The Yellow City

The capital of Dawn, The Yellow City is named as such for its tall buildings that are the first thing in the valley lit by the sun each morning. Though the Council of Ravens has abolished the caste system of the old regime, continuing economic and systemic factors have kept groups separated within the city. Tieflings fill out the lower district, callously referred to as the Devil’s Menagerie. This district is filled with large, run down buildings split into small tenements that can be rented for next to nothing. Crime, corner scams, and dirty opium dens are common in this area. Most of the residents could not have afforded schooling under Abigail’s rule and are only able to find work as tea harvesters or opium farmers.

The middle class consists of all sorts of different people that were able to afford an education. These individuals make up Dawn’s skilled workforce. Many chose a specific study in school, leading them to join the associated trade guild once they are older. The architecture guild is the most famous, best known for creating the residential building on the continent, “The Morning Tower”. The middle-class people of Dawn are motivated but value a mix of work and relaxation. Poetry, theatre, and song are some of their favored pastimes.

The upper class consists almost entirely of humans and represent the richest people in the city. Most of them live in the luxurious suites of the Morning Tower, their height above the masses representing their wealth power. Under Queen Abigail, to become a member of the upper class one had to be a noble, and being a member afforded influence on the law and privilege with law enforcement. Though the Council of Ravens has abolished any legal distinction between the common man and the wealthy, the prestige of the tower is largely unchanged. Most law enforcement can be convinced to look the other way for the right coin, and their influence still places disproportionate pressure on the Council regarding legal matters.