Lands of the Fey

The Lands of the Fey

The Fey realm is broken into seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter.


Ruler: The Bearded King,

The bearded King is just to the point of being brutal and harsh, unforgiving yet hospitable and kind. He Welcomes all to his all and table to drink and stay warm. The King holds his court in his hall covered in snow but warm and cozy despite it.

Notable Fey/Court: The kings seven daughters. The Lady of the River. The Keeper of Bees

Drink: Mead


Ruler: (Bachus inspired Satyr)

Parties and endless nights of celebration. Drinking dancing, contests of strength skill and wits. Be wary of eating or drinking the food here you may find yourself dying after dancing your life away in one night.

Notable Fey/Court: raucous satyrs and other partiers.

Drink: Hard alcohol


Ruler: (possibly a queen of starlight and yadda yadda) All things are elegant and refined court protocol and hierarchy. The ruler is one for protocol and will honor all deals. Holding to the letter of them rather than the spirit of them.

Notable Fey/Court: TBD

Drink: Fine wines and elegant


Ruler: Autumns King(The King of Fallen leaves)

The Autumn King is concerned only with the passage of fall. Change and the ending of summer are his domains. Any deals made with him are Ironclad… until fall comes to an end then the deals are as uncertain as it is possible to be. He has no court but holds his court in a secluded grove surrounded by giant oaks.

Notable Fey/Court: None

Drink: Thick dark ales, porters, and stouts.

The Travelers:

The Huntsmen:

The Huntsman and his troop are always traveling through the Fey Relm, the nature of the lord is mysterious and unknown. His troop is made of hunters, trackers, skinners, and butchers. The travel at a whim hunting and tracking the prey their lord chooses. The Huntsmen’s coming always signifies something. His party may arrive at the court of a fey lord bringing fresh caught game and pelts or gifts of carved jewelry of bone, antler, or wood, and are never turned away. The Four Lords have an unspoken understanding with the Huntsmen yet he is separate from the hierarchy.

The Disinherited Queen:

The Queen is a diviner and seer a master fortune teller and prophetess. She travels with her entourage through the Realm she brings fortunes and prophecy wherever she travels. She is followed by a retinue of knights and entertainers. Jugglers, dancers, fire spinners, actors, and artists follower her. Some other less reputable people follow her as well, fortune tellers, card readers, and “diviners” a mix of charlatans, con artists, and truly gifted individuals. The Queen rarely holds her own court rather, she attends the courts of other fey lords instead. Often bringing tidings of the future of the past, and all too often ill omens and woe.