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Springkernel sits at the far reaches of Dawn, just by the mountain pass that separates the country from Ospar. The smell of manure, fresh grassland and warm weather makes for a rustic town. Springkernel is a small friendly place, The kind where everybody knows each other. It sits near the foot of the spine of the world, children and old folk tell tales about the dangers of the spine and how it is the birthplace of monsters, though this story is believed to have been invented by adults to keep the children from wandering around the mountain without supervision long ago.

Though the people of Ospar didn’t involve themselves in the rebellion, few towns were hit as hard by the new regime. Springkernal’s main source of income was international trade with Ospar and illegal opium farming. Since the rebellion, Springkernel has had a difficult time arranging trade with Ospar, and the new taxes on opium have made the industry less profitable. To make matters worse, the dawn knights protecting the village were dissolved and the loyalist mayor ousted from his position. The village has not been able to settle on a new leader, and bandit and monster attacks are becoming frequent on unprotected caravans. No organized militia can be formed without leadership, and no national aid can come until the Council of Ravens is able to rebuild the military.

Presently, Springkernel aims to be as self-sufficient as possible. Most tea and opium farmers have shifted to growing food to support the citizens that cannot rely on trade goods anymore. Meanwhile, the biggest tea farming family, the Rockflares, and the biggest opium family, the Bellerets, vie for control of the town, making risky trade runs without protection in an attempt to curry enough favor to claim the mayorship. This rivalry has made tensions high in the normally friendly town.



Citizens of Springkernel