Recap February 13, 2021

They were all waking up from a long rest when several loud knocks were heard on the door to their guest room. Riva grabbed her bow and knocked an arrow and motioned for someone to answer the door.

Henrik called out “Who’s there?”

It was one of the hobgoblin guards. He said “We waited as long as we could to bother you. The drow attacked about an hour after you all went to rest. Azrok and Lurkana have been fighting for about 7 hours. They need rest and recovery and healing. Can you help us? Please?”

They prepared as quickly as they could. Opening the door they could hear fighting close by and mostly to the south of where they had rested. Azrok and Lurkana were in their room according to one of the goblins that they met as they made their way south towards the intersection that led either south to Skullport or north to DrowTown.

They met many groups of drow along the way. Sometimes there would be a phase spider with the group but it was mostly 3-4 drow with 1 or 2 elite drow as their commanders. The group fell into at least one ambush with Pixel taking the brunt of that attack as she had been in the front at the time.

They finally made it down to the intersection. There was a large group of hobgoblins, goblins and bugbears forming a line to stop the drow from coming any closer. An invisible spider was blocking the path and the worg fighting it could not bring it down. Hetty stepped up and took the spider down with three solid attacks. Riva stood in the entrance to the passageways and fired her crossbow at the incoming drow. Vedra moved next to Hetty with Henrik close behind to try to block up the choke point. Kataract stood beside Riva and fired his hand crossbow. Jasper cast Ray of Frost and Sleet Storm to slow their enemies down.

A cheer come up from the south. Hobgoblins from Skullport who had left Azrok’s Hold when Azrok had lost his magical dagger had arrived. More reinforcements were coming from Skullport soon.

The last drow fell. The group healed the work of Azrok’s crew and then decided to head back into DrowTown while the offensive was hot. They did not encounter anything until they had reached the area that they had made it into last time. They began to encounter giant spiders as they made their way north. They found many empty rooms. They did not see any drow as they had before. The plan was to take out the giant spiders, search the rooms for any drow or other combatants and gear that they could use. Then, take the north passage that Vedra had located which according to Azrok and Lurkana would lead to an old temple built by the dwarfs where the drow had set up their headquarters.