Recap October 18, 2019

They checked out what had to be a nest. It was large. Probably for the huge troll they had just fought. The troll itself was wearing a gold gem-studded belt around its neck. It had to be worth over 5000gp. It had 10, 50g.p.gems, 10, 100 g.p. gems, 2, 500 g.p. gems, and 1, 1,000 g.p. gem. Under the firewood in the large room was another bit of loot, a large sack containing 14 p.p., 297 g.p. 76 e.p., and 190 s.p.

They went over to the lone door. It was not locked. Inside was:

The floor and ceiling of this 20’ by 30’ room are of translucent stone the color of amethyst. It is certainly not that mineral, but the effect is striking nonetheless. The polished black walls repeat the lilac gleams of light reflected off the floor and arched ceiling. Even though the room is striking, there is a feeling of unease here, as if you are intruding in a place not yours. The smell of troll is strong, and the furnishings in the room indicate it is now a trolls’ lair. Two noisome heaps of material on the east wall I evidently form nests for a pair of these monsters. There are a couple of barrels and three boxes scattered in the center of the place. There are sconces set in the walls, but they have not been used for many years. The barrels hold water and vinegary wine respectively, but there they found 3 potion bottles in one of the water barrels. They found a potion of greater healing, potion of healing, and one of Heroism.

They followed the great hallway to the south and took a passage to the west. They saw three doors, one to the north, another to the south and one straight west. Behind the north door was: This 20· by 10· room was probably the bedchamber of a lesser priest, for its black walls are decorated with the mauve reversed pyramid. A raised block of stone, some 2’ high, 5’ wide, and 10’ long spans the room’s east wall from north to south -evidently a base for the inhabitant’s bed. There are sconces on the wall except where this block rises. They looked around some more but did not find anything else. Opening the door to the south they saw pretty much the same room as to the north but they found some coins in this room, 8 p.p., 4 g.p., 11 e.p., 17 s.p., and 62 c.p. Gilbee took the copper pieces. (Gilbee asked to have all of the copper pieces found and the group agreed)

Opening to the door to the west. They saw a door to the north and another door to the west. The room to the north was The black walls, ceiling, and floor of this 20’ square room make it seem smaller than it is. It may have served as anything for nothing about it is notable enough to provide a clue. There are piles of cloth and like stuff scattered all over the room. There are about a dozen small boxes and barrels likewise broadcast throughout the place. The four cressets on the walls seem to have been used recently. The found 13 pieces of copper, silver, electrum, gold, and platinum.

To the south was a long corridor with 8 more doors to the west. They looked like apartments or jail cells. There was one door to the east. They spread out to look at as many doors as the could. Cell B through H they only found 13 pieces each of copper, silver, electrum, gold, and platinum. In cell A were pair of trussed up humans. They were exhausted, thirsty and hungry. One of them thanked the group and said. I am Ket and if you are passing through my country of Dambrath, you will have guaranteed safe passage rendered by The Family Aldeen of which I am a member. Here take this token that will give proof that you know me. Again, our thanks.

They gave each of the men some healing and told them that the way out was clear. The men decided to eat and drink and rest for at least a day before making an attempt to leave.

In Cell I Mason found a chained mountain dwarf. They unlocked the door and then unlocked the chains. The dwarf thanked them and said that his name was Teldroll Storis and he thought he was a solid adventurer but as they could see he ended up in a prison. He then asked if he could tag along with them to see what adventurers that know what they are doing so he could learn to be better. They agreed and set him up with some basic gear, a dagger and some leather armor they had found in a room just down the way. The other items they found in that room were four boxes supporting the table that held 500 g.p., 25 p.p. and 7 50g.p. gems, a dagger wrapped in a cloak, a suit of elven chainmail, and a large pouch with a silver tube container inside it. The locked iron chest had a sack of 200 s.p. and 3,622 c.p. in it, while a hidden compartment in its top held a cloak of elvenkind.

