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The Grass Colossus -- Catching up with Khris

The group reaches the Grass Colossus, observes a Sky Chariot fight, bets and wins a sizable price from Rattle Limonc, a shaman on duty at the Grass Colossus.

The group learns from Rattle that Khris indeed is around here with his boyfriend “Bob” and also remarks that that boyfriend looks somewhat like the Divine President who allegedly hired the Ü.P.S. company to assassinate Khris.

After a confrontation that was de-escalated mainly through Dirk the Bard’s airguitar performance and Jean’s fangirlism, it is proven that “Bob” is indeed the Divine President and Khris and Bob have eloped to escape the traditions of the Orangelander Courts.

The group agreed to go to the Black City to steal a new Sliver of Divinity so that Bob does not have to give his life and liver to the future incarnation of the Divine President, and they each swear on the Seal of the Divine President that they will keep to the new deal. Everyone will get their prize after delivery: Jean a special night with Bob&Khris, Dirk a Flamethrower-Guitaraxe, and Saltar Crimsonbane a blade made of shadow …