Recap May 22, 2020

They left the Black Temple and opened the screen and returned to Flynrich.

They are welcomed back by Flynrich. And while Mattwise goes to get trays of food and drink, Flynrich looks over the items and asks questions about each, trying to glean any information from the items and the group as possible. Flynrich is intrigued by the strange colored trees with the black fruit. It seems like he would like to plant one of these just to see one for himself. The group then pulled out the black metallic bag that held the black metal tube, the black metal box and they book bound in black, scaly hide with black pages. They could see the streaks of silver found on the pages but they were not ready to open the book.

Flynrich could tell that something was in the black metal tube. He asked if someone could open it while he began to look at the book. Susan took the metal tube and she knew that it had a secret way to open it. She checked it for traps and finding none she with the help of Gilbee looked for a way to open it. They found out and soon she held a strange rod that had several buttons on it. After some experimenting and casting Identify on it, they found that they had Rod of Lordly Might. Susan was interested in it but Flynrich wanted to check it out to make sure all of its secrets had been revealed.

Susan moved on to the black metal box. As she was looking for a lock to pick, a small needle popped out and injected her with a nasty poison. She investigated the box and determined that there was 35 more needle traps on it. She began to disarm each one getting stuck by a needle and poison every so often. Mason remembered how cold it was at the Black Cyst and he cast Sleet Storm dropping the temperature on the box giving Susan a better chance at disarm the needles. She was able to get all of the needles disarmed. Picking the lock and opening the box, she saw a number of gems. They counted them and found 333 gems, all of them very large in size. Mason and Gilbee remembered that 333 was found at least once in the Black Temple – 333 metal rungs leading down to the Undertemple. Flynrich was not sure what the gems meant but he would study them to see what he could find out.

That left the black scaly book. Mason took it and opened it up. He could see that the sigils and glyphs inside are inscribed in silver. But he could not figure out what they meant. Mason and Gilbee used Arcana and determined that Detect Magic may work to get things unscramble. It worked. The pages turned themselves back to the title page which read:


As Gilbee and Mason read the title they were hit a psychic force slamming into their brains. Mason shook it off but Gilbee would later tell them that his mind went blank. It was obvious that something had happened so Mason cast Greater Restoration and Gilbee was back to normal. Mason and Flynrich carefully began to scan the book while Susan and Gilbee stood back:

“There is the Great Wheel. Infinite in many aspects, but those of us who are enlightened can easily understand the concept of multiple infinities coexisting within the same multiverse. The Abyss itself is said to hold infinite lairs, each of infinite space. And this is but a spoke on the Great Wheel. But when looked at from a whole, the Great Wheel is but a small pebble in the sea of an Omni-infinity. But what lies in this dark ocean outside of everything that is? It is Nothing. And His name is Tharizdun. The Chained God, my Master, is Everything that is Not. He is the All-Nothing. And He is far greater than what Is. The Gods we know have carved a multiverse from a small wound in His side, but the one inevitability of creation is that it will one day be unraveled. But fear not, for we should not try to escape the unraveling! Nay, for only when we are unmade will we be returned to the Great Nothing from which we were stolen. You see, my Master, he is not chained within some limited prison, as many “studied” scholars seem to think. How small minded are they! They think that the Great Wheel is all that is! No, my Lord has been chained without of this fragile shell, locked into the infinite infinities beyond! He is being held away from this existence by greedy hands, who still seek to steal His power, and hide it from Him. Before creation, the children of the One God rebelled against Him, and against His vision. We do not know what he sought to do with this power – but I can only guess it would have been beyond description! But the jealous child gods stole the power while their Father slept, and made the Great Wheel in his shadow. Wounded, was the Great God, and he sought to reprimand His children and undo the travesty that they had done. The children couldn’t even form a unity between themselves on how to use this power that they had no responsibility for. The mockery they call Pelor – the eldest of my Great Lord’s children, created an uneasy alliance between his siblings, and together they locked the gates to their Piteous Wheel, so their Father could not correct what they had done. Soon after, these childish gods forgot their Father, and resumed their pathetic squabbling with each other in their tiny toy house. But, fear not, my dear friends, and followers of the Great Nothing! For every lock has a key. The Theoparts. Holy relics that are but a fraction of the Lord’s power that was trapped within this world. When the three of them are reunited, the door to this reality will be revealed, and Tharizdun will finally be able to know the way in, to right what has been wronged. And he will not forget his loyal followers – that aided him even when he was unable to speak to us! But we see his works, even so. The beautiful gateways that scholars call Spheres of Annihilation – holes in the fabric of the Great Wheel… they are the signs that our Lord is finding his way into the world – that he will be here soon! Also, some of our more blessed members, have been visited by the Dark One in dreams. He appears as a seven foot tall striking blonde man in black armor. The path to his haven is a solid rainbow of light, and his glorious castle is crafted of pure crystal, resting on a cloud. The only thing he is able to ask about is his key – the Theoparts – and he demands that we should bring these relics together! Another piece of his power was able to form into the being we know as the Elder Elemental Eye – but this powerful being is like a lost child, forgetting it’s true place and purpose. Nonetheless, it is our Lord’s true avatar within existence, and we should seek to do it homage. Unfortunately, the 333rd layer of the abyss – it’s domain – has been sealed off to all beings. I suspect that there is a weak point in the structure of the Great Wheel somewhere on the plane. If only there was some way to gain access! But do not despair, my friends. We will prevail. There is no stopping it, not even if all the gods were to rise together again could they stop His power. We will be unraveled. And when the Great Tharizdun remakes the world in His Image, according to His Design, we His followers will be given sacred places on high as our eternal reward! Oh, Great Tharizdun – Entropy to this Accursed Existence – we will usher your way soon, so you may Unravel this unworthy existence that was stolen from your Holy side!”

