures sculpted into the stone. On the center of the northern wall is a stone brazier that burns red with coal most of the time. A dozen small chairs are scattered randomly about the room in a rough circular pattern. The center of the floor is covered by 4 rugs of ornate design.

Sitting in one of the chair was Droop. He stood up as soon as they saw his friends and ran over to greet them. He called for Stoop and Poop to come see their friends. His wife and soon arrived from somewhere in the back of the castle. Barg went to the kitchen to get a tray of food and brought it back to the Central Hall. They ate the bread and cheese while Nameless explained about the ritual and the need of a stone statue of a horse. Droop stood up and said come with me. He walked to the east and into another room. This area is missing a couple of interior walls and is more of an unfinished work. There are 6 barrels of Ale here and a small stone statue of a horse.

He walked over to the statue and said you all need this. As much as I like it, you need it more than I do. Here, take it. They thanked and they all went back to the Central Hall and finished the bread and cheese and caught up. About an hour later, they left to finish gathering the rest of the components.

Fine Cloth Gloves threaded with Silver - Lady Laeral Silverhand, Flynrich contacted her and he was able to get a pair of gloves they could use.

A tiger striped Golden amethyst – The dragon cultists found in Calimport, had a good number of these in their treasure.

A random card from a magical deck of cards. Gilbee had a deck of many things he had received from the last deck of many things they had used. He decided to draw two cards, one for the ritual and one for himself. He drew the Flames (A powerful devil becomes your enemy. The devil seeks your ruin and plagues your life, savoring your suffering before attempting to slay you. This enmity lasts until either you or the devil dies.) and the Rogue (A nonplayer character of the DM’s choice becomes hostile toward you. The identity of your new enemy isn’t known until the NPC or someone else reveals it. Nothing less than a wish spell or divine intervention can end the NPC’s hostility toward you.,

Mason drew the Throne card (You gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill, and you double your proficiency bonus on checks made with that skill. In addition, you gain rightful ownership of a small keep somewhere in the world. However, the keep is currently in the hands of monsters, which you must clear out before you can claim the keep as. Yours.) No one else wanted to draw a card.

A robe of useful things - Mckenzie gave up hers for the ritual

Potion of giant size Gilbee would be able to brew the potion but they would need the proper ingredients including some part of a giant. They thought about asking Barg the ogre at Castle Cragmaw and friend of Droop for a toenail or hair. They decided to go back to the Black Temple and retrieve body parts from the many giants they had defeated in the upper levels. They grabbed several in case the ritual did not go as planned.

Potion of clairvoyance – This was a difficult one for them. Potion shops did not not keep them in stock as a lot of people saw them as not ethical to use. But, with the contacts that Susan had with the Harpers and the arcane knowledge and contacts that Nameless and Gilbee had they were finally able to buy one.

A potion of mind reading – Nameless had one

Planar Binding cast at 9th level – Mason could cast this. Thoravil was also available to cast it if something went wrong with the ritual.

Bead of force – Nameless bought one.

Elemental gem (any) - Nameless has several of these. He decided to use of of the earth elemental gems for the ritual.

After gathering all of the items they went back to Flynrich’s Bibliomagicii where Flynrich had set up a room where they would spend the next 16 days creating 3 Rods of Reversal. The first 8 days, Nameless and Gilbee worked on a Rod each. The second 8 days, Gilbee assisted Nameless with the last one. Once they were done, Mason cast Sanctify Item on both. The rods were ready to fit together.

Mason figured it out quick. He also knew that they should wait till they were in the room with the Black Cyst to put turn the rods into the chain. He also realized they needed to somehow get the temperature to warm up in that room.

Nameless would casts Wall of Fire around the Black Cyst with the heat part away from where they would be doing the ritual Schmugle would use his flame-tongue greatsword to keep any fires going Susan would bring oil and wood to keep the fires going Gilbee will go Summer eladrin mode just so he would look on fire.

Mason would need to cast Ceremony and then the ritual to Wrap the Chain could begin.

Nameless would be the primary ritual caster while Mason was his secondary. Stumbleduck and Gilbee would serve as their backups but hopefully they would not be needed for the ritual.

They asked if Mattwise would come with them to assist. He agreed. Flynrich would stay at the Bibliomagicii in case Nezznar attacked again. They asked if their other timeline selves could assist as well but Flynrich said that would not be a good idea so they dropped it.

They decided to check everything over one more time and see if there was anything else they needed to take with them. Then they would rest before heading back to the Black Temple. They hoped this would be the last time.