Recap March 2, 2019

After leaving the converted windmill, the group set out to do some shopping. It was going on 3 in the afternoon. The sunny skies from the morning had turned to winter gray by noon and now the snow had begun to fall. They went back to Trollskull Inn for a meal and then left so they could arrive at the windmill about 15 minutes after dark. They first noticed that some of the padlocks had been rearranged. The Butchery now had a padlock on its front door but the side door while still locked no longer had a padlock on it.

Hetty made her way to the opposite side of the windmill where a passage had been seen when Pixel staked out the building that afternoon. She entered the passage and found a padlocked door. While the others stood a ways away, Hetty picked the lock. It took several tries but it finally opened. Inside was a privy. She closed the door and locked it back. She motioned to the group to follow her as she walked down to length of the building and found another padlocked door. She opened that lock easily and slowly pushed the door open. Inside she found 7 squatters that had sought shelter from the snowstorm. The one that was awake and on guard did his best to answer her questions. He said that the owner didn’t care that they were there. The group told them of the Trollskull Inn and that they could get a meal there. The man asked if there were any jobs? The group responded maybe and left it at that.

Pixel and Hetty checked out the far door while the rest of the group stayed with the squatters. Hetty opened the door and saw a large hallway area with several doors placed around it. Only one had a padlock on it and it looked like the large one they had seen in the Butchery. There was also a set of stair in the northwest corner leading up to the second floor. Pixel and Hetty moved stealthily across the room and up the stairs their stealth improved from Pass without a Trace. Pixel got to the top and saw a smaller second floor. In the middle was the old grindstone and machinery in a pile. Across from the stairs was a door. Just to the right of the stairs was another door. Neither of them had padlocks on them. The final door, in the southeast corner had a shiny new padlock on it.

They spread out on the floor with Riva at the far end of the room readying an arrow to shoot once Hetty opened the door. Heinrich stood beside Hetty ready to move into the room in case of a fight. Cataract stood near the stairs and readied his spells. Hetty picked the look. She could tell it was a stronger lock than the ones she had encountered before. She took the lock off and opened the door. On the other side was the red dragonborn butcher they had talked to that afternoon. He opened his mouth and breathed fire on Hetty and Heinrich. Hetty was able to move out the way and took no fire damage. Heinrich took the full blast but it was not that much. Heinrich rushed into the room and attempted to grapple the dragonborn. They scuffle some with neither of them getting the upper hand. Riva fired two arrows not hitting their mark. Hetty punched the dragonborn and Cataract also shot it with his hand crossbow.


Heinrich said let us parlay. You tell us what we want to know and we will be on our way. The dragonborn was hesitant saying why should I? You are trespassing in my house. They then asked him about the rogue nimblewright and also about Floxin. The dragonborn said to both questions he had no idea what they were talking about. The group knew he had more to say but they could not get it out of him. They finally re-engaged the dragonborn in combat and he soon fell. They found a set of keys on him and then they started to check out the doors on the top floor. One a was pigeon roost. Another was an empty closet. In the dragonborn’s bedroom they found:

A wood-framed, king-sized bed with clean mattresses stands against one wall. Next to the bed, an unlocked door in the west wall leads to another room. The window was recently repaired and quietly swings open on oiled iron hinges. Across from the window, against the wall, stands a wooden armoire.

They checked out the armoire. Inside was four clean sets of clothes, two gray cloaks, a heavy crossbow, and a wooden case containing twenty crossbow bolts. Hetty and Pixel looked for a false bottom but did not find anything.

They came downstairs and found several more rooms similar to the one with the squatters that they had first met but all of those rooms were empty. They opened the large padlock and found a larder. The room was cold and smelled of blood. Looking around the room they found 6 mostly frozen humanoids carcasses were stacked under a 10-foot-square canvas tarpaulin. They were deciding what to do when the squatter guard appeared and asked if the butcher was still alive? They explained what happened and what they had just found. After getting their stories straight, they took the squatters back to the Trollskull Inn. The squatters told them that the last meat delivery that had left the windmill was picked up by someone named Rassk and that the wagon was going to Cuttle’s Meat Pies in the Trades Ward and it was located in an alley off the main road. It had left about 30 minutes before the group had arrived at the windmill.

