Recap September 18, 2020

As they were looking about, Mason saw a transparent figure that looked like it was on fire, enter Schmugal’s body. Schmugal was possessed by a ghost. But not just any ghost. It was the ghost of Yeemik, the goblin who had been burned before.

Schmugal knew what was happening but there was little he could do about it. He lifted his flame tongue great sword and swung at the closest target. He hit (I think). Gilbee used his Wand of Wonder and cast Fireball getting everybody in the room within the blast. Folks gave him a look as this was the second fireball, he had cast into a crowd in the last 30 minutes. He then moved back into the hallway and was hit by another blast of necrotic energy. Beauford cast Eyebite on Schmugal in hopes of affecting Yeemik but it did not work. Yeemik continued to attack his friends. Mason cast Dispel Evil on Schmugal causing Schmugal to no longer be possessed. Nameless also cast Dispel Evil and banished Yeemik to the Shadowlands.

They moved to the door to the northeast. It was locked. Gilbee came and unlocked it. He could also tell that there was as second magic lock on it. Beauford got out his Golden Cowbell and used Knock to open the magical lock. Gilbee then opened the door and they saw:

Rows of dark tomes, scrolls and spell books kept on the shelves and table within. This chamber looked to serve as an archival vault for whatever Nezznar was working on. Gilbee entered and stood beside the door to let the others in. They all came in and just as they were looking at the various books and documents. The room there was a blinding light and then the room was affected by a Reverse Gravity spell and everyone but Gilbee and Thalaniel were suddenly rushing toward the multicolored disc that now made up the ceiling. It looked to be prismatic wall and Nameless and Mason let the others now that this could be a bumpy ride. Beauford entered and found himself in the orange layer taking acid damage. Schmugal entered and found himself in the blue layer taking cold damage. Nameless and Mason found themselves in the violet layer but while Nameless was able to escape and not have any harm done to him, Mason was teleported to the Ethereal Plane. While Gilbee and Thalaniel figured out how to get the others out of the prismatic wall trap, Mason settled in for a short rest so he could learn the Plane Shift spell to return to his friends. They figured out that the wall can be destroyed, one layer at a time, in order from red to violet, by the following means:

Red - 25 points of cold damage

Orange - a strong wind

Yellow - 60 points of force damage

Green - Thalaniel’s Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion

Blue - 25 points fire damage

Indigo - the bright light from Schmugal’s flame tongue

Violet - Dispel magic.

They had just destroyed the Violet layer and did not find Mason anywhere when Mason appeared behind them having planed shifted from the Ethereal Plane.

They all entered the Rod of Gamgee and took a long rest.

They left the Rod of Gamgee and went to the door to the east. The door was not locked. Gilbee opened it and saw a small octagon shaped room with 6 specters. The room suddenly shifted to a much larger room with 6 specters, 20 skeletal driders and Nezznar the Lich standing in the middle of the room. Nezznar smiled and said, “ It took you long enough. Did my minions cause you much trouble or was that nice trap in my library the reason you were delayed? Never mind all of that. This ends now.

The group attacked with all it had: Gilbee attacking with Kindness against the skeletal driders and dread specters while focusing his Bolts from the Grave on Nezznar. Mason kept Spirit Guardians up and moved about the room taking out skeletal driders and specters and then cast Guardian of Faith on Nezznar. Schmugal took out skeletal driders and then moved to attack Nezznar. Nameless opened the Iron Flask he had been saving just for this fight. Out came a night hag who immediately began to cast a spell against Nezznar. Gilbee took out his own flask and out came an invisible stalker who immediately went to attack Nezznar. Beauford tried some high-level Illusion and Enchantment spells but they did not seem to do much good against Nezznar. He then cast Disintegrate to whittle Nezznar’s health away little by little. Thalaniel waded in to attack Nezznar with his vorpal sword cutting him up and down. The dread specters and the skeletal driders were dropping fast. The dread specter would go into a frenzy attack all around them including other specters, driders and Nezznar himself.

Nezznar teleported to the northeast corner of the room and then cast Cloudkill but it really did not do much damage to the group who was resistant to poison. He then cast a few cantrips, but they were not effective against the group.

Nameless cast Mirror Image. Everyone knew what was next. He then cast Disco Ball, a massive, enhanced version of Magic Missile doing an insane amount of damage. Nezznar smiled at him as he fell to his death. With his dying breath he said…Vulthuryol, I could never pronounce your name correctly. It matters not now. You never did understand power but yet you gained it. Oh, but I have as well. Look around you. Fools, this is not even my final form!

Nezznar slowly faded away and in his place was a gigantic human like creature, wrapped in chains and shadows. Gilbee instantly recognized who this was. It was the god he had seen in his insanity inducing vision while in the Black Temple. It was Tharizdun. He shouted this out to everyone in the room who took a step back. Nameless had used all his magic to cast Disco Ball and he would not be casting anymore spells for a while. Beauford had used many if not all his highest-level spells. They had all taken damage. Mason and Gilbee could see that his was but an avatar of Tharizdun. That was a little better than the full god but not by much. Nezznar had been rewarded for faithful service to his god. The group took a step back, grabbed their weapons a little tighter and prepared for the fight of their life.