Under The Village

The village of /“Backwater”/ is small and poor. Some farms, a temple, a smithy. The kingdom has recently fought in a war, and some young ones went there. They came back, still without experience, because the war was not bloody, but with some equipment and a hunger for adventure.

Then the earthquake opened a sinkhole in the wood. The village elders saw among the rubble and dirt a floor of flagstones some 60 feet down, some broken columns, and a wooden door in the western wall. While the townsfolk knit a long ropeladder, the young adventurers were called upon to take a look in and find out if there might be something interesting to be found.


YOU are these adventurers. From the kingdom, you got a spear, a helm and a wooden shield, and you got 3d6x10 gold in pay for your services to the crown.

Roll six times 3d6 in order and create your adventurer. Traditional order to roll in B/X (Moldvay) rules, or Old School Essentials, is STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA.
Basic Rules for free: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0017/2330/1933/files/Old-School_Essentials_-_Basic_Rules_v1-3.pdf?v=1592721551
As per B/X, it is possible to raise one stat by 1 for lowering another by 2.

Characters The Fallen
Suki the Dwarven Retainer, mo:12Taiwar Ruen, Fighter
Pat “Firescar”, Thief Furny the haunted furnace
Wally Glowvale, Thief Leoneiros Stormwind, Cleric
Frodde Froddson, Thief Ysabet Littleoak, Magic-User
Yaelle Littleoak, Magic-User
Tarryn Tyne, Magic-User
Drefdalf the Giant, Halfling
CHP the Pinöp, Fighter
Yoric Littleoak, Thief Retainer, mo:9
Yvette Littleoak, Fighter Retainer, mo:9

The dungeon crawl starts here: https://discord.gg/mUwwXY6

The first delve revealed that there is more down there than meets the eye: A labyrinth, weird cultists, lots of dead bodies, bats and spiders. What else is there to find? …

___ House Rules: