Recap May 8, 2020

The hydra turned all of its heads in their direction and spit a large glob of acid that exploded damaging all of them. They spread out some to try to avoid the next acid attack. Gilbee stayed in the front and used his Wand of Wonder. He was able to read the thoughts of all nine heads of the hydra:

Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack I will spit acid When will it be my turn to sleep

Susan stepped in shadows to set up for a sneak attack.

The rest of the group waited to see what the beast would do.

Gilbee used his bolts of the grave. Susan attacked with her rapiers destroying one of the heads. Susan was standing right in front of the hydra so it attacked with its remaining heads. She was immediately dropped but recovered due to her half orc ability. She would go into stealth as soon as she could. Nameless cast Fireball taking out another two heads Mason threw his javelin of lightning taking off another one of the heads Nate again used Bolts of the grave Susan attacked once and then went into stealth, taking out another head The hydra spit acid again hitting everyone but Susan. Nameless cast Magic missile using stars from his robe of stars taking out a head Mason used the javelin of lightning taking out another head.

Gilbee used his wand of wonder again but this time he was stunned for the next round or so. Susan attacked with her rapier and again went back into stealth. She took out another head The hydra spit acid again only hitting Gilbee doing full damage since Gilbee was stunned. 6 heads reformed taking the total of heads back up to 8.

Nameless cast Chain lightning taking out 2 heads Mason used his javelin of lightning taking out another head Nate used Bolts of the Grave and then moved to the north to be out of the acid attack. He took out another head Susan attacked from the shadows again taking out another head The hydra was confused. He knew that he was being attacked but he could not see where they attacks were coming from. It moved to center itself in front of the door to the north. Nameless cast Wall of fire so that no matter where the hydra moves it would take fire damage. Mason cast Fire storm taking out more of the heads. (not sure who made the killing blow) Soon the best was defeated and the room smelled of burnt lizard.

They looked for a gem which they felt confident was in the room. Searching the hydra they did not see anything. Susan spotted it in the northeast corner of the room.

This large, smooth sphere appears to be made of opal. When you possess the gem, you have advantage on saving throws against diseases. You may optionally attune to the gem. If you do, you have advantage on death saving throws.

They went to the door to the west thinking that it may be the mud room Gilbee had found earlier. It was. The floor was sunk and had been filled with mud. They all flew over the mud except Gilbee who did not like mud so stayed out of the room. Flying over the room a few times they did not see anything so they left and decided to check out the door leading north out of the hydra room.

In the center of this room is an ornate mahogany casket. The casket rests on a raised dais. A silver candelabra and an iron brazier stand at the head and feet of the casket. The candelabra holds burning amber candles, and perfumed smoke rises from the brazier. A large tapestry covers all the wall space, depicting the assassination of Flynrich Gamgee.

They were not sure what to do next. They opened the casket and inside they saw a halfling skeleton wearing a gold crown and rich purple robes. Nameless took the crown off the skeleton and put it on his head. Nothing happened. They took out the instructions they have received several times in Castle Gamgee. The first sentence was the one that stuck out for them:

“The secret that will break the curse surrounding Castle Gamgee and lift the gray mist is engraved on the inside lid of Flynrich Gamgee’s casket. “

But there was not inscription on any part of his casket. They looked at the candelabra and then looked at the brazier. Other than the candles being amber and the fire in the brazier being amber, they did to find anything on either of those items.

That left the tapestry. It showed Flynrich surrounded by death demons with more death demons entering the Bibliomagicii. Nezznar was at the back casting his own damaging spells when not summoning more death demons.

Someone said let us destroy the tapestry. The took it off the wall to take it into the room with the hydra to burn it. But as soon as the tapestry had been torn off the wall:

Flynrich rises and smiles. He stretches a bit and says I am have been in there too long. He looks down and sees the purple robes and feels the crown on his head. He see what a silly boy to dress me in such finery. He waves his hand and he is back to wearing the clothes the group was used to seeing him in. He says “Let us get out of here. He casts Plane Shift to return everyone to the area in front of Castle Gamgee. The mists are gone. The castle has a glow to it that it did not have the first time they arrived. Flynrich hands them a small bag. Each of you, take your pick. Return to me what you do not use.

Flynrich’s treasure

Golden Bow This bow is made of some sort of golden-hued wood that glows softly, giving off dim light in a 10 foot radius. When used by someone attuned to it, this bow has the range of a longbow and arrows .red from it deal 2d8 radiant damage instead of their normal piercing damage.

Shockwave Boots These worn leather boots have three charges and regain 1d3 expended charges each dawn. While wearing them, you can stamp your foot, expending one charge as a bonus action, to deal 3d10 thunder damage to all creatures within 10 feet of you. When you do this, any creatures of medium size or smaller or unattended objects under 400lbs that are within 5 feet of you are pushed away from you 10 feet. You may expend additional charges to increase the damage dealt by 1d10 for each charge expended. Nameless took these

