Recap June 13, 2020

They needed to rest and recover. They went back to the old storeroom and made a small camp. Jasper stood guard while the others took a long rest. They were not disturbed for those 8 hours. They decided to go back to the west where they had encountered the skeletal minotaurs.

This area consists of numerous intersecting passages. The ceilings here are only six feet high, and several of the passages end in partially excavated rock faces.

They went west and then north and then they entered a larger cavern

A still pool fills much of this cavern. The water is dark, revealing little of what might lie within. The shore of the pool consists of a thin layer of broken shells from strange, pale mussels, and a fishy odor hangs in the air. A passage leads south from this area, and a set of steps climbs up to the east. A sluggish stream flows out of the cave to the northeast.

They did a quick search of the beach but did not find anything. Pixel said she would shapeshift and check the water out. Riva felt that the water was bad and they should check other areas in the mine before going into the water. They checked out the stream to the north and then explored to the east and up the stairs to an intersection with passages to the south and to the north and a door straight to the east. Before they could get to the door, a bugbear appeared out of the shadows at the northern passage and he aimed his bow and took a shot but did not hit anyone.

Henrik, Hetty and Pixel moved to the north while Jasper, Kataract and Riva stayed in the back to give support from spells and ranged attacks. Jasper cast Sleet Storm so the two bugbears were knocked prone and any other enemies that entered that area would also have a chance to be knocked prone. It worked as he first bugbear dropped easily but another was behind it. Down the passage to the east was another larger cavern. Henrik could see a figure in the cavern but he could not tell what it was.

Suddenly the door opened and more bugbears with spears and hand axes were inside the room. There was also a bugbear caster of some kind just beyond a fire pit. It was standing in front of a door that had a large table blocking it to prevent people from entering from the other side. This must be the door that Henrik could not open.

Two of the bugbears hit Kataract who was standing right where the door opened. Jasper dropped back and cast Ray of Frost at the bugbear caster. Riva stepped forward to attack the original two bugbears and after they fell, she moved back to where she could attack into the room where the door had just opened. Hetty Henrik and Pixel went to the east to see what the creature was the Henrik could identify. As they got close they could see it was a githyanki and it was holding a greatsword and it looked like it was smiling. Pixel sent two saber-tooth tigers to attack the githyanki. Henrik and Hetty moved forward. There was an explosion as the other half of the group were hit by a fireball that the bugbear caster had cast on them. Pixel rushed back to provide healing. Between the saber-tooth tigers, Hetty and Henrik, the githyanki soon was killed but it transformed into a strange-looking humanoid creature and its weapon and armor fell to the floor with several clanks. It was really a doppelganger. They didn’t stop to investigate the room and rushed back to help on the second front of the battle. Hetty and Henrik entered the room, Pixel provided healing spells, Kataract cast Haste on Riva who filled the air with crossbow bolts that dropped many of the bugbears. Jasper ended the first Sleet Storm and cast another one into the room causing all of the bugbear but the caster to drop prone. He then cast Ray of Frost on the caster. The bugbear continued to attack even on the floor but they were soon cut down by Henrik and Hetty leaving just the caster who after casting several spells was overwhelmed but the group.

After searching the room and finding some coins and taking some of the bugbear gear, they moved north and then to the west. There was another mining area where Jasper found a half pound of platinum. Just before the mining area there was a short passage to the north that ended in a set of double doors.

Henrik opened the doors and inside they saw:

Six cracked marble pillars line the walls of this hall, at the north end of which stands a nine-foot-tall statue of a dwarf seated on a throne, a mighty stone warhammer across his lap. Large emeralds gleam in the statue’s eyes. The dust and debris covering the floor has been swept to one side, and a campsite of sorts now spreads in front of the statue. Half a dozen bedrolls and packs are neatly arranged around a rough-built fire pit. A wooden table stands on the west side of the room between two pillars.

Jasper knew that the state was Dumathion, the dwarven god of mining.

Four blink dogs were situated at various points around the room. They all looked up as the doors were opened. Two githyanki warriors stand by the table, flanking another githyanki dressed in black leather armor and robes. He clutches a black staff and frowns as he sees you.

“Get them” the githyanki on black leather armor and robes said as he began to cast a spell. The blink dogs teleported to areas that would be advantageous to attack the group as they entered the room. The two closest blink dogs attacked Henrik. The others waited for more of the group to enter the room. They did enter the room but the blink dogs were not able to stop them. Soon the half the blink dog had fallen and one of the githyanki warriors had fallen as well. The caster githyanki had cast a fireball injuring some of the same folks that had been hit with the fireball in the last battle. The caster githyanki them misty stepped down the passage to the east and waited for anyone to follow. {pixel shifted into a saber-tooth tiger and leaped in to attack the blink dogs. After defeating the warrior and the rest of the blink dogs they moved to attack the githyanki caster. As they were moving in for the kill, the githyanki caster suddenly cast Dimension Door and was gone. Hetty rushed forward and found she was in the cavern where they had fought the githyanki/doppelganger. Henrik followed her but did not go as far as he wanted to wait for the rest of the group to catch up. Riva, Pixel, Jasper and Kataract began to follow. There was a door they had not opened but they felt they needed to find the githyanki caster first.