They then went into a large chapel-like area. The 20’ wide passage is screened by several thick pillars of shining black stone worked with figures of writhing forms- snakes, tentacles, people, worms? Who can say? It is certain that looking at them makes even the strongest man feel slightly weak and sick. These columns divide a north-south passage into two corridors of 10’ width. They lead north to a broad opening into some unknown area and south into a passageway whose roof slopes slightly downward. as does its floor. In this latter place, there is some form of stone railing. with small pillars set floor to roof around it.

Kriv, Gilbee, and Gundry all examined the black pillars. They came away weakened for the next hour (they would deal half damage when using weapons based off of Strength or Dexterity)and the name of Tharlzdun will rise unbidden to the individual’s lips whenever they are under stress and needs aid. They also did not like any light whatsoever asking others to put out torches. They would say later that they could see normally in absolute darkness. Kriv also had strange desires begun to flood his mind during times of quiet. These desires were unwholesome at first, then turned absolutely strange… Cerridwen was not affected by whatever was in the room. The others were paranoid but could not look away and they all wanted to know more about this building.

They moved north to the railings. The square fore portion of the chapel is divided from the sacred portion by a railing of puce-hued stone. This railing is 3’ high and intricately carved and pierced. This work is disgusting and disturbing in nature, being of vines and tendrils, tentacles and serpentine bodies intertwined with human forms and skeletons and other things unknowable. There is a 3’ wide gateway in the exact center of the rail. Stumbleduck walked through the gateway and checked out the raised section. This step or dais appeared to be the place where an altar service might have been conducted. There was a low table of black mineral which had bits of shiny purple within its polished surface. To either side were rotted and crumbling chairs of some sort. There were piles of rusted metal near the doors on the north wall. What devices or purposes these items once served is impossible to tell. On the wall behind the altar stone there was an anomaly. The violet color of the stone seems to bear the indistinct shadow of a large, vaguely-human shape. But it is so obscure, and so uncertain in form, that it may be a trick of light playing upon the curving surface of the stone.

Kriv wanted to touch the table of black mineral. He took cold damage and began to say Thurizdun’s name out loud as if he was calling to someone or something to aid him. Cerridwen had Fly cast on her by Stumbleduck and she flew over to the northeast section of the chapel. Although it was not certain, this place was probably the robing room for the clerics who once dwelt here and served their unknown deity. The rotted remains of several closets line the east wall. and there appear to be vestments of indeterminate stuff moldering away there also. There is but one door, a heavy bronzewood door to the west. It had a corroded bronze bar to secure it from inside. She lifts the bar and opens the door. Inside she saw: This room is similar to the others you have seen here, for it is all of black stone. However, there remain bits of rotten carpeting on the floor, and it appears that a tapestry must have rotted and fallen from the west wall, for there is a moldy heap of something there. She walked forward to get a closer look at the rotten carpeting on the floor and about 5ft away she felt he temperature in the room suddenly drop and she took cold damage. She then saw that the rotting carpet was Brown Mold. She moved back out of the room and cast Produce Flame to burn the mold. It would take a while to burn the patch away but she had help from Kriv.

The longer the group stayed in the chapel area, the more bizarre everyone’s behavior became. Mason left the room and called upon Bahamut for advice. Even Bahamut was acting weird but Mason was sure he was talking to his god. Bahamut said that it would be best to get his friends out of that room and see what they could find in the other areas of the building. It took some convincing but with the help of Gilbee, Mason was able to get them out of the chapel area.

They went back the way they had come in and to the other side of the building. They came into another large antechamber. This square room had strange striations of color on its walls. These lines of plum-color, mauve veins, and lilac worms make the beholder some­what nauseous if he stares at them for more than a few seconds. These colors are faint, but they seem to writhe and twist when not looked at, as if as soon as the viewer looked away they took up some secretive and obscene motion observable only from the cornr of the eye. There is a single door in the place, a slab of ancient bronzewood on the west wall. Whatever furniture was originally In the place, no one knows, for all that now occupies the chamber are two huge mounds of bedding - ogre or giant sleeping places. There are two small casks of water, one by each “bed “. A large sack also rests by each bed, but each seems to be virtually empty (and, in fact, holds only a couple of stones, similar to the ones that been had thrown at the group during that last big fight).

