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Three months ago, the theocracy of Queen Abigail IV of Dawn was overthrown by a rebel group called the Silver Reclamation. The ruling party was replaced by the 7 leaders of the Silver Reclamation, a shadowy group known as the Council of Ravens. The Council of Ravens abolished religious rule in the nation and dissolved the Dawn Knights that made up much of Dawn’s ground military. Loyalists have been ousted from political positions across the country and towns encouraged to select replacements democratically.

Dawn’s economy is based largely around tea and the newly legalized opium. Most major cities are known for a special tea blend or strain of opium, encouraging trade within the nation, heavy taxes on opium fund public works and repairs on damage done during the rebellion. Previously, Dawn traded naval supplies and support, as well as tea to neighboring Ospar, but since the rebellion, no new arrangements have been made. Shipments have been delayed and payments missed. Ospar has placed no new orders since the end of the last trade agreement and diplomats have been sent to Ospar’s capital in an effort to smooth over the relationship.

The Acrana Empire, formerly an enemy of Dawn has reopened negotiations with the new regime. Their war efforts against Ospar have been hindered by Dawn’s naval support for Ospar for months. Their Empress has sent her son to Dawn in an attempt to create an ally against Ospar.