Hetty did not even slow down for the ravine in the middle of the room. She had see a passageway in the northern part of the cavern. She had a hunch that was the way the caster had gone. She paused after making the jump to wait for Henrik and Riva and any of the others that were going follow her. Riva said where do you think you are going? Wait for us so you are not alone. Hetty nodded and ran on ahead with Henrik and Riva with plans to follow her. Riva easily made the jump across the ravine. As she was jumping she saw a pile of rocks that looked like it was not put where it was by accident. She called for Jasper who came to look at what she had seen. Henrik had problems both going down the ravine and going back up the other side. Riva handed him some rope to get him up the other side. Jasper and Kataract used Kataract’s rope to climb down and they both went over to check out the rock pile. Buried under heavy rubble at the bottom of the rift is the crushed skeleton of a dwarf wearing gauntlets that did not look like they had been buried under anything. Riva could tell that the skeleton was much older than 5 years, so this dwarf was not one of the Rockseeker brothers. Jasper had seen gauntlets like these before. Dwarfs liked to use these to increase their strength. Jasper would need to cast Identify to find out which version of the gauntlets these were. He determined these were gauntlets of ogre power. They decided Henrik would benefit the most from gauntlets.

To the south of the room was a dry water channel that led to the smelter room that was filled with zombies and 2 flameskulls. Pixel went this way to see if the caster had gone this way. The others followed Hetty.

Hetty had entered an even larger cavern:

A narrow ledge overlooks a large cavern that houses a surging, seething body of water. The rhythmic booming heard throughout the mines is louder here. At regular intervals, a fresh surge of water funnels into this chamber and slams against the wall just below the ledge. The echo suggests that this cave might be one arm of a much larger cavern to the northeast.

The waves in this cavern were what had been making those odd booming sounds they had heard as they had been exploring the mines.

To the southeast was another passageway with stairs leading up. Hetty and Henrik moved towards the stairs with the others looking around the wave cavern. Pixel has looked through the saber-tooth tigers’ eyes and had seen the waves and the now dry water channel and was immediately concerned that the water would rise and flood the place. Riva checked and did not see where the water had rose that high at any time soon. Perhaps there was another way the water flowed into the water channel.

Pixel waited in the smelter room while the others moved to the stairs where Hetty and Henrik waited for them so they could all enter at once.

Climbing up the stairs they saw:

Glittering minerals in the ceiling of this large cavern catch the light and send it back to create the impression of a starry night sky. Dozens of skeletons-many crushed under fallen debris-are scattered across the floor.

The cave is large enough that it contains two freestanding structures. Each of these stone buildings is proportioned for human use, as opposed to the dwarf-sized doorways and furnishings you’ve seen elsewhere in the mines. Both structures have battered and blackened masonry walls, their double doors cracked and scorched.

The cavern is divided by an escarpment, into which a flight of stairs has been cut. Passages lead out of this area to the north (the one they had entered from), south, and west.

Henrik went to the first door he saw. It was barely hanging by its hinges. He was able to open it. The room inside looked to be some kind of work-space. where items being prepared for enchantment were polished, lacquered, and otherwise finished. This room has been almost completely destroyed.

He saw a door just to the south. It was easier to open than the first one. Inside he saw:

This large workshop was badly damaged by the ancient spell battle that laid waste to the mine. Worktables taking up two corners of the room are scorched, and the plaster has been burned off the masonry walls. In the middle of the room, a stone pedestal holds a small brazier in which an eerie green flame dances and crackles. The brazier and its pedestal appear to have been untouched by the forces that destroyed this area.

Behind the brazier of green flame floats a spherical creature measuring roughly four feet in diameter. Eight eye-stalks float around its central mass, four on each side. In the center of the body is a large eye that stares at you. The creature was clearly undead.

“Hello,” says a thick, burbling voice inside your head.

Henrik said hello and asked what this creature was doing here. It replied that they were trespassing and were not authorized to be in the mine and that they should leave now. If they did not leave, it would be forced to destroy them.

Pixel and Riva determined that this was a death tyrant, a variety of undead beholder. They had no desire to fight such a nasty and powerful creature. Communicating with it they realized it had been altered or damaged so that it did not realize that the orcs and evil wizards had destroyed the mine complex. They asked if the name Phandelver meant anything to it. It said that was the proper name of the mines but Wave Echo Cave was what it had become to be known as as. It even said that it made regular patrols and found no evidence of the death and destruction the group spoke of. Several times it seemed to be in thought and then it would say, you do speak the truth thought I do not see what you all see. They convinced it to come with them to see the skeletons but he did not see them. He said I will give you an hour. At that time, I will be forced to destroy you.

