Creation Myth

So, my world is based around elemental magic similar to The Last Airbender. The four elements are water, fire, earth and air. And their “absolutes” are represented by four Great Beasts. The Great Beasts have existed since creation (and exactly how ​

Water: Leviathan, The Wise. Leviathan is the most intelligent of the four Beasts, and knows more about the world than any other being. She once roamed the World Ocean, but now lives in the deepest trench in the ocean, protected by an ancient and powerful magical race called the Vermari. Her children are the Sea Serpents.

Fire: Adrammelech, The Fierce. Adrammelech is a primordial dragon-like creature. He almost destroyed the world in the distant past, in a great battle waged against the other three Beasts. Eventually Leviathan realized that he was destroying and consuming the environment because it was his nature to do so, not out of hatred for the planet. She convinced the other two Beasts, Behemoth and Ziz, to give Adrammelech a place in creation. However, when Mankind began to advance in technology and explore the Oceans, the other three Beasts, fearing what Man would do if they ever found Adrammelech’s destructive power, locked him in a temple at the edge of the world. His children are the Dragons.

Earth: Behemoth, The Patient. Behemoth, after the War with Adrammelech, became very sedentary. He is by far the largest of the Great Beasts, as his spine forms the Titanian Mountain Range (which is about 1200 miles across). He has rested since the war, contented that the only thing that could possibly threaten his realm (literally the physical geography of the planet itself) is another war between the Beasts. Over the millenia, Great Trees more than a mile in height have grown along his spine, and a tribe of Man has come to dwell in and worship that forest.

Air: Ziz, The Sudden. Ziz is a colossal eagle, the mother of all Roc. The turning point in the rise of Man was a disastrous attempt by an ancient ruler to capture Ziz and harness her power over Wind to create a limitless energy source. Ziz died during the attempt, her heart exploding from exertion. When her heart burst, gale-force winds blasted out from her body in all directions, annihilating the armies raised against her and turning the continent on which she died into a vast desert. The winds here blow eternally, making the landscape a very hostile one. This incident became known as the Thenumite Desert War, after redactions to history muddled the true purpose of the expedition. Ziz’s death prompted Leviathan to flee to the deepest reach of the Ocean. Ziz’s death also means that the only way to use Wind magic in the world is by building Talismans from the bones of Roc. There is no Communion ritual known for Air after the death of Ziz.

The Creation Myth

The endless Astral ocean existed before time, land, the heavens and all life. In its loneliness, it created the land to keep it company in the darkness. After eons of the two of them, the land became tired and wished to be amused. So the Stars, Moons, and Suns were created. The Suns and Moons seeing the barren land grew sad and populated it with the flora and fauna respectively. The ocean seeing the land teeming with life, and itself barren grew jealous and populated with the great beasts of the sea, her children who maintained the order of the sea. Much of the sea’s magic spent it went into eons-long slumber charging the Suns and Moons to keep watch and wake it should there be a need.

The Source of Magic

There were originally three stars, but in a time of great need, one of them Izzathul came down from the heavens and woke the Sea. He came to protect the land the ocean and the life that teamed upon and with init from a dark and alien threat. Izzathul became the sun God ruler the land Astral sea. He fended off the unknowable threat and put the lands back into the light and safety of his brethren. His reign was one of prosperity, benevolence, and wisdom. Through him, all magic flowed thus magic flourished as never before. Yet the natural order of things, that even the Sea, Land, Moons and Suns cannot escape any more then we mortals can seek a balance. So one star was missing in the heavens so too did a moon fall from the heavens. Marking the end of the reign of Izzathul, in it’s falling it smote him, and the wonder of his cities sundering the lands. The sea, waking at such a calamity it’s beloved lands falling into the ocean and called to their greatest children to save the land and carried it upon their backs.

The End of Times

As Izzathul came down from the heavens to protect the Sea and Lands from a great threat so shall the other stars. As Izzathul was smitten so shall they in the fullness of time be struck down by their counterpart moon. In times of great pair, a sun shall come and save the land, setting it once more on the course of greatness. Allowing magic to flourish and wonders to spread across the land. Upon their destruction, the cycle of eons shall once more turn. In the fullness of time, at the end of days the last sun shall come down to the Land and the Sea shall awaken and together they shall defend their peoples. Upon the last moon smiting the last sun the sea shall take all back into itself and all shall return to how it was at the very beginning.