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History of the 2nd Imperium:

Man’s quest for the stars is a long and bloody tale. It started 200 years from now with the Great Exodus. The Sol system had become crowded and dirty; Earth had been abandoned 30 years prior due to its corrupted atmosphere, and many people lived in massive colony stations orbiting the other planets. There was no single decision to leave, it happened station by station, group by group. Man had had enough of its single grimy solar system and reached out to the stars. FTL technology had not been invented yet, so great colony ships were built to ferry humanity to its myriad distant new homes. Over 2 billion people left in the following 20 years. Some left to get away from the unified human government, others left to pursue their own religious freedom. After they accelerated away from the heliosphere Sol lost contact with its newly mobile brethren.

300 years passed. The Solars, as they liked to be called, colonized and terreformed Mars, Luna, and the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn; all while developing what would become humanities greatest invention: the Jump Drive. With the advent of the Jump Drive Man could finally reach out into the galaxy and not lose touch as those who left in the Exodus had. This market the creation and expansion of the 1st Empire of Man. Ships were sent to many of the nearby colonies; Alpha Centauri, Browns Star, Doolan’s Landing, and others. Some systems were happy to be back in humanities warm embrace, while others coveted their autonomy and made war with the Empire. The Empire was helped again by the discovery of a curious device in the Heiggar System. Though it had long been suspected that some other intelligence had or did exist, no proof could be found until Heiggar was discovered. On the 5th planet of the Heiggar System an odd colored semi-metallic box the size of a grav car was found. It wasn’t until 5 years later that a scientist named Reydon Bakliish found out the devices purpose. What Reydon found was that he could generate with the device a separate but smaller dimension of space-time underneath our own. With the right device one could send signals through this ghost dimension and retrieved them at a speed faster than light could pass through our own dimension. FTL communication opened up the frontier of space like nothing else could, even the expansion that the Jump Drive facilitated was limited by its jump distance and the time spent in Jump Space. The Great Expansion had finally begun. Soon Man’s great empire stretched 120 light years across. New regions were being colonized as Old Space was being developed and advanced. But Man’s ambition would soon conspire to tear down its wonderful achievements.

The Empire had not truly treated it’s colonies with the same respect it gave to worlds colonized after the J-Drive, radicals and separatists still plagued the Imperial trade routes and unleashed attacks on Sol controlled worlds. It was one of these attacks that would affect the destiny of man for years to come. The terrorists called themselves the Galactic Protectors but they were more destructors than anything else. They would be but a footnote to history if it wasn’t for The Heiggar Assault. At 14:00 hours on day 137 of the Imperial calendar 10 G.P. gunboats dropped out of Jump Space and attacked Heiggar 5. It isn’t well understood if the Protectors were intentionally trying to crash the ghost dimension, all that is known is that at 14:57 H5 time Heiggar 5 was saturation nuked from orbit, the Ghost Box (as it had come to be known) was destroyed and 400,000 people were killed. In an instant the galaxy was plunged into the Great Silence. Until this point galactic expansion had left many worlds far outside the core. Many colonies were left to their own devices as factions of the Empire used the blackout to launch a series of wars. A great dark age crept over the galaxy for 150 years. For those left out in distant sectors life would never be the same.

Most worlds, inside and outside Imperial control lost contact with the Core worlds and had to get by themselves. Many died without the technology provided for them by their imperial masters, other thrived and expanded. For a little remembered region known as the Verge Sector this time would be the opportunity many had been looking for. During the Great Silence the Verge Sector grew its economies, its states, and its militaries. New worlds were colonized, new resources discovered. That all changed on the Imperial year 852, when the ISS Kenya jumped into the Hammer’s Star System. The Imperial Cruiser had been dispatched a year earlier from the core to reconvene contact with the wayward sector and to invite it into what was now being called the 2nd Imperium of Man. Many resisted, they had grown used to home rule in the intervening 150 years. A “Border War” was fought and finally concluded with the Verge Pact. The Pact stated that all former Imperial colonies would be ceded back to the Imperium and all other worlds would be offered acceptance, but no world that had refused Imperial influence would be allowed to trade unless they ceded their sovereignty.

This is the state of things now in Verge Space, the Imperium stalks the edges and the Vergers get by, there are wonders still to be discovered, and horrors too. This is your world, the Imperial year 911.