It seemed to the group that it did not come to the mines on its own but had been ordered or summoned to guard the complex. If they could convince it that the ones that had summoned him were no longer alive, it might decide to leave and return to its home. Riva who could speak Undercommon and Kataract began to speak with it and to tell it about the war with the orcs, that the wizards who had summoned it were long dead. It took awhile but it started to come around but it was not convinced until Jasper, the group’s Documancer, showed him the history of the wave echo cave wars that he had copied from the Phandalin Town Hall. In that history was a list of wizards that had died or whose bodies were never found. He recognized several of them. That was when he knew. He would return to his home plane as his orders had been fulfilled.

It said give me a minute. He moved around the room that had been his for the last 100 years. He said even though he was forced to live here, it still felt like his home since he had been there for so long. He nodded towards a workbench in the corner of the room and then looked all around and said “Take good care of her for me.”

And then it was gone.

They looked at the workbench and saw two items that stood out from the others because they were not damaged from the explosions that happened in the mines during the battle with the orcs. They found a mace The head of which was shaped like a sunburst and made of solid brass. There was also a breastplate that had a gold dragon motif worked into its design. They would Identify these two items later.

They moved down the stairs to the lower level of the large cavern of the glittery ceiling. They saw another set of double doors and Henrik opened them up to find:

Dust, ash, walls blackened by fire, and heaps of debris beneath the sagging ceiling show that this room was damaged by a destructive blast. The furnishings-tables, chairs, bookshelves, beds-are charred or splintered, but otherwise well preserved. A scorched iron chest stands near the foot of one of the beds.

Henrik went over to the chest and poked it with his pike. Hetty relaxed a bit. It was not a mimic so he used the end of the pike to try to open the chest. They all heard a voice coming from somewhere:

“Your presence is offensive to me, your life forfeit. My treasures are mine alone, not yours to plunder!”

A wraith like creature rose from the floor in the northeast corner.

They talked to the creature and learned his name was Mormesk and that he was one of the wizards, actually the last wizard to die in the battle that was brought by the orcs. He gave them an option, destroy the vile creature to the north and then come back and he would not kill them. They said it is already gone. He concentrated for a bit and then said ah, indeed it is. They continued to talk with him and he agreed to continue watching over the mine while they continued to explore the area of the mine that they had not discovered yet. They were meaning to go back to the door they had not opened near the temple to Dumathion but they did not tell that to Mormesk. They opened the chest to Mormesk could look at the treasure in it. There were different coins and some gems but he only looked on a wooden pipe adorned with platinum filigree. They also added the mithral and platinum that Jasper had found in the mine to the chest.

They noticed a room to the south and went inside to see a small library like area with several shelves. Most of the shelves had ruined books on them but a handful of magically preserved tomes remained. Jasper asked if they could look at these books. Mormesk said sure. They are mostly histories.

Right before they were going to leave they asked Mormesk could tell them about the mine. Mormesk said he would. It was a grand operation built around the ores found in the mines that the dwarves and gnomes worked and the human and gnome wizards that came to create magic items, weapons and shields mostly, to for great men and woman around the realms to fight evils of all kinds. There are two such items in the room to the north that held the vile creature. They told him that they have those items. He seemed pleased and said I hope you can put them to good use.

They left and went to the south. They soon found themselves in another large cavern:

Dense carpets of weird fungi cover large sections of the floor in this cavern. The growth includes puffballs a foot across, weird shelf fungus growing on stalagmites, and large stalks and caps a good five feet tall. Some of the puffballs glow with an eerie green phosphorescence.

Riva looked down and told the others to stop. She pointed at a section of the fungi and said we must be careful walking near those. They will release poisonous gas into the air. Pixel shapeshifted into an eagle and flew across the room and found she was back at the room with the many stirges clunge to the ceiling.

They then went back to the room close to the temple to Dumathion. Henrik found the door was locked. Hetty appeared and picked the lock really quick and then moved out of the way so Henrik could open it. Inside the room they saw:

Dusty draperies adorn the walls of this room, which also contains a bed and brazier. A dwarf skeleton lies on the stone floor. Its leather armor has begun to deteriorate but the boots he was wearing were in better shape. It was holding a small metal object in his left hand. Henrik took the object and saw it had dwarven runes written on it. He passed it to Jasper who read the inscription:

“Boot to the head”

While he was looking at the body he noticed something odd about the heel of the boot on the right leg. He cast Detect Magic and something inside the heel was glowing. He asked Hetty over who looked it over and them said Ah there it is. She took the heel and twisted it just a little to the left and a secret compartment opened up. Inside was a coin purse and an old note.

Jasper opened the coin purse and he soon realized that this coin purse was a coin purse of holding. It was smaller smaller than a bag of holding but otherwise functioned as a bag of holding. The old note was written in dwarven as well.

Gundren I am at the end. But we found it! Too many monsters and the damned drow. The magic seems lessened but the ore is abundant. Avenge me and re-open the mines.

Your brother – Nundro

They had found one of the two missing brothers. But they were still not sure which brother they had found at the entrance to the mine, Gundren or Tharden. They knew that Gundren was from Neverwinter. There was probably a trip to Neverwinter in their future.

Inside the bag Jasper found 5lbs of mithral ore and 4lbs of platinum ore.