Recap November 15 2019

Gilbee and Nameless looked the rod in the middle of the floor of the foyer. Gilbee could feel the magic coming off of it as soon as he touched it. Nameless knew it to be a Gamgee Rod of Security. He explained what it could do:

This rod appears to be made of pure magical metal that when detect magic is used on it comes back as Flynrich aura. Close inspection will reveal a tiny turtle, smaller than a fly, that appears to be living inside it, swimming back and forth within the solid rod with no apparent need of sustenance. While holding this rod, you can use an action to activate it. The rod then instantly transports you and up to 12 other willing creatures you can see to an extraplanar space that takes the form of a large, circular room (40’ radius) with walls that appear to be made of the same material as the rod. The room is richly appointed in the same style as Castle Gamgee. The room contains a banquet table set for the number of creatures within it, complete with ever-full pitchers of water, decanters of wine, and platters of food. Through the wall, a large turtle can be seen swimming by on occasion. For each hour spent in the room, a visitor regains hit points as if it had spent 1 Hit Die. Also, time passes more slowly within the room. One hour to visitors is only a minute outside. Visitors can remain in the room for up to one day. When the time runs out or you use an action to end it, all visitors reappear in the location they occupied when you activated the rod, or an unoccupied space nearest that location. Everything else that can be interacted with inside the extraplanar space can exist only there. For example, an everful decanter of wine taken from the banquet table disappears if it is taken outside the extraplanar space. Within Castle Gamgee, the rod can be used once every eight hours. Otherwise, the rod can’t be used again until twelve days have passed.

They felt like they needed to move on to see about getting to Flynrich. Nameless felt at ease in the castle. He said that this is Flynrich’s ancestral home. We should be okay here. They walked over to the double door in the northwest corner and opened it. There was a 40ft long passageway to the north. It was 10ft wide. There was a door about 20ft north on the east side of the corridor. Another double door was to the north. They went to the door to the east and opened it.

This room is luxuriously furnished with plush chairs, polished wood tables, ornate rugs and other fine furniture. The furniture has been pushed back against the walls and the carpets have been rolled up. In the middle of the floor, an impromptu boxing ring has been set up. In one corner of the ring a man stands as still as a statue with his hands raised in the boxing guard position. This man is wearing amber silk trunks. You notice that his skin has an unreal quality. Seated near the boxer is a halfling dressed in colorful silks, fancy lace and rich velvet. He also wears a large-brimmed hat flaunting a peacock’s feather. A jeweled rapier is slung on his right side on a supple leather baldric. He has wavy black hair and a closely trimmed beard which comes to a point. Two men in plate mail carrying halberds stand as guards on either side of the richly dressed halfling. The guards’ flesh has the same unreal quality as the boxer’s. The halfling’s flesh does not have this quality.

The halfling rose and greeted his guests. Welcome! I am Jerold Gamgee. Would any of you be interested in a boxing match? It would be my champion (he touches the odd skinned amber trunk wearing man) against a champion of your choice. Jerold looked at Nameless and said “you are familiar. what is your name? Nameless replied Vulthuryol. I am looking for Flynrich. Jerold said I have not seen him. Is he okay? Nameless said he is dead and we are trying to get to him. Jerold seemed to go into a trance but it did not last long. Come! Do you have a champion that wishes to box my champion?

Stumbleduck had the best strength so he was chosen to fight. He stepped into the ring and Jerold offered up even odds for the betting. Nameless said he would cover. This went back and forth until the pot was at 5000gp. Jerold would also give extra gold if they lasted amounts of time in the ring. They agreed and then learned the boxing match rules. It will be five boxing rounds long. The challenger can neither wear armor nor use any weapons. The challenger may prepare for the match using whatever magic he or she thinks may be helpful. Stumbleduck cast armor of Agathys on himself and Nameless cast Haste on Stumbleduck.

The amber trunked man and Stumbleduck came to the center of the ring. Suddenly Stumbleduck had grown and could now look his opponent in the eye.

