Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications

Crossing the Moon River Ford; Moon Birds and Dances; Getting to Near Moon

The grup spends some time at the Serpent Stone Marker to rest and recover and sees several caravans confounded by the malfunction of wayfinding tech such as compasses or sextants. They buy Karma Dust as an easy-to-transport-but-highly-illegal trade good, and their dealer vanishes just shortly before the Green Inquisition comes by looking for him.

Satral hides himself and the contraband by turning into a spider that hides within Talem clothes, and while Talem barely contains their disgust, Jean ValJean talks to the porcelain-handed Verdant Druids, who eventually leave, but do not forget that anyone who will give them a hint that helps them find and apprehend the dealer will be richly rewarded.

After this, the group decides is time for the Vantablack to venture further into the Ultraviolet Grasslands. Feeding on Talem’s gifts of Milk and Honey provides sustenance but is ultimately unfulfilling and a source of some unwanted bowel movements. The group reaches the Moon River without further huge incident and crosses via the swampy Banks of B.U.G., but without running into the B.U.G. swarm or getting lost between the waterlogged banks.

As they reach the vicinity of the Near Moon, they fight off a flock of Moon Birds, but not before Satral’s Soul is greatly diminished by the birds’ otherworldly hunger; meanwhile Jean ValJean is caught in Satral’s Tarantella spell and dances the day away.

The group finally drives off the flock, killing most of it, and is then greeted by a quad of quarterlings, who tell off people going to the Near Moon looking for rare treasure and untild riches. This motivates Satral to turn into a giant Spider to shoot some Webbing to cross the distance to the Near Moon. The group then crosses the Webbing and reaches the Moon, but not without Giant Spider Satral eating the quarterlings and learning to like the taste of fresh flesh …