Delver –From a distance, Delver’s blade looks like cut stone – crude for a weapon – but on closer inspection this is due to the incredibly fine etchings that are worked into the adamantine blade. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made when using this weapon. In addition, it has the following properties: Dungeoneer. While you hold delver, you can always retrace your steps, even in the most convoluted of labyrinths. In addition, you can spend an action to cast Find Traps or Detect Magic. Once you cast a spell using Delver, you cannot do so again for 1 hour. Oozefinder. Delver can detect oozes, slimes, and fungi to a range of 30 ft. Sentience. Delver is a sentient lawful neutral weapon with an Intelligence of 13, a Wisdom of 12, and a Charisma of 8. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 ft. The weapon can speak, read, and understand Common, Dwarvish, and Giant. Personality. Delver was forged to find and recover lost artifacts – ideally to return them to their rightful owners or to use them to benefit society as a whole. Delver wants things to be where they belong. Delver likes things neat and doesn’t appreciate chaos. Oozes are gross. Delver is opinionated on a wide variety of topics. It usually thinks there is a right way to do something and is not shy about condescendingly lecturing people about how they are doing things the wrong way. Gilbee took these

Silverblade halberd - The blade of this halberd is made from magically strengthened silver. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made when using this weapon. Against lycanthropes, however, it is somewhat more effective. When a lycanthrope is within 20 ft. of the halberd, the blade glows, illuminating a 20 ft. radius with bright light and providing dim light for another 10 ft. A lycanthrope within the radius of bright light has disadvantage on attacks against the wielder of the halberd.

Arcana staff +2 - An arcana staff is a multipurpose item. First, it is a magical quarterstaff that carries a bonus on attack and damage equal to its bonus (+1 to +3). Second, it serves as an arcane focus. Third, when it is used to cast an attack spell, it confers the same bonus to attack rolls for spells as it does for melee weapon attacks. In addition, if the attack spell is ranged, its range is doubled. Mason took this

Belt of Dwarvenkind

Broom of Flying

Cloak of the Manta Ray

Immovable Rod

Javelin of Lightning

Robe of Eyes

Ring of the Ram

Slippers of Spider Climbing - Susan took these

Wand of Polymorph

Flynrich will thank them again and will excuse himself saying I need to go speak with his family. I am sure they are confused. Also, you all saw some things that probably disturbed you at least. We will speak of those at a later time. I will meet you back at the Bibliomagicii. Mattwise is there to welcome you and to make sure you are taken care of. He opens a portal to the Bibliomagicii before turning and entering his old home.

They step through and are greeted by Mattwise. He says that he still has memories of his time as an ape-man. Flynrich has told him that he may not be able to remove them. He says to Nameless I see you have a corgi head now. Flynrich should be able to take care of that once he returns. Gilbee gets out his infinitea and shares a cup with Mattwise. They rest of the group rests, find some food and drink and waits for Flynrich to return.

Once he returns, Flynrich will say I see you found the book, Nameless. Hiding it away as Mattwise did will keep the next step of our plan as secret as possible. Keep studying the book and share what you have learned. Each one of you take a look at the book – it has a mind of its own and will know when it has found the proper vessel. (see below)

Gilbee read the book and learned how to Craft Rod- to create magic rods, which have varied magical effects. Nameless also learns how to Craft Rod. Mason learn how to Sanctify Relic - You can create magic items that are imbued with a connection to your deity. Susan’s Constitution is raised by +2 to a max of 22

Susan also learns how to cast the cantrip Lightning Lure Nameless and Gilbee gain the ability that with a weapon attack while the target takes an extra ld6 damage of the weapon’s type. Mason is able to double his proficiency bonus for Religion (instead of +6, it will +12)

(Will need to do both of these for Stumbleduck and Schmuugal)

Flynrich continues:

Now, we must try to make the enemy believe you all are still trying to find and break the curse. To that end, the following have volunteered to maintain their presence at Castle Gamgee and with plans to keep a rotation going. (Jordy, Sydney, Harrison, Austin, Nick and any others). I have also set up a similacrum of myself in the tomb. This may buy us some time. I do not think Nezznar will think that we are searching for him until we are in his lair. Then, it may be too late for him. He is powerful but he is also believes too much in the power he has gained so quickly. He has also been lazy and has not covered his paths. And that leads us to the next step.

As much as you will not like what I am going to say, you must heed my words. You should return to the Black Temple and find what is in its lowest depths. It truly is a matter of life and the destruction of time and space. Not an altering of it as Nezznar did with me and the tomb, but an obliteration of all. You know…. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria

Find what is there, bring back anything you find even if it seems insignificant. I will stay here and go over the documents you have already brought to me that I was so rudely interrupted the last time I was studying them. I do not mean to rush you but…

I will stay here and go over the documents. He opens a door just off the parlor and shows them room full of books, scrolls, all of the documents and information that they have brought back concerning Nezznar going back to the very beginning. There are also a number of his own books he has open along with his notes and scribbles. I will be here when you return.

He asks them if they have any questions or comments? Gilbee asks about seeing if he can contact his other self. Flynrich says there is no need. He then pulls out a screen similar to the one that Nameless has. He opens it up and they see a similar room as the research room they are currently in. They see different versions of themselves pouring over books, scrolls, and more, crafting items, scribing scrolls and creating potions. It is their other selves in the alternative timeline. I had to put them to work on this.

They decided to rest for the remainder of the day, go shopping to replenish supplies, do some planning for the Black Temple and then set out for the Temple on the following morning. Nameless should be able to teleport them there. He was not sure if he could get them into the Temple itself but he knew he could get them at least outside the Temple gates. Hopefully nothing had entered and made their home in the empty temple.