A bell from somewhere rang. The 1st round was close. The second round was all Stumbleduck as was the third round. Jerold congratulated them on their success and gave them a total of 6,000gp. 5000 for winning the match and 1000 for lasting all of the rounds of the match. Jerold asked if anyone else wanted to give it a try. No one was interested. They had decided they need to do a long rest so they used the Gamgee Rod of Security. They had an excellent meal, cold water, ale and wine They each had 8 hours rest and were ready to continue their search.

The entered the door on the east wall of the boxing room:

The room is paneled in polished mahogany. A large fireplace faced with marble is set in the south wall. Whatever furniture was once in this room has been removed, except for an ironbound wooden chest in the southeastern corner. Lying around the fireplace are a dozen or so bedrolls. Near the bedrolls are a dozen humanoids with cat-like faces dressed in leather armor.

The cat people looked like tabaxi but something about them was different. The group did not stay in the room long enough to find out. They closed the door and made their way back to the main hall.

They went through the double doors and found themselves in a long hallway that ran west to east. There was a door in front of them and several doors to the east. They went to the door in front of them. There was a short hallway with three doors along the east wall. The first door:

Most of the floor of this room is covered with a slimy green goo. The only part not so covered is a small four-foot-square stone platform raised 2’ off the floor, located against the east wall. Cemented to the platform is a stone chest shaped like a 3’ cube. The entire ceiling is a dull black.

They were interested in stone chest but none of the wanted to enter. Stunbleduck sent his Unseen Servant to check things out and closed the door. They heard some commotion inside the room and opening the door they saw two black puddings or was it one large black pudding drooping from the ceiling. Stumbleduck called the Unseen Servant back and they moved onto the next door.

This room appears to have been quarters for the family servants. The room is now completely filled with a mass of giant spider webs. Three giant spiders sit in the webs.

They shut the door and moved onto the last door.

You see a closet filled with shelves of fresh linen, bath towels, soap and other household items. At the end of the closet there was a statue with its arms stretched out like it was holding something, maybe linens or something else. Kriv examined it and its left had did a quick movement and in its palm was a medallion. It was a Medallion of Thoughts.

Stumbleduck checked out the statue and it did the trick with its left hand once again. Stumbleduck received a Gamgee Phoenix, a figurine of wondrous power.

Cerridwen also checked out the statue but she was hit by a Bane spell, causing her to be at -4 for all of her rolls for an hour.

Gilbee looked at the statue and he was hit by a Contagion Spell - Gilbee was overcome with shaking and would be at disadvantage on Dexterity checks, Dexterity saving throws, and attack rolls that use Dexterity. Permanently.

They decided to move on down the hall. They opened the next door along the hallway.

The room is a large ornate bedroom. There is a large four poster bed in the middle of the room with all the curtains drawn.

Kriv checked out the bed a little closer. He sees an individual, apparently asleep, bundled under the covers. The figure under the blankets is completely covered. Kriv noticed that the figure is larger than a normal sized human and does not fit well in the bed.

The figure awoke slowly was seemed confused. It was an ogre but it was dressed in a too small nightgown. The ogre spoke in broken Common even when Kriv cast Comprehend Languages. The ogre said her name was Jasmine. Nameless asked about the Gate of Silver Keys. She was not sure about it. They could tell that Jasmine was getting upset about something so they left the room and shut the door.

They came to the next door.

This is another bedroom filled with costly furniture. Seated on the bed are two pale, manlike, almost transparent figures composed of thick mist. One of the figures resembles a middle-aged man while the other resembles a matronly woman. The ghostly figures leaped up and attacked the group. As the fight continued, a specter joined in with the wraiths but the group was able to handle all three easily.

They searched the room and behind one of the mirrors they found a safe. It was locked but Gilbee had it unlocked quickly. But he did not check for traps. Opening the safe door released the poison but with their resistance to poison it really did not do much damage. Inside the safe was a Wand of Magic Detection - The wand is made of glass, and it glows slightly (providing light equivalent to a candle) whenever it is held by a living creature that casts spells. The safe also contains 150 sp and 400 gp plus a scroll of Vampiric Touch, scroll of Dimension door and a scroll of Blur. Nothing else as in the room.

