The Burning of the Crimson Citadel and the Trail to the Grass Colossus

While Talem recovers, Buck Dharma and Jean Val Jean try to find out about Kris Klothrich in Your Life Burns Faster in this House. While they do find out that Kris is on his way to the [[Grass_Colossus?]], Buck generates 700 cash of debt and Jean parties hard enough to wake up cradling a bag of body parts ….

Meanwhile, Dirk the Bard earns good coin entertaining the polybody Princes at the Black House, and generates enough sympathies that he will later draw a crowd when Buck Dharma vitalizes one of the Columnar Defense Golems. That unfortunately results in a Mobile Death Heat Fire Laser ray toting Golem. The Golem’s first victim is Buck himself, who realized too late that the vitalization made the Golem neither smart, nor lose his DHFL ray …. the ensuing crossfire between the vitalized Golem seeking freedem and the immobile Defense Golems nonetheless causes tremendous damage, and the lightly crisped remainder of the Ü.P.S. company takes the cover of oily smoke and ongoing fires to leave towards the Trail of the Colossus, where they immediately get hit, lose their shoes and Constitution to the thorny and thirsty fauna, are bitten by biomechanical bees, but finally reach one of the trading places of the Lime Nomads. There, they pick up Sartar Crimsonbane, a young Greenlandish Arachnomorphist riding a Source-corrupted ‘horse’ with way too many joints in it’s legs and all other body parts put together … wrong.

Having filled it’s ranks, the Ü.P.S. company ventures to investigate the Iron Obelisk that is rusting in the nearby grassland. They find that Kris has put his autograph on the Obelisk, but attempts to take the autograph with them only leads into Jean slightly bending Talem’s pickaxe.

After a couple more days of travel, passing by herds of confused and distracted biomeelefants and metal-infested brontotheres, the group finally reaches the western valley where the [[Grass_Colossus?]], holy site of the Nomad Shamen, is found …

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