Recap June 27, 2020

They decided to head back towards the fungus room with a stop by Mormesk’s room to ask what they had missed in the mine. He said that they would need to see the Main entrance. Pixel flew over the fungus while the rest of the group went back to the north and then west to get to the room with many stirges.

Many tunnels intersect at this natural, thirty-foot-high cavern. The walls are carved with simple reliefs showing dwarf and gnome miners hard at work. Below them, nearly two dozen skeletons in rusted scraps of armor are scattered across the cavern floor. Some are dwarf skeletons, while others are orc remains. Half a dozen large brass lanterns stand in niches or on ledges around the cavern, but none are lit.

As they entered the area, the majority of the stirges formed into a swarm and made its way towards Pixel who had invaded their space first. Jasper cast Ice Storm killing many in the swarm but the swarm continued to move about. Hetty and Henrik rushed to assist Pixel. The swarm had attacked Pixel and several stirges had attached themselves to her. Henrik swatted the stirges off of Pixel killing them in the process. Kataract cast Haste on Reva. Reva fired her crossbow into the swarm. Soon the swarm as no more. They looked around the room and saw several more stirges on the ceiling but they were not aggressive so the group moved to the southern passageway.

About 20ft down the corridor there was a door to the east and a door to the west. They decided to open the one to the east first. It was not locked. Henrich opened the door:

This chamber was once an office or storeroom of some kind. A large stone counter bisects the room, set with three dusty balance scales made of iron. Cubbyholes carved into the north wall are stuffed with dusty paper scraps. Several long dead corpses-gnomes and ores by their look-are sprawled across the floor.

Henrik was immediately attacked by two fire elementals on either side of the door. They both missed. Henrik positioned himself to attack, Reva stood behind him to shoot arrows into the room, Hetty ran up to assist Henrik, Jasper cast Ice Storm knowing that the ice and sleet would prevent them from being caught on fire by the fire elementals. Pixel cast Conjure animals and two dire wolves appeared on the other side of the counter. Something moved in the shadows and the githyanki spellcaster that had got away from them earlier was now cornered. But he would not go down without a fight. Hetty shadow stepped into the room and positioned herself to attack the gith. The gith cast magic missile on Hetty doing minimal damage and then he made an attack on her but missed. Kataract cast Haste on Hetty and she made multiple attacks on the gith and the two fire elementals. The fire elementals kept attacking Henrik until Kataract rushed into the room attacked on of the elementals and then ran back out of the room. The elementals made attacks on him but both of them missed. The gith was defeated first, followed closely by the fire elementals. (see the treasure email I sent)

They moved to the door to the west. They opened it slowly. Splintered stone benches and heaps of rubble from a partially collapsed ceiling fill this room. Amid ruined stone bunks and toppled weapon racks are the bones of several dwarves and ores. Pizel sent the dire wolves into the room. As soon as the dire wolves crossed the threshold of the door, the majority of the skeletons animated and moved to attack. Hetty ran into the room with the dire wolves and she took out one of the skeletons. Jasper cast Fireball, taking out all of the skeletons. They did a quick search but did not find anything.

Mormesk has asked them to stop back by before they left the mine. Reva had carved a pipe holder of him. He thanked them for the gift. They told Mormesk they would be checking out the wave echo cave to the north before they left. He nodded and they moved on to the north.

A narrow ledge overlooks a large cavern that houses a surging, seething body of water. The rhythmic booming heard throughout the mines is louder here. At regular intervals, a fresh surge of water funnels into this chamber and slams against the wall just below the ledge. The echo suggests that this cave might be one arm of a much larger cavern to the northeast.

Pixel wildshaped into a giant octopus and slipped into the water. It was warmer than she thought it would be. She could see a bubbling to the northeast that reminded her of a hotsprings. It looked like the hotsprings may be causing the waves. Pixel also saw a large wooden and metal contraption on bottom of the bay. She thought it might be something to bring water up to the old sluice that allowed water to turn the waterwheel near the blast furnace and bellows in the room just to the southwest.

Hetty shadow stepped out to an island. She looked out across the water. She could see a bubbling out in the underground lake. She thought it might be a hot spring. She told the others and Reva said she would like to see it for herself but it does seem to be the cause of the waves. Hetty tested the water and it was warmer than back where the contraption had been found.

Pixel cast Control Water to empty the area of water so they could investigate the contraption closer. They found large bucket that they assumed would carry water up to the sluice. Pixel asked everyone to get out of the bay so she could bring the water back and then up into the sluice. She got the water into the sluice but the waterwheel did not turn.

They did a bit more looking around and then they decided to leave. They would stop by the Manor House to check in with Gildha before heading back to the Stonehill Inn to rest. They would leave for Neverwinter the next day.

Gildha told them she had made contact with Trollskull Tavern and that the Tavern had made 60gp over the past tenday.

The reconstruction of the manor house is going good. We have cleaned out the Office space (areas 11 and 12, see map) and Patsky’s room (area 9) and have started to repair all of the furniture in both rooms. I do not think we need to purchase new furniture for now, unless you want to. I have started a filing system that I think will be beneficial. All of the folks we hired are good workers. Several have said they are happy to have a steady job instead of being hired for a day or two here and there. I estimate we have another 8 days of work which puts us 12 days ahead of the original schedule.

I am recommending we then move on to areas 10 and 7. There are still remnants of the rituals that were performed there that need removing. The sooner that is completely gone, the better I will feel.

