Towards the Violet City

Dirk the Bard, Buck Dharma, and Talem found the Ü.P.S. Company to head into the Ultraviolet Grasslands. Their financer is the Divine President who hired them to find his favorite beautiful Gladiator, Kris Klothrich.

At the gates to the Violet City, gateway to the Grasslands, Dirk is so distracted by the beautiful view that his Axe Guitar gets stolen. In the Musical Weapons Store, Ba Damak is very interested in the Punch-Pistols, but the high price makes him back off. Dirk manages to negotiate a better price for his Axe Guitar by threatening to continue singing.

Talem finally tries to investigate where Kris is, and decides the best way is to go get wasted and maybe find the fugitive pugiliston the party circuit where he was last seen. Talem eventually finds out that Kris did indeed party hard in the Violet City, but about a week ago decided to head out to the Lime Nomads, a rather unhospitable area of the Ultraviolet Grasslands.

Nonetheless, the Ü.P.S. decides to follow that lead and heads into the unforgiving steppe the Lime Nomads call home.