Recap September 11, 2020

They checked things out on the chapel and then they all made their way to the stairs room that Susan had found. They first checked out the stairs/ladder leading down. It opened up into a 10x10 room that did not have any other exits. They did search and not finding any secret doors they went back up stairs and decided to go into the door to the southwest.

Opening it up they saw 6 giant skeletons wielding greatswords. They instantly animated and turned to attack. Thalaniel attacked with his vorpal sword, Mon ki with her staff and fists, Grundy hit hard with his buster sword, Mason tried to Channel Divinity to destroy undead but it did not destroy them. It didn’t make them run away but it did give them all a lo of radiant damage. Nameless cast Fireball being careful to avoid his allies. Gilbee used the Wand of Wonders to also cast Fireball. After the second fireball went off, Mon Ki jumped across the room and stood in front of the western door. Suddenly it opened and there stood a drow female in a nun’s habit. She smiled and they could see her sharp teeth. Mason knew that these were not normal vampires but these were nosferatu, an especially nasty type of vampire. She immediately attacked Mon Ki but was not able to get any hits in. There were four nosferatu in the room. Four more appeared through the walls in the stairs room and attacked Nameless, Gilbee and Schmugal. All of the nosferatu were attempted to bite those they were attacking. While they all came close, but none of them were successful. It took a while but soon all of the skeletons and the nosferatu nuns were defeated. They went into the room where the nosferatu had been and they burned all of the coffins. They watched the nosferatu’s bodies turn to ash and then dissipate and disappear.

They went to the door facing northwest. It was not locked as well. Mason opened it and they saw:

a chamber dedicated to the enchantment of unholy relics and divine devices. Crafted items are placed on the central pedestal, while surrounding spell-casters of some type would work collaborative spells for the enchantments to complete the items.

Looking around the room they saw mostly incomplete items but three stood out as magic items ready to be used. They were:

Infernal Flying Potion: Made of the eyes of a child, blood, dark magic and dove wings, drinking this potion curses your soul to the 9 Hells when you die. You have a flying speed of 60 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be wearing medium or heavy armor. Nameless would need to cast this as a ritual to learn everything about the item.

Shroud of the Ribbon Kings: As a bonus action, this cloak lashes out at all targets in a 5-foot radius. All targets must make a Dexterity Save DC 15 or take 3d6 slashing damage or half damage if successful. It suspends the owner in a protective cocoon at night and alerts them to any danger while they sleep.

Flask of the Old Horned One: Originally used to trap two escaped high devils, this flask can hold up to three souls comfortably for transport.

They discussed using these items. The Infernal flying potion was the only one that radiated evil. They would determined who would get the items later.

There was a door to the west. It was not locked. They opened it and saw:

a chamber dedicated to the crafting of unholy relics and divine devices. A foundry lies at its center. Standing at a work table and desk, they saw a mummy working on something at the work station. It did not turn around but continued working. It did speak: “Look, I told you I am working it I will bring it to you once I am complete. Now, leave me. I will contact you when it is done. It will not be too long if there are not many more interruptions. ,Beauford used his mantle and then disguised his voice and said, Good. What are you working on. You know full well what I am working ,It is the same item from 12 days ago. These things take time. Hurry up. Am in need of these to complete things I have on my agenda. What can I do? I need to take my time so I do not destroy what it is I am creating. I said hurry up.

Something in that last sentence by Beauford must have caused disbelief in the mummy. It turned and saw Beauford and not Nezznar and everyone else in the group.

The mummy laughed and said Oh, it is that kind of party. And he began to cast a spell,

Beauford stepped back and let Thalaniel and Mason step forward. Mason put his Spirit Guardians on the mummy. It did not like it. The group could tell that the mummy was healing the damage it was given. Thalaniel hit the mummy hard with several surgical-like attacks, The mummy seemed to grin and proceeded to cast Harm on Thalaniel and then attack him with his rotting hammer. He hurt Thalaniel. A lot.

Schmugal attacked with his gold bow since he could not get up front, Grundy rushed forward to attack with this buster sword, Beauford cast utility spells to support his allies, Gilbee cast eldritch blast, Mason kept close to the mummy so spirit guardians kept damaging it. He also cast firestorm on the mummy to cause it fire and radiant damage. While this assault, the mummy soon fell.

They debated on whether to take a rest or not. They decided not to but the did heal themselves up so they could continue. The floor above was the next stop.

Mason led the way up the stairs. They had to be careful because there were handrails. The second floor looked similar to the first floor. They saw a door to the northwest, the west and to the southwest. They decided to take the middle, western path.

They entered the door and into a hallway. As they entered they were overcome by despair. It only lasted a minute and then they moved to the door to the west.

They opened the door and saw:

a narrow, rail less gallery only 2 feet wide surrounds an open view of the purification fountain below. Suddenly Schmugal and Nameless were attempting to jump down onto the sharp spike atop the fountain below. Beauford used an illusion to make Schmugal think he was in a small prison cell. They then concentrated on Nameless. Thalaniel gave him a slap and he snapped out of it. Beauford them walked into the illusion cell around Schmugal and gave him a slap. He at first was not happy about being slapped but once explained he thanked them and began to walk to the west, Gilbee had never entered the fountain room. He was last so he could not avoid it anymore. He entered and was compelled to jump but Mason caught him and set up down on the gallery and gave him a slap. He came out of it and they moved to the western door.

Inside was another hallway. They entered and:

They were hit by a wave of necrotic energy. Gilbee fell. They were about to cast healing spells on him when he suddenly came round. They healed up again and moved to the next door to the west.

Inside was:

is a chamber with half the floor collapsed away over the Pit below. More than half the remaining floor is sloped by 15 degrees towards the center of the room. A small ledge sits at the center of the broken floor edge, serving as a place of contemplation. They saw more doors, one to the northeast and one to the southeast.

They decided to look at the room they were in before the went forward. As they were looking about, Mason saw a transparent figure that looked like it was on fire, enter Schmugal’s body. Schmugal was possessed by a ghost. But not just any ghost. It was the ghost of Yeemik, the goblin who had been burned before.