Karzon Khull, Gray Cabal Shadow Mage


Ras: Human
Lengte: 1.83 m
Gewicht: 63 kg
Leeftijd: 21 jaar
Haar: Wit
Ogen: Blauw, bloeddoorlopen

-Grijze, vuile wizard robes
-Grijze surcoat
-Grijze cloak


General XP Overzicht XP Overzicht
XP:28.875Creation 0
level:5Sundabar 5.000
HP 16Correctie 23.875
Stats Saves Proficiencies Proficiencies Weapons
Str:8PPDM :14Common NA Looting 16Dagger
Dex:16RSW :11Reading/Writing 16Sig. Spell Spook NA
Con:8PP :13Spellcraft 13Sig. Spell Wraithform NA
Int:15BW :15Prestigidation 15
Wis:16SPELL:12 10Herbalism 13
Cha:11Tattooing 16


1st level 2nd level3rd level
Cantrip Shadow Spray Wraithform
Detect Magic Spectral HandShadowweave
Read Magic Melf’s Acid ArrowMailed might
Kreshenk’s Shadow Mask Darkness 15’ radVampiric Touch
Shadow Lock Rope Trick
Sleep Shadow Sight
Shocking Grasp
Chill Touch

Karzon is a long, thin human with a frail posture. He looks like has been sick for several months and hasn’t slept either. His skin is almost white, his eyes are bloodshot. He wears grey, stained robes under a surcoat, a cloak and a thick shawl (even on warm days). He keeps his white hair shoulder long and has no beard or moustache. All over his body (underneath his clothes) he has tattoos of mythical beasts. He has a distinct smell of spell components and a rather weird smell of anise. He drinks a foul smelling cup of tea every evening to try to heal his broken health. He gets fits of coughs at the worst possible moments.

Karzon is a reserved person. He tries to stay on the background in order to not draw attention to himself. He is also (slightly) paranoid. Furthermore he is a real “warhoofd”. Constantly losing stuff in his robes and forgetting less important things. He has little confidence in his physical powers and would rather run than fight if possible. He is a bit of a coward.

Magical items: http://campaignwiki.org/wiki/Vleuten/Wand


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