After the text they will then find mention of the ritual that broke the chain and made the connection to Tharizdun through the Black Cyst in the Trapezoidal room in the Undertemple. This connection is removing arcane magicks slowly from Faerun.

The ritual makes note of other cysts - green, red, blue but does not say where they are located. They remembered that these were the same colors as the statue columns on the second floor of the main temple.

As they are reading it, the text gives the impression that perhaps the ritual can be reversed. If that is not an option, perhaps new chains could be made to replace the broken chain.

But they had nor brought back the chain.

Flynrich open the screen and they stepped through to the entrance to the Black Temple once again. They made their way down to the Undertemple. It was even darker than before, it that is possible. They found the broken chain laying on the floor around the Black Cyst. They walked around looking for all pieces of the chain. They found 33 pieces total. They picked them all up and and returned to Flynrich.

They set out the pieces of the chain on a table in Flynrich’s workshop. After several Arcana checks and casting Identify they found that this chain was actually made up of several Rods of Reversal. Gilbee remembered such items and had heard that these rods were sacred to Boccob, the god of arcane magic, the very god that Flynrich was a servant of. Flynrich sat back and they could tell he was deep in thought. He sighed and began to tell a brief conversation he once had with Boccob many, many years before:

In the time before time was known, Tharizdun came to great power and it was so great that the other gods, both evil and good, worked together to imprison Tharizdun so he could not bring about utter destruction to the multiverse. Unable to destroy him, they were strong enough to overcome his power and imprison him somewhere. Using both arcane and divine casters they were able to create what they called the Chains of Tharizdun using Rods of Reversal, the pattern given to them by Boccob himself. It was not clear to Flynrich if Boccob had participated in the Rods’ construction. It was a rare time where Boccob had not sat back and observed but had been involved in the workings of the world. This stood out for Flynrich.

Several rods of reversal, were used to make the chains that closed the gate and kept it closed to where Tharizdun is imprisoned.

Nezznar must have found this ritual and then reversed it to break the chains, opening a small crack to Tharizdun’s prison dimension and now arcane magicks are disappearing, being sucked into Tharizdun himself. Flynrich guesses so that Tharizdun can gain power and can finally escape. It could take years, decades or longer but Tharizdun has all the time in the multiverse.

They look through the Lament again for anymore information.

The lament speaks of different colored cysts located throughout time and space. The different colored cysts are amorphous spheres of pure darkness, formed from the coagulated nightmares of the sleeping Tharizdun. The cysts grew as cultists performed ritual sacrifices to them.

Reality warps in their wakes.

Flynrich says that in order to make a Rod of Reversal, we will need someone who can Craft Rod, have Counterspell cast on it as a ritual 2 times, then have Sanctify Relic done to it.

They know that crafting a rod will take 1 day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. The estimated value of each rod was 8000gp so it would take 8 days for one rod. They estimated that they would need 3 Rods of Reversal, so it would take 24 days to make the 3 rods. Now, they needed to know the ingredients and the components that they would need to make the rods. Flynrich suggested using Augury to get the list. None of them had Augury but Mason had a magical tea leaf reader. He pulled that out. It took several times but soon he felt he had the complete list of what they needed. After a few Arcana checks Mason felt like there were no more things.

The complete list:

The hair of a banshee collected from a silver comb

The essence of a creature that has been burned more than once

scale(s) of an adult green dragon

dagger from a former solider

shield not wanted but bought just the same

tears from a traitor

a small stone statue of a horse

Fine Cloth Gloves threaded with Silver

tiger striped Golden amethyst

random card from a magical deck of cards

robe of useful things

potion of giant size

potion of clairvoyance

potion of mind reading

Planar Binding cast at 9th level

bead of force

elemental gem (any)

Several of the items triggered memories:

Susan may have a silver comb and mirror but she was not sure if a banshee gave it to her (I looked but did not find where these items came from)

Yeemik had been burned many times. Flynrich had not been able to remove the armor from Yeemik who was still his workshop. Flynrich would get the essence for them.

V was a green dragon and she may give them a scale once she knew what was going on. Gilbee would try to contact Beauford to see if he knew where V was. Beauford may be able to convince her to hand over a scale of hers.

Thoravil was a former soldier and he probably has a dagger. Mason would contact him.

Tears from a traitor – They were not sure where to begin with this one. They thought a bit and realized that Iarno Glasstaff one of Nezznar’s former minions, may qualify as being a traitor. They knew he worked at the bookstore/map store in Waterdeep. Droop had at least one stone statue of a horse. They could visit him and see if they could use it. They were not sure he would as they knew it was a sacred object for Droop. It was worth a try though.

Nameless would look through his potions to see which of those he had in his stash.

Thoravil and Mason could cast Planar Binding at 9th level.

Nameless may have a bead of force. Nameless did have several elemental gems.