Ethandun is a small town located on the Northern shore of the Hohnberg Pact’s lands. The town has a few notable dockside inns, such as 'The Wandering Eel', 'The Drunken Eel' and 'The Howling Den'.

The market in Ethandun is a located in the town square, with stalls generally arranged by the type of wares that are being sold. Just to the south of the town square is The Broken Fang Inn.

Ethandun, like other coastal cities and towns, has a problem with petty criminals. There are a number of prolific petty criminals, such as Adalric Brandt, Arkadi Heavypick and Hrolf Altmann. The guard in Ethandun are known to be somewhat corrupt. This is due to the relative poverty of the town, which has experienced a general decline in prosperity since the mines nearby closed.