They had decided to have a picnic to get to know the citizens of Phandalin as well as see of they could find any more information about the mine, the Rockseeker dwarves and anything else. They would contact Acq Inc Headquarters to get more information about the quest Omin gave them in Neverwinter.

From the people of Phandalin they learned:

In Neverwinter there is a tavern that dwarves go to more than others, The Fallen Tower Tavern. That may be a good place to start looking for the Rockseekers.

Everything that goes on in Neverwinter is inexorably tied to Lord Dagult Nevcrcmber. After being ousted from his position as Open Lord of Waterdeep, Neverember took up the mantle of Lord Protector of Neverwinter.

The citizens of Neverwinter accepted the rule of an autocrat who brought peace and stability to a fractious city. With the foundation of his rule solidly established, Lord Neverember cracked down on the nobility and the guilds. whom the lower classes were more than happy to blame for any problems in the city.

Neverember has levied heavy taxes against wealthy merchants and the aristocracy.

They had several inns where they could stay:

Iron Flagon Inn - Located in the market district, the Iron Flagon Inn is known for its Poison Serpent ale, so named for its potency, and a spot for adventurers.

Shinning Serpent Inn - the largest and most popular guesthouse in Neverwinter. A clean and safe place to stay.

Moonstone Mask was one that all of the people in town said they could never afford to even go there. A quiet inn of comfortable quality famous among sailors, it’s also one of the most reknowned festhalls in Neverwinter. Most of the staff are beautiful anonymous women with moonstone-adorned half-masks. It was once part of the land but after a magical incident, it was now a floating island just off the docks. A bridge between the earthmote and the docks allows visitors to enter and exit the Moonstone.

After dinner they contacted Omin through Pixel’s Sending Stone:

I have a contact in Neverwinter who’s secured a cache of treasure. Her name is Oppal DeScart , and you can usually find her in a tavern in the Blacklake District known as the Stable Quiver. She’s a shapeshifter, so I can’t say for sure what she’ll look like when you locate her. You can suss her out with the passphrase “That’s a big hen house,” and she should reply with “Only to a small fox .” When you locate her, tell her that it’s safe to “Move the cargo along the Platinum Road.” And that’s it. She’ll give you the treasure to get out of Neverwinter safely. The whole affair should take a few hours, and then you can be on your way. You can get the goods to me when you return.”

He told them that the treasure is small but its container is warded, and that they should be prepared to store and carry it without looking in it. Omin wasn’t keen to get into additional details, though, suggesting that the less the characters know, the better.

They put two and two together and realized that Acquisitions Incorporated must still maintain significant financial holdings in Neverwinter. Given the current political climate in the city, those holdings are going to be overtaxed if they are discovered.

The party did not go that late into the evening. Kataract performed, Reva killed two deer and cooked it, Hetty coordinated with the Stonehill Inn to round out the meal. A good time was had by all.

The next morning, they set out for Neverwinter. Entering the city, they were asked why they were there and given a once over by the guards but they let them in to the city. They headed for the Shining Serpent and reserved rooms for the next couple of days. Hetty and Jasper headed to the Hall of Justice. Hetty to check out the Temple to Tyr, one member of the Triad. It was a small corner of the building when once the entire building was dedicated to Tyr. There was one cleric on duty. She made offerings and meditated.

The Hall of Justice was the former temple of Tyr. It is located on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Swords, and one of the few buildings left almost untouched by the pyroclastic flow. It has been the Seat of Government since Lord Dagult Neverember retured to the city to become Lord Protector of Neverwinter.

Jasper and Reva headed to the Documents and Archives room in The Halls of Justice to learn what they could about the claim or claims on the Wave Echo Mine. They found that there had not been a claim made on the mine since its heyday. There had been made a non-binding claim submitted 5 years earlier by Gundren Rockseeker but no official claim had ever been made. The group had instructed Jasper to make the claim as soon as possible once it was determined no one else had a claim. Looking over the legal-ease Jasper saw only as a courtesy, those making the new claim may contact the party or parties that had made the non-binding claim to let them know their intentions. This was not something that was mandated by the laws of Neverwinter. A non-binding claim would not hold up in a court of law if the one or ones that had filed the non-binding claim tried to sue for the rights. The more Jasper read, the more he saw that all of this paperwork was another way for Neverwinter to make extra coin. Jasper reached into his documancy satchel and pulled out the proper paperwork and contracts and set about to make their claim. They decided that they would make the claim and then see if they could contact any of the Rockseekers. He paid the filing fee and submitted the documents and then he and Reva and went to find Hetty in the Temple of Tyr corner of the building.

Kataract had stayed out on the docks to see what he could learn about the Moonstone Mask. It was mid-morning so he did not see much going on but he did see patrons leaving and only a few arriving. He figured things would pick up later in the day.

Henrik had gone shopping for some items he would need later. He learned he could get these items either at the House of Knowledge. The House of Knowledge is one of the few remaining major temples left in Neverwinter after the destruction left by the eruption of Mt Hotenow. It acts as a place of learning and center of socialization, while Castle Never is being rebuilt. It is also a temple dedicated to Oghma, the god of inspiration, invention, and knowledge and knowledge for its own sake. There was an Arcanist’s section in the Market area he could purchase these items as well. He went to the Arcanist’s section and was able to find what he needed. He found out that the original Arcanist’s section had been in the area where Mt Hotenow had created the Chasm that now splits the city in two.

Pixel stayed at the Shining Serpent to be with her kittens for awhile.