They went on down the hall and took the last door located on the north wall. This room is a large kitchen. You see a dozen ghostlike hobgoblins dressed in pale amber-colored livery preparing a large meal. The hobgoblin servants and the food they are preparing are transparent. They saw stairs leading up and then to the south. They decided to go to the south part of the hall and check the doors they had not been in. The first one back the room with the tabaxi. The next room was a large dining room:

Upon entering, you see a dining room in an advanced state of decay. After a short time, 12 men and 12 women in costly garb walk into the room through the solid south wall and proceed to sit down around the table. As soon as the 24 guests enter, the appearance of the dining room miraculously changes so it seems undecayed. If you concentrate hard enough, you can still see the original decayed scene beneath the fresh double images. The 24 banquet guests are faintly transparent. Seventeen of these guests are halfling, three are elves, two are dwarves and two are human. Beside the 24 chairs already filled are a dozen empty chairs with diningware and utensils set before them. In front of several of the empty chairs are place cards with the names of party members.

Everyone but Cerridwen sat down at the place setting with their place name card. The setting with Cerridwen’s name vanished as soon as the meal began. There were several courses:

Onion soup with croutons and melted cheese, plus a mellow amber wine.

Tossed Salad

Roast beef, wheat bread, mushrooms in wine sauce, green beans and a red wine

The final course consists of apple strudel and brandy.

Everyone was effected differently from the food. Nameless and Kriv had their one of the abilities increased. A number of them had to eat more than normal from then on, others never had to worry about starvation again. Kriv and Stumbleduck were enjoying the meal and then they had the brandy and they both died. Nameless used Wish to cast Resurrection on Stumbleduck. Mason used Resurrection on Kriv. They searched the room. Finding nothing they moved on.

They went back to the kitchen, up the stairs and across the pathway. They were back in the dining room. They followed a ledge around the edge of the room and into a door on the south wall. The first person through the door caused the group to teleport back to the beginning of the grand hallway. This time the hallway had a 10’ wide red carpet stretching from the west door to the east door. The ceiling arches 20’ high overhead. Near the east end of the hall, a raised catwalk stretches across the hallway 10’ above the players’ heads. At either end of the overpass are double doors. Thousands of 1” square mirrors are set into the ceiling and walls. The resulting reflection of your torches resembles a swarm of fireflies as myriad pinpoints of light are reflected back. The floor of the hall, where it is not covered with the red carpet, is polished white marble. The marble is so shiny you can see your reflections on its surface. Polished brass candelabra line both walls and crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling. All the candle holders on the candelabra and chandeliers are filled with unlit candies.

As they walked down the path, all of the doors in the hallway opened and then slammed shut blowing out what candles were lit. No one could see very well in the dark even those with Darkvision. Gilbee still had the Wand of Magic Detection and so he brought it out and the light it shone off suddenly became blinding and about half of the group were now blinded.

They continued down the hall, the sighted folks helping the blinded ones. They came to a door at the east wall of the passageway. Opening it

Here a huge octagon-shaped building with seven domes has been turned into an indoor forest. The seven domes are made of thick panes of clear glass that let sunlight filter into the garden forest. The domes are nearly 100 feet high. Many trees of various types, some reaching a height of 80 feet, are planted in the garden. Numerous flowers, grasses, and bushes have also been planted. A stream meanders through the forest, widening into a fountain-pool in the middle of the garden. The north-west section of the forest slopes upward to form a 20’ high hill. A 10’ wide path wanders through the garden. The path was designed as a kind of scenic tour. The plant growth here is so thick that they weer only able to see into an area 10’ wide on either side of the path. Beyond this area, the forest grows too thickly for anything to be seen clearly. The most that can be noted are vague movements, swaying branches, etc.