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The Long Ridge; investigating the Sky Tower; the Serpent Stone Marker

The group decided to liquidate the Ü.P.S. company after Bob absolved them of the original contract, and with funding from Bob they equipped a new Caravan, now called The Vantablack. Along the [[Long_Ridge?]] they visited the [[Sky_Tower?]], which they climbed with the help of Spider Magic and sheer bodily might, and met the Sky Gazer Ghost which gave Satral Crimsonbane the constellation that will increase his mystic might and allow him insight into his secret desire, Dirk the Bard advice how to deal with Fallen Stars, and refused to share his biggest Secret with Jean ValJean … Satral also tried to use the Crystal Telescope and just so avoided losing an eye from the intense brightness of the star it was currently pointed at.

Eventually the Sky Gazer Ghost implied the group was about to overstay their welcome, and they made it back down to the Grasslands more or less intact. The Vantablacks decided to trek on further West and finally arrived at the [[Serpent_Stone_Marker?]] despite the harsh winds and the carnivorous grass. Now, almost out of supplies, they will attempt to trade with others that have been attracted to thr Serpent Stone Marker …

New important members of the Caravan:

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