Recap September 25, 2020

It was Tharizdun. He shouted this out to everyone in the room who took a step back. Nameless had used all his magic to cast Disco Ball and he would not be casting anymore spells for a while. Beauford had used many if not all his highest-level spells. They had all taken damage. Mason and Gilbee could see that his was but an avatar of Tharizdun. That was a little better than the full god but not by much. Nezznar had been rewarded for faithful service to his god. The group took a step back, grabbed their weapons a little tighter and prepared for the fight of their life.

Tharizdun smiled and started to cast a spell. They all braced for what could be their final breaths.

Suddenly, time stopped.

Just below Tharizdun a smaller humanoid had appeared but he was still very much larger than a normal halfling. It was Flynrich.

“Bahamut tells me you all are in need of some assistance. Since he cannot be here himself, he has other pressing issues, he sent me! I hope I can be an acceptible replacement. “

He then gave a broad smile and gave a wave of his hand. Everyone was healed to full and all of their abilities had reset as if they had taken a long rest. Flynrich continued “We have another few seconds to prepare so choose your next moves carefully. There will be minions of Tharizdun filling the room. I will keep those out of your hair so you can focus on Tharizdun.

They engaged the avatar of the Chained God. Mon ki used Ki points to become invisible and with a leap he kicked off the ceiling and landed on Tharizdun’s shoulder and hit him with a series of attacks. Mason moved closer so his Spirit Guardians would damage Tharizdun. Grundy attacked with his buster sword. Thalaniel dual wielded his vorpal sword and his ice scythe. Nameless took out a spell scroll and cast chain lightning and then ordered the night had to attack with spells. Gilbee used his Wand of Wonder and he turned invisible and then ordered the Invisible Stalker to attack Tharizdun. It was soon apparent that the night hag and the invisible stalker would not be able to affect the Chained God. Thoravil got within range of Thorovar, his magic warhammer and let loose several attacks. Tharizdun reveled in these attacks on him and then he struck back. He first let loose a force blast pushing most of the group up against the walls and giving them force damage. He then attacked with his greatsword, Druniazth causing slashing and force damage to Mason. Tharizdun then cast Magic Missile on Namless. Flynrich was in the corner of the room one-shotting shadow demons with an ornate staff that none of them had seen before. They would learn later that he was using the Staff of Boccob.

Tharizdun became annoyed by Thalaniel who had been causing him constant damage. Tharizdun said I will deal with the most bothersome insect first and he cast Word of Annihilation on Thalaniel and then attacked him twice with Druniazth. Thalaniel was at 2 health. Grundy used the gem that Nameless had given him casting Mass Heal bringing everyone back to full health. Tharizdun then focused his attacks on the healers, Thoravil and Mason with occasionally attacking Thalaniel. He Dominated Gilbee and sent him to attack Flynrich. He was not dominated for long as they were able to break the domination (cannot remember how you all did this). Gilbee apologized to Flynrich who said No worries. We will have tea later. Gilbee then went to attack Tharizdun who took two swing with Druniazth dropping Gilbee. Mon Ki had been doing minimal damage so he started to hand out potions. Thoravil received healing potions and he used one of those to bring Gilbee back. Mason had taken a large amount of damage and Thoravil healed him. When Thoravil healed Mason and the rest of the crew, Tharizdun said to him, no more healing for you. Tharizdun then focused his attacks on Thoravil bringing him down to 9 health with a series of Druniazth attacks and force damage spells. Thalaniel called on the Raven Queen who blessed everyone for the next 8 hours. She also told Thalaniel to not worry. He would not die this day.

(I know Thoravil contacted Correllon but I cannot remember what happened. Also, Mason was not able to get the attention of Bahamut. Flynrich had said that Bahamut was busy but he tried anyway).

Nameless continued to switch between chain lightning and fireball on Tharizdun’s head. Suddenly, the room was full of fog and smoke and a large silent explosion of radiant light came from the dissapating body of Tharizdun. It took a few minutes for the room to clear. In the place of Tharizdun lay a the body of Nezznar, now a smaller than they remembered broken drow. Thoravil and Thalaniel approached and made sure that Nezznar was dead. Thalaniel cut off his head.

After a search of the citadel, they found Nezznar’s phylactery. It took them awhile but they eventually were able to destroy it. Nezznar would never bother them again.