They took a 15 minute rest and then headed for Cuttle’s Meat Pies.

They easily found a set of wagon tracks leading to the Trades Ward and to Cuttle’s. It looked like the store was still open so they knocked on the door and went inside. Sora Cuttle welcomed them to her shop. They did not waste any time and told her about what they were looking for as well as the possibility that she had received tainted meat. They went into her storage area and found the meat had already been ground up. That would make it difficult to know exactly what meat had been delivered. Sora said that she would destroy her entire inventory to be on the safe side. She also said she would contact the Guild of Butchers as well as the City Watch and the Trades War magister and tell them all what had been discovered. She then mentioned that Rassk had also stopped by the building next door that Sora had been keeping an eye on. People including two women were coming and going at all hours of the night. Something did not sit right about them with Sora. The group thanked her again and went into the alley to check out the shady building next door.

As they were coming out the door they were jumped by a group of bugbear who were shouting “Zhent scum! We’s gonna get yous! Where’s yous take our dwarf?”

The group had no idea what they were talking about and the bugbears were not having it so they attacked the group. Riva took down one of the far away bugbear who had pulled out javelins. Pixel cast Call Lightning on three bugbear also taking out one. Cataract used his rapier and hand crossbow to take out another. Hetty punched her way through two more. In the middle of the fight, the door to the shady house opened up slowly and a woman peaked out. Seeing the fight she quickly shut the door and locked it. Soon, the bugbears were all taken care of.

They found the door locked but Hetty quickly opened it. She peered inside and saw a man sitting by a fireplace. At the opposite side of the house was the woman they had seen peaking out the door handing something to another woman as the second woman was running out a back door. She ran off into the opposite alley and towards a set of buildings. Pixel and Riva ran through the building after her. The woman at the door tried to stop them but they made it through with only Riva getting an attack on her. Pixel turned into a horse and waited for Riva to climb on. She slipped from the snow and they watched as the woman climbed the building and began to run across the rooftops. Riva climbed up the building to follow and Pixel took to the streets trying to keep up with the woman on the roof. Heinrich and Hetty took down the woman at the door and Hetty followed Riva up the building to the rooftops. Cataract and Heinrich used spells and weapons to take down the man who had been by the fire. That was then they discovered a strange looking dwarf tied up and gagged in a corner. He was wearing a strange hat covered in eye stalks that reminded them of a beholder. Heinrich and Cataract decided to immediately turn him over to the City Watch. Heinrich stayed while Cataract went looking for the City Watch. The dwarf tried to communicate that he would make it worth their while if they did not turn him over. Heinrich did not listen. Soon, the City Watch arrived and they recognized the dwarf. The captain said “Well, hello there Ott.” Ott replied “Captain”. Seems Ott was well known. Through conversation Heinrich and Cataract figured out that Ott was a member of Xanathar’s Guild and was kidnapped by the Zhents. What they could not figure out was why. He had to have been of some worth to Xanathar’s and not some low level thug. As Ott was leaving with the guard he said “Brizzenbight’s! Go!” Heinrich looked at Cataract who said I know where that is. Not too far away in the Theater District of the Trades Ward.

Riva fired several shots at the woman who was dancing along the rooftops like she was on solid ground. Many of Riva’s shots hit solid but none of them slowed her down. And when Riva would stop to take her shots the woman got further and further away. The woman finally jumped off a roof, grabbed the edge with her hands and lowered herself down. Hetty and Riva followed and saw a path leading into a theater, Brizzenbright’s.

