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< or take a look at a [[ |Sector map.]]


> or take a look at the [[ |sector map]].

This Brave New World:

welcome traveller, to the Verge sector. here you will find opportunities around every corner. though the space between the stars is dark, an unrelenting spirit will carry you through any endeavor. will you fight off Verger rebels among the Imperial space lanes, or battle Lotus Star Empire frigates for control of new worlds? will you smuggle censored data files to corporate planets, or be the first to unlock the secrets the Ancients left behind on Oberon 4? all these questions and more await you out among the stars!

where to go from here?

check out the History of the Imperium and the Verge.

read a list of UWPs of the verge.

or take a look at the sector map.