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The Dostoevski system is quite unremarkable. Despite its importance both in sector trade and with Roborovski, the resources as well as the potential for colonial expansion has proven to be somewhat mediocre. The only thing of note in the system is evidence of alien habitation on its more hospitable planet.

Currently Dostoevski is host to one habitable planet, with plans for an additional colonial venture on a possible candidate planet. The system is host to a number of space stations and bases, most of them to extract resources from the local planets, asteroid belt or gas giant.


With a middling population of around 850 million people, and a hybrid economy of both industry and agriculture, not much can be said about Tolstoy. An exception to this is clear evidence of intelligent alien habitation on the planet, as well as the evolution of intelligent aliens.

Several cave paintings have been discovered all around the planets surface, as well as simple tools and implements. More advanced tools have also been discovered, up to high medieval society. These earliest artifacts appear to have been over 500,000 years old suggesting that some kind of extinction event occurred that wiped the species from the planet. Evidence suggests that many other species went extinct during this period, though not as many as any normal extinction event, which would suggest that the event was very minor in scope.

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