They rushed into the lobby and we welcomed by the owner of the establishment, a ghost by the name of Malkolm Brizzenbright who welcomed them to his theater. He pointed them to the ticket booths as well to a marquee that gave the name of the play and a brief synopsis. This evening’s show was Blood Wedding-a play about love, jealousy, and death. In the story, a young woman is brought to a castle by a count, only to fall in love with his younger brother, a man of faith. Her betrayal eats away at the jealous count. He murders his brother on his wedding day and pursues the bride, who hurls herself off the castle battlements in despair. The count is cursed by the gods and transformed into a creature of darkness, damned to live in his castle and feed on blood. Riva and Hetty bought tickets and made it into the theater just as Act I was starting. They scanned around and saw the woman they had been chasing about 8 rows in front of them. She was looking around and when she saw that they had spotted her, she rose up using the seats in front of her and made a dash to the closest exit. Outside Pixel had set up watch and was soon chasing her. Hetty followed quickly behind them. Riva went out to the front of the theater and ran into Heinrich and Cataract.

Pixel slowed down and Hetty jumped on. Riva was right behind them with Heinrich and Cataract following just behind. Riva took a few shots but did not slow the woman done. Suddenly, Pixel wildshaped but to her cat form and cast Conjure Animals creating a circle of 8 panthers around the woman. Hetty quickly tumbled to join the circle so the woman could not escape. The woman took a knee and waited for the City Watch who she could see coming up behind the group. The group asked her to give them what she was carrying. She told them she did not have anything and they could search her if they wanted to. They did not find anything, not even weapons. The City Watch took her away but not before taking statement from the group. The City Watch told them to keep their noses clean when they realized that the owners of the TrollSkull where the Fireball had killed 11 people were not involved with a street chase, a fight with some bugbears and a fight with possible Zhents. The Watch told them to go on home and that they would contact them if they had any questions. They instead went back the theater to see if the woman had dropped anything in the theater. As they entered the lobby a woman called them over. Cataract saw he flash a hand signal he knew from the Harpers and he flashed it back. Rema Haventree said she had been tailing Agorn for sometime now, believing he may be a member of the Zhents. She knew that Agorn Fuoco and an unknown woman left the theater in a hire-coach shortly after the group had chased the woman out the exit. Rema knew that Agorn had some connection to Mistshore, a small neighborhood in the Docks District. She also mentioned that if they had not met with Mirt yet, that they should talk with him.

The snow was increasing so Heinrich, Hetty and Cataract went back to the Trollskull Inn while Riva and Pixel followed the hire-coach trail which led them to Mistshore. They saw the hire-coach at the edge of the neighborhood and stopped to talk with the driver. They learned that the man that had hired the coach has asked it to stay here and wait for him. He would be back soon. It was cold so the driver would not wait around too long. Riva and Pixel went into the neighborhood and came across three street urchin boys having a snowball fight. They called out to the boys who took an interest and one of them threw a snowball almost hitting Riva. Riva smiled and showed them how to pack a snowball and she hit one of the old buildings close by. She then brought out some coin and asked them about Agorn. They said sure we know him. He used to play around the neighborhood and used to live here. But they had not seen him in awhile. They said his mother lived on a houseboat not too far from here. They gave directions and then went back to their snowball fight.

Pixel and Riva left Mistshore and noticed the hire-coach had not left. The driver called out asking if they had seen him? They said no. The driver decided to leave seek out payment from her previous stop in the Castle Ward, at Yellowspire. They wished each other a good night and Riva and Pixel went back to the Trollskull and Rowan Evenwood, the driver of the hire-coach went off towards the Castle Ward.

Meeting back at the Trollskull, they regrouped and talked over the information they had discovered. Agorn’s mother’s houseboat, Yellowspire and maybe some digging into Agorn Fuoco himself. All of it would have to wait as it was getting on close to 10pm and the snow was heavier than ever. It had turned into a full blown blizzard.