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Draco was colonised by SpaceX early on in the second space race. The company had faced financial troubles after a scandal had ended their relationships with most of their sponsors. This colonisation proved to be the final nail in the coffin for SpaceX, as the perceived profitable ventured turned into a financial disaster, and the company went bankrupt.

From these ashes rose the most profitable system in the sub-sector, but not for its resource riches or scientific value, but for it’s exploding tourism industry. All of it focused on the only planet colonised so far… Jurassic.


Shockingly similar to Earth during the Jurassic period, the planet was promptly named after that time period. While the similarity is indeed striking, there are of course many differences. The relative difference in CO2 in the atmosphere has created a warm, lush planet of enormous ferns the size of trees. This in turn has brought forth bigger and bigger animals, which the planet is famous for. This has a negative effect on human beings, however. And specialised mouth-pieces are used to filter the CO2 to acceptable levels. In addition, the environment has proven to be allergic to most if not all humans, and these allergic reactions can prove fatal in more susceptible people.

Jurassic holds an eye-capturing variety of animals extremely similar in appearance to Jurassic and Triassic period dinosaurs. The fauna is dominated with warm-blooded reptiles that at most stand 15 meters tall. Most reptiles are covered in scales that protrude feathers from the gaps in the scales, giving most of these Jurassic animals a raptor-like appearance. Despite the similarities, there are more differences than similarities. People who come to Jurassic to see dinosaurs will be disappointed, but will instead understand the environment, as well as the size of these animals that once roamed Earth.

World Tags: High Technology, Non-industrial, Rich

Additional Homeworld Skills (For Flavour): Animals 0