Opening that door to the west they saw a 40’ long, 20’ wide room with walls of mauve-colored material. While they could be of highly polished stone, none of you have ever seen anything like it before, so you are uncertain as to what it is. A quick test reveals that the substance seems of mineral nature and is as hard as granite. The floor and ceiling are of the polished obsidian seen elsewhere, but the floor has pyramids incised on it, one every few feet, all with bases to the north, points to the south. The ceiling also seems to have carving, this in bas relief. Peering upwards. you think that it shows patterns of tentacles and human figures, interlocked but the work is so intricate as to make a certain identification impossible. The rotten remains of a bed, couch, table and chairs indicate that this was perhaps once the bedchamber of some important figure. The bed and the couch have been converted into troll nests. The reek of those stinking monsters and the remains of their feeding make it doubly disgusting. There is a battered armoire against the north wall with one door missing. but its drawers are still intact. A moldering pile of cloth in the bottom of the cabinet shows where some article of apparel ended its days. The drawers opened, reveal the same.

Finding nothing else they left and went down the large hallway. They found a hallway to the east and followed it to a door. South down the corridor they saw two doors to the east and two more to the west. The went to the first door. Three twenty-something women stood cowering, two of them in one corner, the third in an opposite corner. The women saw who was there and were relieved. They explained that they had been forced to cook for the giants and trolls and other creatures in the complex but they were not good at cooking monster food, just human food. They then asked the group if any of them would like the food they had prepared. There was stew and some cheese and some old bread. Grundy said sure and walked over to the table with the food. And then he fell asleep. Others had a strange feeling as waves of magic flew through them but nothing of those magicks affected them. Grundy was transformed into a newt. The women were not what they had at first seemed to be. The group attacked with spells and weapons with Mason going full tempest cleric after his Spirit Guardians spell was countered. He did serious damage to the women casters. Cerridwen cast Moonbeam on the closet woman and it took radiant damage and transformed into a Night Hag. She moved the Moonbeam spell around and each one of the women revealed their true nature as Night Hags. Gilbee and Kriv each said Tharizdun’s name over and over. Gilbee said it quietly but Kriv was shouting it. The others were confused about what they were doing but once they thought about it, yeah it seemed right that they would be calling to whatever or whoever Tharizdun was. Soon the fight was over. Stumbleduck cast Dispel Magic on Grundy and he was no longer a newt.

They went to more rooms, a refectory, a library, a scriptorium (that had 3 barrels of oil and a gallon of strong acid). In a Great Room with several fireplaces, they found remnants of a bedroom. There was a strange bed of enormous size. This odd construction of logs and planks occupied 20’ of the west wall. Sconces are used as wall pegs and hold various giant-sized garments. Near the entrance was a crude table and a chair. Next was a large barrel, a small cask, and a crate. Near them were a great cub, several giant-sized spears, and a notched battle-axe. Grundy liked the notched battle-axe immediately. He took it in his hands and did not want to put it down. Mason knew that his friends were acting weirder than normal. So he chose the ones that were acting oddest and cast Greater Restoration on them. Kriv, Gilbee, and Grundy were calmed and none of them no longer felt the need to speak Tharizdun’s name in whisper. But they wanted to stay in the temple (yeah, that is what they place is) and see if they can learn more. The last room they entered was odd. This 20’ by 30’ chamber is all of stone of a dull violet color. Its walls had no decoration, but its ceiling is domed. The floor has a hollow place, a regular oval some 10’ long and about half as broad. This depression runs the length of the room, being in the center, directly under the arch of the dome above. The basin thus formed is sheer-sided for about 2’, then curves smoothly to a depth of about 3’ total. Gilbee looked at the room a bit and then spoke up. It is a small pool and showed them the outlines of where water could be filled.

Grundy was guarding the area outside the pool room and noticed a series of small walls that created an area around a set of stairs going down. He had the gut feeling that those stairs were guarded.