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Vigilant is a border system on the trailing end of the Sol sub-sector, leading to the Ming sub-sector. This means that trade flows regularly through the system, giving the system a vibrant market. Despite the systems relatively poor mineral riches, the system is one of the most populated and richest systems in the sub-sector.

Vigilant has a total of 5 candidate planets for colonization, but only one of them has been colonised. Due to recent civil unrest on the planet, any colonial efforts have been halted. The economy of Vigilant in the past 2 years has been declining rapidly due to unrest, and therefore capitalist ventures in the system, as well as UNH projects are a rarity in the system.


Aljann is the largest earth-like planet in the sub-sector, as well as one of the most habitable. This has lead to a very high population of around 8 billion people. The economy of Aljann is varied, and universities on the planet are usually of the highest standards, though recently inspections have critiqued their skewed political views.

The planet is also host to alien dig sites, the earliest of which is around 500,000 years old. Artifacts similar to that of late industrial era equipment have been found in most places on Aljann. It is unknown what happened to the civilization 500,000 years ago, but some theorise an extinction event of some sort was behind the cause.

Aljann is currently under harsh economic stress, as the civil unrest on the planet has crippled not only the planet itself, but any other dependent colonies, most of them in the Ming sub-sector. A very vocal separatist movement is underway on the planet, and while most of the unrest comes from the Colonial Independence Party, the more violent side of the protests, such as riots and bombings are mostly blamed on the Planetary Coalition of Independent Colonies. The two political factions share many opinions, but also have many differences, and it is not unusual that they sometimes come to blows.

The UNH has officially stated that martial law is in effect on Aljann, although the UNH is unable to enforce it due to lack of military personnel stationed in Vigilant. This is due to the cold relations with the RI, which has lead to an arms race at the border. With the UNH stretched too thin and unable to relieve troops on the Eridani-Gagarin border, the law on Aljann is about to break down.