Through the Lime Nomad Steppe

Leaving the Violet City in pursuit of Kris Klothrich, the group encounters several Lime Nomad Scouting groups and finally the Great Matriarch’s travel court, undeterred by bladder infections and “sprained shoulders” (might actually be sprained shoulders, might be terrible hangovers).

Buck Dharma tries to catch a horned horse and force-punches it to the afterlife in the process. Talem has little luck trying to find a good trade. Jean Val Jean is mostly annoyed by the red-eye from the harsh dust.

After about four weeks of travel, they make it to the Potsherd Crater where they meet some prospectors on their way out (compared to the prospectors the group is seriously under-armed), and decide to go and see if they can find something of value where the prospectors came from. The group makes it to the Waterlogged Quarry, where Buck scares of a Grotesque Toad. Later, Talem and Jean decide to go fight some prowling Cave Lions; and by hair’s breadth survive killing one and scaring away the other.

Badly hurting from the fight, the group finally makes it to the [[Porcelain_Citadel?]], having found some 130 coins worth of sanguine porcelain in the quarry themselves…

Administratively: Talem and Buck Dharma level up.

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