Recap September 4, 2020

Nameless, Mason, Stumbleduck and Gilbee were joined at the entrance to Nezznar’s citadel by Grundy, Susan, Mon Ki, Thalaniel, Beauford and Shortlock.

The citadel consists of a least 4 octagonal towers but there are shadows that suggest more towers. The citadel is inverted. Instead of the towers reaching into the sky, they tunnel down into the ground.

They go down a short set of steps and open the first door.

The first chamber after the main entryway into the citadel, it is located at the “nave” of the structure. About 8 feet in diameter at the center of this octagonal chamber sits an ornate marble fountain with a child angel at the top. Instead of water, the fountain runs in blood – a mess of dried blood streaks the floor surrounding it.

Mason and Gilbee noticed worn glyphs in a strange language etched onto the floor. The walls are of polished obsidian. If gazed at intently, it seems as if a faint pattern of figures outlined in deep purple can be discerned, but to look so causes the eyes to ache. Thalaniel wanted to know what the script said. Gilbee warned him that if he read it, he would go crazy and want to worship an ancient evil god. Grundy nodded and said know it first hand. Thalaniel said he wanted to know what it said and used Detect Magic on the room. He saw that the worn glyphs send curses to the bringers of light, the blinders, and all responsible for wrapping blackness in everlasting chains. Shortlock was concern that these were actual curses but he and Mason could not any evidence of that being the case. When Thalaniel used his monocle of True Sight to look at the obsidian walls, he saw that the figures were moving. They appeared as robed mannequins marching in an unending stream, seeming to come from behind a hill and disappearing into oblivion through a spinning vortex of mauve and purple.) But even as familiar as the obsidian walls were, there was something different here than at the original temple.

There were three doors in this octagonal chamber. They looked at each and decided to go to the left. The door was unlocked. Susan checked her white stone and did not show any traps within 150ft. So, they opened the door. They saw a 50ft long narrow hallway. The walls were obsidian like the others. Thalaniel could see the moving figures as were on the walls in the first chamber but there were other writings but he could not determine what they were. 3 or 4 of the group moved down the hallway (I cannot remember who it was that went first) and they were all incapacitated by pain. Those who had not entered the hallway, stayed out of it and tended to those inflicted with the pain. About a minute later, the pain subsided but did not go away full. They were able to move down the hall to the west where they found a door. Shortlock used Arcana to see what they writings on the hallway wall were all about. He determined that the writings referenced the vilest versions of the spells that cause pain. He told the others what the hallway was about and then he went back to the first chamber.

The door to the west was not trapped nor was it locked. They opened it and saw:

another octagonal chamber with a pit It was 16 feet across occupying most of the floor of this chamber. It looked and sounded really deep. They were interested in it though and joked about jumping down it. They decided not to but instead to check out the two doors in the room, one to the northeast and one to the southeast. They checked out the one to the southeast more closely. It was locked. Gilbee (I think) picked and they opened the door:

a makeshift prison cell holding 4 dead bodies. They looked like they have been used for lab experiments - vivisection and torture, removal of parts to be used as spell components. Mason determined that they had only been dead about 2-3 days. There was another door to the east. They searched the room briefly and did not find anything so they went of the chamber and to the door on the other side of the pit. Mon Ki attempted to jump across the pit but miscalculated and began to fall into the pit. Grundy reached out and grabbed him and with the help of Gilbee, they were able to stop him from falling into the pit. Taking a minute to calm themselves, they then checked out the door to the northeast. It was also locked. Gilbee picked it and inside they saw:

a summoning chamber. It was obvious with the runes and symbols etched on the stone floor. There was another door to the east.

Gilbee said there is nothing here and started back to the first chamber. Mason and Mon Ki went back to the southern chamber and found the door to the east was locked. They called back Gilbee who picked it and inside they found:

a torture chamber and a place to hold vivisection surgeries, a rack dominated the northern side of this chamber. A horizontal, open iron maiden sits on the south. At the center was the vivisection/autopsy table with a recent work-in-progress lying there. Mason also determined that it had been dead 2-3 days. They did not find anything else so they went back to the summoning chamber to check out the door to the east in that room.

The door was locked and Gilbee picked it as well:

This room holds a demon-spider. Mason determined that initially the spider was only a foot across, but now the demon-spider is too large to escape the room. Ensorcelled chains help hold this monster in place. Mason could see that the chains had some slack if he entered the room, the spider would be able to attack him. They decided to close the door and leave the creature alone.

Back in the first chamber Susan opened the door to the east. It was another 50ft hallway similar to the one that caused pain. She entered and and immediately began to bicker with herself and could not make any meaningful communication to herself. She headed back to the first chamber and looked like she was going to pick a fight with Beauford. Gilbee just nodded and seemed to agree with the gibberish that Susan was saying. Then, she was back to normal and really not sure what was going on. She went back down the hallway to the east. She picked the lock on the door there. No traps were detected so she opened the door and saw:

Steep and narrow stairs follow the walls up to the second floor 80 feet above. There is no hand-rail or walls prevent one from slipping off the stairs to the flagstones below. At the center of the chamber floor are stairs going down. Susan went up the stairs and saw another room similar to the one below. Octagonal with doors to the northwest and southwest. Beauford followed her to the stair room but he used Dimension Door and brought Nameless with him. Thalaniel hexed Beauford and shadow stepped to the room.

Mason and Shortlock had decided to check out the door to the north in the first chamber. It was not locked or trapped so they opened it. Inside was:

an evil chapel with several beings involved in worshipping before a dark altar. 4 of them looked like fiendish minotaurs and the one in the middle was a drow. The drow slowly turned around to face Mason and Shortlock. It smiled and they saw it was a vampire. All 5 of the creatures attacked.

And they hit hard. Mason cast Spirit guardians and was able to hit all of the targets. It only seemed to anger them. Grundy ran into the middle of the monsters taking several attacks of opportunity but once he got in place he started swinging with his buster sword. Shortlock used Mason as a shield and focused has attacks on the vampire. Stumbleduck and Gilbee stay in the first chamber and Nameless, Thalaniel, Beauford and Susan began to move out of the stair room towards the sound of battle. 2 more vampire appeared, two in each hallway and 2 stair room. They all were intent on feeding. Gilbee was the closest to getting bitten but he was able to avoid it. He was not able to avoid being turned blue by using his Wand of Wonder. Mon Ki shadow stepped to the altar and then leaped down on one of the minotaurs, taking it out with 4 solid attacks with his quarterstaff and fists. Stumbleduck cast Guiding Bolt doing big damage to the vampire on him. Susan and Beauford teamed up on one vampire, while Nameless and Thalaniel took care of the other one.

Soon all of the minotaurs and vampires were defeated. The group healed and then talked about where to go next. As they were deciding, they received a message from Flynrich. His demi-plane was being attack again. He needed backup so some of the group used the magical screen and went back to assist Flynrich (This is where those who cannot be there this Friday have gone.)